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Pure @ Heart

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Philosophy calls it an "ontological shock"- a shock to your being. Our music transcends truth and brings forth meaning. It gives hope to the hopeless, and inspiration to the uncertain. It is "feel good" music. It is music for the soul. It is music of love. It is ... Christian Rap.


Prophet Child and B Anointed are two brothers with one agenda: KINGDOM BUILDING!!!! Luke 4:43, but He said to them," I must preach the kingdom of God to other cities also, because for this purpose I have been sent." In 2003, Pure @ Heart Ministry was started by Brandon and Bryan Pope; both are Chicago natives and followers of Jesus Christ. In the world, the two were always writing music , reciting music, and creating works of no real value. In 1998 all of that would change. Fusing the anointing of God with positive lyrics, Pure @ Heart creates an awesome sound and amazing music. Keeping ministry as their focus, both men write with sensitive hearts, the cares and concerns of this generation. Their music is filled with praises to the King and lots of hope for the lost. Pure @ Heart is reaching a generation that has been polluted with misleading information. Ministering the gospel to those who would be classified as "unreachable." For this purpose they have been sent.


We have released a solo LP by Prophet Child entitled "I'll Follow You," and an EP by Prophet Child and B Anointed entitled "I am My Brother's Keeper."

Set List

Sets can range anywhere from five minutes to an hour. We fulfill whatever timeframe is needed.