The band sounds like a mix of punk-rock, pop-rock, metal and alternative. Our songs interesting for everyone!!! Hey Guys!!!! If someone from you can help us - we'll be very glad!!! Invite us to festivals and various performances - we necessarily shall arrive!!! Thanks!!!


PunkRockObjects (P.R.O.)---> The group has been based on September, 20th 2005, that day when the group has sent the application form for participation in film " Punk's Not Dead " , where we take a part.
For 2 years, have written down Promo-album "Long Long Way to the West" And at present the group searches producer, and prepares a material for the second album.


Dream - (single 2007)
LP "Long Long Way to the West" (2007)

Set List

We have about 20 songs, but our set list looks like:
1. Intro
2. Dream
3. BeautyFools World
4. Eims
5. When the Evil Wake Up
6. Lets' Go
7. I know- U know

(Sometimes we do covers to Blink-182, Sum 41, Green Day)