Pure Country Gold

Pure Country Gold


high-energy ear candy played with enough hard R&B and exuberance to flatten a house party.


Patrick Foss and Jake Welliver started drinking and playing music together sometime in 2005. They set out to find others for a larger ensemble and began writing songs that would make people dance and impress women. After a few months and no luck finding suitable partners, they were getting bored and decided to get out of the basement and go at it as a duo. The two of them created a big sound on their own and crowds of Northwest funsters soon came out to party along with PCG's wall of raw melody and rousing backbeat. They talked Empty Records into putting out an album and their self-titled debut was released in January '07 to rave reviews. Their "Setting Sun" single on Shake Appeal Records was released in May '07 and shortly after the band was named in a poll conducted by the Willamette Week newspaper as one of the top ten best new bands in Portland. The duo made an appearance at the Deep Blues Festival in Minneapolis in 2008 where they impressed Fat Possum's Bruce Watson enough that he released their 'Yellow Bubbles' single on his Big Legal Mess Imprint. A full length album is in the works and the band is currently scheduling more tour dates for 2009.


- Yellow Bubbles b/w Millionaire 7" released on Fat Possum/Big Legal Mess Records January 2009

- P.C.G.E.P. 7" released on Dirtnap/Green Noise Records July 2008

- Setting Sun b/w Everybody's Wrong 7" single released on Shake Appeal Records May 2007.

- Pure Country Gold CD/LP released on Empty Records January 2007.

Set List

30 - 45 minutes of original material. Usually 10-15 songs per set.