A storming blend of rocking riffs, downtempo beats and electronic sounds supporting the sultry voice of Ali Rogers' and her heart-wrenching lyrics. Puracane adds the Rock to Trip Hop.



Based in New York City, trip hop group Puracane began in 1999 with British artist, singer Ali Rogers and American producer David Biegal. Their first album, “Things You Should Leave Alone” was released in 2000 by Ubiquity records. Their 2006 release, “In Limbo: The Lost Puracane Sessions” through Bulletspace records, consisted of songs conducted through various combinations of band members.
Puracane has played with bands such as Sting, Duran Duran, Jane’s Addiction and Depeche Mode. Their music has also been featured on screen, such as in the film Driven, by Sly Stallone, and TV shows Smallville, Felicity, Las Vegas, Road Rules, Real World and Making the Band. They have been compared to Massive Attack, Lamb, Portishead, Sneaker Pimps, Björk and Radiohead.
The band consists today of Rogers on vocals and Juan Masotta on guitar and electronics, Teddy Williams on bass, Emilio Teubal on keyboards and Frank Amelan on drums. Rogers has a soothing yet effectively engaging voice complimented by flowing electronic beats and sounds together conglomerated with string and percussion instruments. The songs are often mellow yet electronically complicated and hypnotizing with their loops and beats. Rogers had a baby in 2008, but she remained motivated, and continued to write and record throughout her pregnancy.
Ali Rogers and Juan Masotta have continued to work on their new album, “I’ve Been Here the Longest.” It will be released in June 2009, and will be accessible through Itunes and the Astraea Records Website. Rogers and Masotta will collaborate with their new line up to perform new hits and old favorites. The record release concert will occur on June 12th at Crash Mansion in NYC. “God Can Make You Pay,” the newest single, is available on Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/puracane.



Written By: Ali Rogers

I was singing
on the inside
even now
and you still don't get it

I could see you on the inside
even now
would you like to forget it

I was screaming underwater
"all our live should end"

all played a part
closed the door
and my silence
all that traitors are
I'm a slut, you're a kid

I was biting at my fingers
'til they bled
but I'm still not ready
could you help me take the skin off
with your teeth and nails

all played a part
closed the doors
and my silence
all traitors are
I'm a slut, you're a kid

you can’t watch again
cause you broke your camera
thrown into the sea

you can't watch again
cause you broke your camera
thrown into the sea


Written By: Ali Rogers

you don't want to be the same
but all the other ships
have sailed away
you can tell yourself
it's still okay
if it's illusions
you're looking for

you can wash yourself all day
you can't remove the stains of what you saw
you can turn and hide or walk away
but there's no running from who you are

I don't want to get caught
and blown away
broken down
and torn apart
like dogs, like dogs in the rain

all eyes look to the skies again
we've seen what's been sent
but you're all safely tucked up in bed
it's not our punishment
oh they're not outside
no they're not outside
ooh yeah

I don't want to get caught or blown away
broken down and set upon
like dogs, like dogs in the rain

and the sun comes out again
yes the sun comes out again


LPs: "Things you Should Leave Alone" (2000) , "In Limbo: the Lost Puracane Sessions" (2006). "Big Day", "Summertime Rolls", "14 Nights", "Digging Too Deep"
, "Sand" and "Warzone" have been played on several TV shows, podcasts and radio stations.

Set List

A typical Puracane set list includes: "Warzone", "Worst Side", "HAL9000", "Craftwork Orange", "You Should've Stayed", "Sand", "Dogs" , "Secrets", "Shouldn't Be Here" and "Summertime Rolls" (a Jane's Addiction cover). Our set varies slightly from venue to venue, it has never been overr an hour long so far.