Synthesizer based rock combined with beguiling pop melodies and a distinctive buzzy synth/guitar sound. Post-Geek-Synth-Rock More info and videos available at thepuppetbox.com


Puppetbox is a band. They are currently under the radar. In fact, both the radar and the band are unaware of each other. The band plays electro, rock, shoegazer, geek, pop music - and the radar continues to serve as a metaphor for bands that have made lots of money versus those that will forever be "emerging." The band is made up of John Payne(guitar/vox), Katie Johnston(vox/accordion/kazoo), Chris Tempas(synth/programming), and Mark Annotto(drums).

From a hamlet nestled on the corner shores of Brooklyn, Puppetbox has honed its sound to create beguiling pop melodies, but with a distinctive buzzy synth/guitar sound. Following a successful EP, Puppetbox released their eponymous album which expanded their songwriting to include array of styles and genres. The album, Runtime_Error! features songs ranging from hard electro-rock to infectious dance; the album moves relentlessly forward and includes shockingly original instrumentals all mixed seamlessly together into a gapless album.

The band's goal is to make songs that they would love to listen to – and they only listen to music that is awesome.


PUPPETBOX (Self Titled)
5% Louder Than Normal
Everything EP
Kimberley - Podcasts
I Tried - 200k+ downloads

Set List

Sets are roughly 35 minutes:
Last Tuesday
Done By Numbers
Kill You Dead
I Tried
Disco Riot
Green Means Go