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Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States

Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States
Band Alternative Rock


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"...one of the best and most interesting bands in D.C. today"


Pup Tent are one of the best and most interesting bands in D.C. today. Led by primary songwriter/guitarist Phil Duarte, an old school pre-hardcore punk who swam against the tide in the 80’s with the underappreciated Guilt Combo. D.C. Rocks describes Pup Tent as pop/not pop which is accurate. On the one hand they have well structured songs informed by British Invasion pop such as The Kinks. On the other they incorporate well choreographed extended sonic freak-outs in the soloing sections of their material. Phil is a skronkmeister with a thoroughly unconventional approach informed by The Velvet Underground, Robert Quine, Neil Young and early Pere Ubu. One of the twists in his playing and writing is that as the son of a Portuguese immigrant family he has absorbed those traditions, such as Fado. This combined with very little American roots music in his approach brings something truly unique to the table. His vocals and lyrics are full of passion, pain and humor. One brilliant song, “Safe” skewers the new American security culture’s hypocrisy with a disturbing and catchy chorus of maniacal laughter. It has the potential to become a classic. Bassist and songwriter Ted Watts has a crisp, clean approach with a pop-punk feel somewhat reminiscent of Bruce Foxton of The Jam which underlines the pop feel and brings a sense of discipline, anchoring the rave-ups. He also sings clean crisp backing vocals and strong lead on his own songs which are very good. Drummer Ben Azzara brings passion sometimes channeling Mitch Mitchell with a hard driving avalanche of thunder.
- Don Keesing,
2008 In Jim's Psychedelic Garage & Geezer Punk Roolz - Jim's Psychedelic Garage & Geezer Punk Roolz

"Summer in the City"

Puptent's Ben Azzara, Phil Duarte and Ted Watts are the shamans of sound, often re-inventing their songs and never playing the same set twice. There's some punk in there, and a lot of other ingredients too. The melange of energetic melodies, invention that's never noodling and a "pop not pop" sound is perfect for a hot summer night in the grass....
Lynn Thorp - DC Rocks ON

"Pup Tent Spreads Big Top for Day of the Dead at the Surf Club Live!"

Washington, DC – October 28, 2008 -- this Saturday night November 1st, in one of metro DC's best and best-kept-secret venues, three unique bands of veterans join forces to celebrate the birthday of a prominent Washington artist/musician and the Day of the Dead. Not as far as you think from all points in the Metro area is a gem of a club, the historic Chick Hall's Surf Club, now under the ownership of James Byrum, and renamed Surf Club Live! Great sound system, big dance floor, a horseshoe bar and pool tables to boot, the quiet and good-natured proprietor, "JB" is heroically dedicated to keeping live music on the Surf Club stage. Once you come out, it is certain to become a favorite destination. For more on the past and recent history of the Surf Club, plus an idea of the extensive and ambitious offerings only slightly off the beaten path of the Capital Beltway, see www.myspace.com//surfclublive

Hosting the event, in honor of band leader Phil Duarte's birthday, is Pup Tent, a trio of innovative DC musicians who formed the current group three years ago, after a recording project morphed into a rock band proper.

With drummer Ben Azzara and bassist Ted Watts, guitarist/songwriter/vocalist Duarte lays down what might be the most intelligent entertainment to grace a DC stage since the Mothers. Rooted in improvisational jazz, garage rock, punk, glam and a host of other influences, Pup Tent delivers an unlikely but cohesive amalgam of wholly original songs, from the wry satire of "Safe" to the haunting intimacy of "Watching You."

Duarte, in addition to being a visual artist of considerable talent, has rocked and skronked DC bands since the early 80's, including Guilt Combo, Nuclear Crayons, Tony Perkins and the Psychotics, Donut Safari, and Girl Train. He also hosted Food for Thought's infamous open mic night for 13 years, making him the regions longest-standing, patient and crackpot MC, thank you very much.

Ted Watt's history includes a "boatload of bands" hailing from Richmond to DC: the Burnt Ernies, Girl Train, DT and the Shakes, Disco Inferno and Skelp, among others. He and Duarte share a long history of basement jamming, and have finally come together on the public stage for the first time in Pup Tent. Watts unleashes his potent songwriting and vocal talents on numbers ranging from the wildly infectious "Chupacabra" to the futuristic "Human Resourceful".

Ben Azzara has a massive resume, having played for Delta 72, Junction, the Sarrah Azzara Band, and Dischord's Capital City Dusters (with Jesse Quitslund and Alec Bourgeois). What Duarte says of Azzara and Pup Tent: "He brings not just rock chops to the table, but like all three of us, a long and deep relationship with improvisational music rooted in jazz, reflected in past and present work with the DC Improvisors Collective." www.myspace.com/philduartespuptent and/or http://www.sonicbids.com/puptent

Garage-psych super group Ottley! is another unique trio, comprised of three DC luminaries of DC rock, Marshall Keith, Martha Hull and Bob Berberich. Consisting only of drums, vocals, and baritone guitar, this collaboration produces an uncanny but compelling mix of hypnotic but hard-driving psychedelic meditations, semi-pop anthems, punkish rave-ups, and heart-wrenching dreamscapes.

Keith and Hull last worked together in the original Slickee Boys, which Keith is best known for, as a founding member and the guitarist who created those soaring, unforgettable leads which so characterized the classic Slickee sound. He brings an equally cerebral but very new approach to Ottley! With his dual bass/guitar duties and the different direction he has taken in his songwriting. His Matter and Light regularly inspires tears in his audience. In his solo incarnation, Marshall pursues his lifelong love of very strange experimental one-man projects, written, played, recorded and produced by M. Keith, and he remains, of course, a Slickee Boy extraordinaire.

Hull is known as a versatile but always surprising vocalist, having fronted, in addition to the Slickee Boys, the D.Ceats, the Steady Jobs, the Dynettes, and Tex Rubinowitz's Bad Boys for a rockabilly single of Tex's Feelin' Right Tonight b/w Fujiyama Mama that has passed into roots rock legend. In addition to her unforgettable and always evolving vocals, Hull, who has long been a lyricist of note, emerges as a songwriter in her own right. Her "I Wanna Be You" is a deeply personal journey through the core of motivation, which belies its primitive structure with an unexpected musical poetry. Says Hull, "I am as serious as a heart attack."

Bob Berberich is, without argument, a favorite son of the nation's capital. His career as a singing drummer began 45 years ago, as a 15 year old high school student playing nightly in Georgetown bars. Instinctive and inimitable, Berberich's ability to lay down a groove that is both solid and flexible has made him one of DC's most popular per - myspace


Puptent has a unique sound, but their lyrics are one-of-a-kind, too. They love to spin love into politics, and history into future visions. Each song has a story and many are serious. One favorite of mine is Safer- an ode to "homeland security" gone awry. "We’ve gone through your garbage, we’ve read all your emails; we know where you’re shopping, you will be safer at last."
-Lynn Thorp - DC Rocks On

"Pup Tent @ Fort Reno"

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The drummer from Pup Tent rocked so hard last night that he broke a drum!

by LC
Tuesday, June 26, 2007

http://rockondc.blogspot.com/search/label/Pup%20Tent - DC Rocks On @ blogspot

"Oddball Boys: Pup Tent"

Oddball Boys: Pup Tent

ANOTHER MONDAY, another concert at the newly arsenic-free Fort Reno. This week, it's all about Pup Tent, an oddball local band with a rock base and an experimental vibe. You're never sure what's going to come out of this group from one track to the next — listen to the songs on their MySpace page for proof.

Posted By Karmah Elmusa at 7:09 AM on July 21, 2008 - Evening Express

"Are you a believer?"

...Opening up for Prabir will be Puptent. Lyn2 thinks the "oddball boys" is the best description she has heard yet. I found them somewhat mesmerizing last time I saw them at Fort Reno.

By Lynda C
Tuesday, July 29, 2008 - DC Rocks On @ blogspot

"Oddball Boys: Pup Tent"

Oddball Boys: Pup Tent

ANOTHER MONDAY, another concert at the newly arsenic-free Fort Reno. This week, it's all about Pup Tent, an oddball local band with a rock base and an experimental vibe. You're never sure what's going to come out of this group from one track to the next — listen to the songs on their MySpace page for proof.

Posted By Karmah Elmusa at 7:09 AM on July 21, 2008 - Evening Express


We have a 14 song LP in the pipeline that will be entitled "It has begun". There is a taste of close to finished mixes @ puptent.alkem.org
We call it our cyber-single.



Three record geek survivors of the 80's and 90's DC punk scene all in love with 60's garage, Glam , doses of rock-a-billy, no wave, the Kinks, psychedelia, Neil Young, Pere Ubu and amps that go to 11. We believe in songwriting. we have been members of Guilt Combo, Delta 72, Girl Train, Donut Safari, the Burnt Ernies, Tony Perkins and the Psychotics, DCIC, the Caution Curves, etc....