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"Really fricken cutesville"

From our friends in Montreal:
Really fricken cutesville electro indie pop from Brooklyn, a band called Puppetbox, appeared in my email inbox today all ready and waiting with a sweet buddy music video to make my life more full of skinny men dancing hilariously (and not just in the music video, but also here at home! nice.)
- indyish.com

"If Devo and The Killers decided to come together"

The self proclaimed "post-geek-synth-rock" musicians from Brooklyn, known as Puppetbox, are what you would have if Devo and The Killers decided to come together. With an eclectic array of instruments and their overall 80s electro-infused sound, it comes as no surprise that Puppetbox has two successful albums and an EP. Some of their key tracks include "Everything," "Kimberly," and "Kill you Dead." Above all, "Everything" stands out the most; it is filled with Kings of Leon "Charmer" sounding drums, buzzy guitar riffs and an overall psychedelic-electro-rock feel. With the addition of Katie Johnston (vocals, accordion, kazoo), this hilarious foursome is now complete and they are bound to leave you with a lasting impression. - www.ugrooveonline.com

"Puppetbox Sounds Like..."

The song "Kimberly" reminds me a lot of old Weezer, say Blue era gone synthy. Especially the lyrics "You look like you could be much fun/you smell like bubblegum." Now this is a good thing. They're other song, "I Tried," is "a much more serious song that explores weighty issues like teen angst" according to their website. Well you check them out and see what you think.
- http://dreamsofhorses.blogspot.com


Kimberley - This track is pure fun.
Check them out live! - indiedontdance.blogspot.com/

"Puppetbox Better than Vampire Weekend"

The video for “kill you dead” is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. I wish I were different too.

Puppetbox describe themselves as “Post-Geek-Synth-Rock”, and that about works for me. The song I’m about to share is called “Kill You Dead”. Which explains a bit more why they chose to include Vampire Weekend -music blogs’ current baby- in their little email. I urge your ears to listen to this cut. - PrettyMuchAmazing.com

"Puppetbox - Same as it never was"

There are few bands like Puppetbox. There are absolutely no pretensions to these guys (and gal), and are probably the most self-deprecating musicians on the planet. Yet, they are prolific songsters of the first order and I can’t go a day without listening to their unique synth geek pop rock (pop rocks?) thing that they do.

Interviewing Puppetbox was not quaint or charming - it was hilarious! When “it started as a joke” seems to be a theme with a group of musicians who are obviously serious about making good music, what is the next question in your repertoire?

We rock out with Puppetbox and want to see them produce more videos! Because of this, we are awarding Puppetbox the prestigious Internet Radio Magazine Band of the Year in the Post-geek-synth-rock genre Award. Since they are also nominees for IRM Best Independent Artist 2009 Award, we’ll see if that ups the ante a bit. - Internet Radio Magazine


PUPPETBOX (Self Titled)
5% Louder Than Normal
Everything EP
Kimberley - Podcasts
I Tried - 200k+ downloads



Puppetbox is a band. They are currently under the radar. In fact, both the radar and the band are unaware of each other. The band plays electro, rock, shoegazer, geek, pop music - and the radar continues to serve as a metaphor for bands that have made lots of money versus those that will forever be "emerging." The band is made up of John Payne(guitar/vox), Katie Johnston(vox/accordion/kazoo), Chris Tempas(synth/programming), and Mark Annotto(drums).

From a hamlet nestled on the corner shores of Brooklyn, Puppetbox has honed its sound to create beguiling pop melodies, but with a distinctive buzzy synth/guitar sound. Following a successful EP, Puppetbox released their eponymous album which expanded their songwriting to include array of styles and genres. The album, Runtime_Error! features songs ranging from hard electro-rock to infectious dance; the album moves relentlessly forward and includes shockingly original instrumentals all mixed seamlessly together into a gapless album.

The band's goal is to make songs that they would love to listen to – and they only listen to music that is awesome.