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"Facebook Fans Weigh in on PUNKSUHATE."

"Ya'll ROCKED that ish last night!!! The main stage awaits your presence! Btw, Trollface & Fool's Gold are my fave songs on the CD." - Staci Nichols

"It's name your price with a $5 minimum, which is a steal. Literally, you should feel guilty for paying that little and drop $10 on it like I did!.. and after only 1 listen I'm already pretty sure I'm gonna have the hook from 'Fools Gold' stuck in my head for the next 3 days... thanks a lot 3PO..." - Ryan Nehring - Facebook


Duke Greene: True Enough - Released April 16, 2005
MC3PO: Capital Vices - Released February 22, 2012
PUNKSUHATE: [Draft Two] (EP) - Released September 6, 2012 (listen at punksuhate.bandcamp.com)
Venson Dix: The Mushpot - Coming September 2012



"You're tired of rap shows where all they do is rap. You deserve better.

We understand."

Grand Rapids, MI natives Venson Dix and MC3PO (aka Duke Greene) met in the fall of 2011, and immediately found a common interest: lyrically astute, rhythmically interesting rhyme schemes. A year later, the duo has made over a dozen appearances on some of the most prestigious stages their city has to offer, opening for Slaughterhouse, Guilty Simpson, and The Pharcyde in the last six months alone.

Fans quickly fell in love with PUNKSUHATE's infectious stage energy and meticulous attention to detail - evidenced by seamlessly structured live sets that change pace and theme so rapidly that listeners invariably decide to postpone bathroom breaks until the spitters' work has been done. Promoters and venue owners fell in love with the group's unerring punctuality, professionalism, and personable conduct before, during, and after shows. 3PO and Venson had begun to establish themselves as Hip-Hop purists who could deliver bars with the best of them, without getting thrown out of the bar afterwards.

And then they brought out the instruments, and things really got interesting.

Part of PUNKSUHATE's mission is to explore dangerously creative, recklessly collaborative new ways to innovate from within this thing called Hip-Hop. Duke Greene happens to be a classically- and jazz-trained vocalist and accomplished acoustic singer-songwriter. Venson happens to wield a soprano sax like a certain tracksuited femme fatale holds Hanzo steel. Together, the two discovered that catchy folk-rock and raw Hip-Hop sound *very* nice when you smash them together.

Their first hybrid track, Full Circle - a freewheeling primal blast of soaring vocals, crafty punchlines, and humanist positivity - leaves crowds' eyes teary and mouths alternately grinning and agape. And they're not stopping anytime soon. Venson is putting the finishing touches on his solo mixtape, The Mushpot, a veritable flow clinic showcasing his dizzying conceptual and stylistic range. And PUNKSUHATE's debut EP, [Draft Two], is generating big-time buzz in the local community.

In the meantime, the duo continue to push themselves musically, reaching out to musicians from every conceivable genre and searching for the next great way to make a couple of worlds collide. They're hosting a benefit concert in October, showcasing live art, B-Boying, spoken word poetry, and local acts from all across the musical spectrum in order to raise money to buy toys for sick kids and, hopefully, help to bring out the kid inside of each reveler in attendance.

They are Powerfully United, Nearing Known Supremacy, Ushering Hip-Hop Artistry Toward Excellence. They are building momentum. And they are coming to a genre near you.

They are PUNKSUHATE: Superlative Hip-Hop. Period.