Pure Dysfunction

Pure Dysfunction


Unquestionably unique in our sound and musical ideas, we treat our music as a business and a chance to make a difference in teenagers' lives.


We really take pride in trying to creat a unique sound for ourselves. We do not want to conform to a certain style of music. We have a wide variety of influences such as MxPx, Slick Shoes, Thrice, Officer Negative, Social Distortion, and Face to Face. All of the people involved in the band are very serious about both music and business and we believe that the key to a successfull band is an equal balance of having fun and taking pride in your music, and being serious- because music is your job.


our self titled, 7 track cd was recorded in June of 2002 in Renwood Messenger Studios (produced by Nick Radovanovic and Mike Middleton from Hangnail (Tooth and Nail records)) and released in January of 2003

Set List

A typical set list lasts 30-60 minutes depending on the venue. We usually play all 7 songs off of our CD and also throw in 2-3 songs which are new. Occasionally we will throw in a crowd-pleasing classic from our earlier days. If time permits we also will usually play a cover song in the middle of our set. The cover songs we play tend to be from Tooth and Nail bands, or other bands in the genre.