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perthshire, Scotland, United Kingdom | SELF

perthshire, Scotland, United Kingdom | SELF
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"Album Review"

Friday, 23 March 2012
Pure Dead Brilliant
Pure Dead Brilliant are a band from Fife, and when you hear the name you're torn between thinking that they are either a) some random neds who've picked up a guitar or that they're endorsed by Prestwick airport. Well let me tell you that neither of those are true.
I was sent a link to their soundcloud to have a listen to their album. Being the rebel that I am, I never listen to things in order and so the first track I decided to listen to was "Best of Life" and I'm not going to lie, when the guitar started I instantly thought to myself "Brilliant another Blink 182 wannabe band" normally I would just have switched off but as I said I'd review it I thought I'd give it a chance. I'm glad I did, because after the first few bars of what I thought was going to be a rip off of Blink, the song progressed into a much more mature sound, the dynamics of the vocals draw you in the moment you hear them. The guitar part is simple yet effective, and the song in it's entirety is very entertaining and enjoyable. It's a band you could imagine being on stage at the Slam-dunk festival and getting everyone in the crowd moving along.
The next song was Festival High, again I heard the intro and thought of another band, this time it wasn't so much the actual melody but rather the tone. The tone of the intro reminded me so much of "I'm not okay" by My Chemical Romance, I was half expecting the drums to come in and do a build up, however what I was graced with instead was some harmonics, which seem out of place but fit perfectly, an odd combination. Again for me it's the vocals in the song that pull me in. Music wise, the band seems fairly simple. They have predictable chord progressions however this doesn't pull away from the fact that this band sound great and pull together. I've had a look at some of their videos on YouTube and live they seem to be just as good as they are recorded.
I'm a sucker for acoustic tracks, so when I saw that there was a live acoustic track I had to listen. I'm an acoustic artist so it's the music I love, and when I hear a full band being stripped down to just acoustic it amazes me. No difference here, in all honesty you couldn't tell it's the same band. "Cried myself to sleep" is an acoustic track that reminds me so much of the Stereophonics in terms of vocals, yet I prefer it to anything Stereophonics have done. I'm going to keep listening to this band, I'm going to make sure I see them live and I suggest that you do the same. I'm glad I kept listening after those first few bars, otherwise I would have missed out on something spectacular.

You can find the band at http://soundcloud.com/puredeadbrilliantuk - Underground Undercover

"Pure Dead Brilliant invernessGiGs"

Pure Dead Brilliant first came to our attention when they played the DC40 festival in Fort William (see interview here), but now they are touring as part of the Scotland is Alive with Music Tour. So we caught up with Duggie Kyle of the band

What have the band been up to since September?

The guys have been constantly gigging, honing their performance skills,but still finding time to write new material. The band have been receiving regular ‘unsigned’ internet radio airplay across the UK,including Jim Gellatly’s Amazing Radio, with Interviews & ‘live’ sessions for Kingdom FM & Nevis Radio. Although the bands’ management are based in Los Angeles, Imago have a very hands on approach, all performances are filmed, you tubed, & open to constructive & instructive criticism, Skype meetings are fortnightly, so nothing is overlooked.

You’re hoping to come up to Inverness soon, how are you looking forward to it?

We are really excited about coming up to perform in Inverness. we had previously contacted local promoters, but not received any gig offers.

Inverness has not experienced the band or “ Gadjie Rock” , what should we be expecting/looking forward to, when you come up?

Gadjie Rock in it’s purest form, no nonsense, street level,energetic, melody driven 3 minute bursts. a bit like radio airplay, make your point, make it quick, tell the story without the add-ons,but mostly, it’s about creating an atmosphere & enjoying yourself!

How did you get involved in the Scotland is Alive with Music tour?

Although we didn’t make Go-North or T-Break, last year, we played the following festivals, Inside/Out Festival – St Andrews, Kinross Music Festival, Manor Farm Music Festival – Preston,SAVI-Fest – Glasgow, Fife-Fest – Dunfermline, DC40 Music Festival -Lochaber, Beveridge Park Festival – Kirkcaldy, & The Tall Ship Races 2011 – Greenock

We were performing @ The Sugar Sheds for The Tall Ship Races,& the day after, realised that Graham Scott who runs Scotland’s biggest Facebook group, Scotland Is Alive With Music, was at The Tall Ships lending support to quite a few member bands,he caught our set, & really liked what he heard.A few weeks later Graham contacted us, inviting the band on his 1st Anniversary Scottish Tour.

What should we expect from Pure Dead Brilliant in 2012?

Everything! It’s our year! last year’s trek across the Atlantic to record the best debut album we could offer,is now being shopped to labels in the states.meanwhile we intend to network band gigs across the UK to further build our fanbase.

Watch This Space!

Pure Dead Brilliant will be joined by The Beatles,Siphon, Emerald Sunday , Lewis Hamilton and Cairo on the tour. - www.invernessgigs.co.uk

"California Dreaming for Pure Dead Brilliant band"

Published on Wednesday 20 July 2011 09:27

Members of Fife band Pure Dead Brilliant are still in a state of shock after rubbing shoulders with music legends on their recent trip to America, reports KEVIN QUINN.

The band went on the trip of a lifetime earlier this year through a website called ‘sonicbids.com’, enabling them to work with Grammy award winning producer Ron Nevison on their debut album for five weeks, as well as meeting A-List music stars like Prince and Stevie Wonder.

Lead guitarist Ben Hutton from Coaltown of Balgonie spoke about their encounters with music royalty.

He said: “It was life changing. It wasn’t the normal opportunity that anyone stumbles across. It was brilliant.

“Just to work with people on that level. We are not amateur but we are not skilled to the standard of those who work there.

“We have learnt a lot from our five weeks. It definitely helped me.

“The equipment was incredible and we worked in the studio next to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. We met Flea (RHCP guitarist) in the kitchen having a coffee with his family.

“We spoke to him but he could not understand what we were saying thanks to our Scottish accents!

“I walked past Prince in the corridor, I didn’t let on to him though. He had an entourage with him.

“When we met Stevie Wonder we were sitting at the airport, waiting to check in our bags about to go home, gutted that it was over. Then a big guy walked past, and Sean from the band said ‘that’s Stevie Wonder’ and we were like ‘no it isn’t’, but then he turned round and we realised it was!

“So Duggie, who is like the band’s dad just asked him for a photo and he said ‘sure’.”

Ben spoke of the band’s gig at famous LA venue ‘Whiskey a go go’ and the lack of interest they have received in Britain.

He said: “It was pretty insane. One of my heroes is Jim Morrison, and he played there a few times.

“So to play there was incredible. I was really nervous, it took a few tracks to get into it. There was a few hundred people there. It was a great night.

“It’s just the style of music we do, it’s quite American, they love it over there. But here it’s more the indie sound that people like.

“I would love to go over and stay there, hopefully it’s possible.

“Just now the album is getting shipped out to record labels. Having Ron Nevison’s name on it should add extra interest.” - www.fifetoday.co.uk

"Pure Dead Brilliant to play DC40 Fort William Music Festival"

Full article with photos & video on the below link - Chris Invernessgigs Lemon

"Pure Dead Brilliant"

It Takes A Lot Of Confidence To Call Yourself, Pure Dead Brilliant, & These Guys Have Got It - BBC Introducing With Tom Robinson

"Sheena Chundee Freelance Music Journalist"

Sheena Chundee Freelance Music Journalist

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Even before I listened to these guys, I knew what to expect. I think it was the name of the band....it just sounds punk rock...well let me tell ya, that’s what it is.
When I say punk rock...its not as ugly as The Sex pistols or as manic as The Ramones but more of a new age pop punk.
Every single track by these guys makes you want to do the pogo. You know, that stupid move where you jump up and down every which way, like a kangaroo on a speed?!
The songs are catchy and radio friendly enough to rake in another bout of skater teen wannabe's, baggy pants, chains, lip piercings and all.
The "powerpop" style screams out to the MTV generation with its infectious and catchy pogo encouraging feel and lines from girls such as " OMG....They're like totally hot."
The end result is uncomplicated, fun and brings with it a definite sense of the upbeat.

- blogs.myspace.com/shebird

"Music Now Artist/Band Spotlight Weekly Series"

Published: July 7, 2010 1:53 AM EST
By: Isaac Davis Jr., MBA

New Music Spotlight
July 2010 Edition
Pure Dead Brilliant
Music Now Artist/Band Spotlight Weekly Series
Get ready for a new British music invasion with the indie Powerpop/punk band Pure Dead Brilliant. Their music is easily appealing full of colorful lyrics, catchy hooks, and overall fun vibrations that one cannot help but fall in love with the band. In our recent interview with Pure Dead Brilliant, our Webzine discovers the magic of Pure Dead Brilliant. Here is the entire spotlight for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!
- http://www.juniorscave.com


Online Streaming & Radio Airplay;
"Wanna Be Free"
"Festival High"
"Cried Myself To Sleep"



Pure Dead Brilliant


Foofighters, Greenday, Muse, Stuart Adamson, Stereophonics


Pop/Hybrid/Rocksters, Pure Dead Brilliant, Hail From Fife

& Perthshire, In Scotland, UK Formed In Late 2008,

The Band Gained Immediate Recognition From

Internationally Acclaimed, Mercury Prize Winner,

Damon Gough (Badly Drawn Boy)

Who Gave The Brilliants, Outstanding Awards,

For Three Of Their Songs,

In His Role As Music Curator Of Online Global

Community, Noise Festival, In Manchester

They Took Their Name From A Famous 80's

Glaswegan Expression,

Representing A Measure Of Unsurpassed


Pure Dead Brilliant, Are The World's Leading Exponents,

Of Their Self-Appointed Style, Gadgie Rock.

The Band Have Been Described As A Pure

Roller Coaster Ride

Of Energetic Sound, Briliant Melodies, &

Dead Catchy Guitar Hooks.

Their Ballads Bleed From Life Experience,

Honest Truthful & Ridden With A Soulfull Emptiness,

Shared & Remembered, By All Listeners.

They Have Been Performing live Throughout

Scotland, Crafting Their Own Individual Style

And Sound, And Entertaining Audiences Of

All Age Groups. Recently, The Bands'

1st Studio Recording, "Wanna Be Free"

Was Featured On Tom Robinson's, BBC

Introducing Radio Show, On 6 Music

Pure Dead Brilliant, Performed In Manchester,

For The 'Best Of Bands 2010' TV Series

Which Will Be Broadcast On Sky TV Channel 195

In October, Later This Year.


"Wanna Be Free" Has Also Been Chosen As

The Official Theme Song, For A New

Television Teen Drama Series, 'Teen-Age'

Which Will Be Due For Broadcast In 2011

Bands' Official Website:


Email: duggie10101@aol.com

Mobile Text: 07871 - 630930

Band Members