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Bright, Indiana, United States | INDIE

Bright, Indiana, United States | INDIE
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"Pure Grain Sowing Seeds Defies Categorization"

Indiana’s Pure Grain are back with a release that is sure to put them right over the top. Produced by the band’s drummer Brian DeBruler, Sowing Seeds is simply stated, a near perfect recording. I am fortunate in that I get to hear literally dozens of new releases per week, but once in a while, an album comes along that I leave in the CD changer for weeks. I have had the pre-release copy of this one for a month, and I see no signs of removing it from the disc changer any time soon.

Let’s get one thing straight right from the beginning. Pure Grain defies categorization. I hear some country in there, mixed with a massive dose of r&b and funk. Then there are Southern Rock elements. Sometimes the guitars remind me of old Marshall Tucker or Allman Brothers records. But even with their influences firmly in place, Pure Grain remains totally original. I like that.

Based around the amazing talents of singer/songwriter Chris Taber, the band is a major force to be reckoned with. Taber was born and raised right here in my home city of Greenville, SC, so he gets all his Southern influences quite honestly. Taber is a simply amazing story teller, and his songs are detailed, passionate and most importantly, honest.

“Can I Get a Cowgirl” is sure to make waves on honkytonk dance floors across the country the same way “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)” did for Big & Rich a few years ago. While they lyrics are decidedly country fried and the beat is perfect for line dancing, there is an underlying funk in the music that will appeal to fans of Sly & The Family Stone and Sugarland equally. And man oh man that is some nice and funky wah-wah driven lead guitar.

“Southbound” is another funky tune that brings to mind the country side of Delbert McClinton. It’s another good one. And I have to say, the vocals from Courtney D’Amico really add a whole extra layer of flavor to the songs. She really stands out strong on another great song, “Sunday Morning.” Just a soulful singer.

Chris can also deliver a heartbreak song, as evident in the melancholy “How Long.” Oh, and “Believe” is a great tune about believing in yourself and holding onto your dreams regardless of what other people might do or say to block you. The guitar work on this one really reminds me of Marshall Tucker too.

“Bad Mother Trucker” is gritty, nasty funk, and a tribute to truckers everywhere, and the set closer is a cute little novelty love song called “Deep Fried Twinkie.” A cool little lighthearted romp to end a totally amazing record. Pure Grain is on the way to the top, folks. Mark my words.

-Michael Buffalo Smith - Universal Music Tribe- Michael Buffalo Smith

"Pure Grain - No Regrets"

With stunning musicianship in the vein of Matchbox 20 meets John Cougar Mellencamp, Indiana's Pure Grain lights up the board with 11 soulful mid-tempo rockers. Based around the voice of South Carolina transplant, Chris Taber, songs like 'Running Out Of Time,' 'Carolina Blues' and 'No Regrets' ooze with emotion and burn with a slow, steady fire. Guitarist David Lacey, drummer Brian DeBruler and bassist Eric Francis hail from Lawrenceburg, Indiana and are the ideal backdrop to Taber's acoustic romp.

Falling rightly into the Alt-country niche, the elements of blues guitar raked over country-soul penetrate deep into the grooves of this Midwestern opus. Impressive song writing, smooth and memorable melodies build up each song with a sultry edge. The reflective 'Set Me Free', the tender 'Nobody Said It' and the bluesy ‘Workin’ compliment the group’s diversity.

Much of the record follows the autobiographical tale of Taber's pursuit to fulfill his musical dreams. ‘Back On My Feet' and 'Feeling' Lonely' follow in suite with acoustic-driven foot- tapping jams. But it’s the ballad sweetness of ‘Keepin On’ and the standout 'Sweet Dreams' with its gorgeous strum delivered over a finger-picked layered harmony that carries the disc to new heights. For a debut this is amazingly mature and well deserving of critical praise. - The Cutting Edge Magazine - Todd Smith

"Pure Grain - Straight Up"

You all heard the story, it was in all the newspapers, the call to arms that took note of Southern
Rock rise on radio and in the mainstream. Well, Charlie, yeah, the South’s gonna do it again.
Adding some dance to the stepping of southern rock, Pure Grain come in, hit their mark and
make sure that the South’s gonna boogie again. Pure Grain distills their brand of Southern
Rock with a way healthy dash of funk. It is a groove that infects and slides under your skin.

Funky chords and move to me beats are no stranger to Southern Rock. Wet Willie and Elvin Bishop let lots of soul into their music but it was the powerhouses like the Altman Brothers, Molly Hatchett, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Marshall Tucker that put a rock into the style. Pure Grain honors all sounds southern, making sure that the country soul of vocalist Chris Taber opens up with his words is represented. The music on ‘Sowing Seeds’ is downright infectious. Drummer/producer Brian DeBruler anchors the groove, with ample percussion coming in and a solid bass line keeping pace.

Southern culture is captured in Taber’s lyrics. The can’t-help —but-grin that is “Sunday Morning” can be felt, rain or sun, and with a music bed as a vehicle, you can wish all your cares away on Sunday morning in the south” while other traditions are name checked as the band lays out tunes for food of choice (“Deep Fried Twinkie”). Good vibes are programmed into the organic mix of music the band delivers though even the best days hold those little moments of reflection, the world of why’s and how come’s. The band softens their center on beautifully crafted tracks such “How Long” and “Love Is Gone”, keeping the spotlight on Chris Taber’s voice as the pain surfaces and spreads as quickly as the knowing that the time is up for love. Vocalist Courtney D’Amico joins in on “How Long”. Her vocals are more than background, the rise and fall of powerful pipes creates an angelic presence that watches over the heart that is breaking. As Chris’ and Courtney’s vocals interlock, they wear their soul shoes proud as the narrator prepares for the inevitable exit to love.

Pure Grain locks into a groove and never let go. As scratchy guitar chords countdown to kick off, “Cowgirl” stomps a foot and pushes onto the dance floor and if you looking for a vacation spot, follow Pure Grain ‘Southbound’ in a song that spreads out like the open road. Full disclosure, the band already has dibs on the van sound system. As they head into Texas, you can hear Willie Nelson, followed by Elvis for Memphis, Bocephus for Alabama and Johnny Cash for Nashville. Not only can Pure Grain jam, they know their way around a mix tape. The track is an open diary from Chris Taber’s days as a truck driver.

The wah wah guitar notes that keep the light burning throughout “Southbound” act as headlights pointing the band onwards for the “long, long way to go” before they get home. The guitar riff gets into your head, each note provided by an acoustic guitar feeding through wah-wah pedal wearing the skin of an electric. Producer/drummer Brian DeBruler talked about the use of acoustics versus electric in the album’s production, “when the band first started in 2002, they were an acoustic duo. The guy’s had done a demo with acoustic guitars and vocals. I took a look at that after I joined the band and we had started the recording process. The acoustic playing as an electric had a fat sound. It didn’t have the harmonic harshness of electric and it differentiated us from other bands. When we did the second record, ‘Out of the Storm’, we incorporated some B3 organ and electric guitar. We kind of felt like it was a great record but also felt the band lost touch with its roots, the music seemed disconnected from the soul of the what you see is what you get feel of the band. For “Sowing Seeds’ we went back to the more organic sound”.

To truly get what the band does on record, they need to be seen live. The parts become a whole, with the band locking in, playing off one another. DeBruler has a jazz background. Watching him lazily hit the drums looks like he is doing nothing more than swatting at a fly. By the time the stick strikes drum hide gold, the delivery has gained a whole bunch of steam and the hit sounds off like a cannon. The change between look and sound is noticeable, as DeBruler describes it, “it is a blessing and a curse, I studied performance up at Berkelee. I am more of a jazz drummer; I kind of got into the physics of drumming and motion efficiency. It can be very stagnant to watch me; visually it doesn’t look like I am putting forth much effort.”

During the live show, it is tough to pick out any band member who is not giving 100%. Artie Chaney matches bass notes with the percussion around him to keep things honest in the arrangement. Adding to the pounding of the drum kit, Michelle D’Amico handles various percussion instruments, moving from conga to tambourine and never missing a beat. The acousti - The Alternate Root

"Pure Grain is the Real Deal"

"With a flawless blend of southern soul, funky Jerry Reed-style country, and old school blue collar rock, Pure Grain is the real deal. These guys and gals have created their own unique sound that will appeal to music fans of all stripes." - Adam Sheets – No Depression Magazine

"Pure Grain on Acoustic Roundtable"

Chris Taber was the definitive reason for my love of Acoustic music. Well, him and Dave Lacey. As a young promoter and newspaper Publisher in Cincinnati, I had the fortune of always being out on the town and when Chris rolled in from the South, things on the local music scene began to change. Word was buzzing that these two were putting on a helluva’ show so I had to go see for myself.
- Acoustic Roundtable

"Pure Grain Featured on Sirius/XM Road Dog Trucking Channel"

We know you'll be a fan too after you listen to "Truckin' Song" Dave Nemo Entertainment Sirius/XM Road Dog Trucking Channel - Dave Nemo Entertainment

"Former Trucker Makes Good on Life long Dream"

"Out of the Storm straddles the style line between blues, rock and country as it poetically chronicles the tumultuous nature of life spent on the road" - Todd Dills Truckers News Magazine - Truckers News Magazine

"Pure Grain -Southern Rock Band of the Week"

Pure Grain combines Southern rock of The Allman Brothers Band, country side of The Marshall Tucker and Soul vibe of James Brown, which creates truly unique sound of their own. They have toured nationwide, headlined festivals and shared the stage with likes of Hank Williams Jr. and The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

Pure Grain was formed in 2002 while singer/songwriter Chris Taber was living in Cincinnati. He hooked up with guitarist Dave Lacey to perform acoustic sets and later Pure Grain evolved into a band while adding drummer Brian DeBruler. The bands debut album, No Regrets was released later that same year and featured mix of acoustic blues and country with a hint of Southern rock.

2005 saw also the release of Freedom Child -EP, a tribute to the American soldiers inspired by letters received from Afghanistan. The EP was planned as a teaser for new full length album, but after the birth of his first son in 2005, Chris Taber had to take a break from the music business. Pure grain was put on hiatus and he started driving 18-wheeler for a living.

Pure Grain came back stronger than ever in 2008, adding new members Michelle D'Amico (percussion), Artie Chaney (bass) and Courtney D'Amico (backing vocals). New album, Out of the Storm, saw the light of the day in 2009 and featured songs born out of trucker lifestyle Chris Taber lived during their break. Produced by the bands drummer Brian DeBruler and released through his label, Sol Records, it has helped the band gain national audience through television appearances and radio play. Don’t forget to check out our Out of the Storm review.
- Pure Southern Rock.com


Pure Grain Debut

Pure Grain's No Regrets is a concept album of sorts, rotating around the introspective songs of singer/guitarist Chris Taber, who writes about leaving his native South Carolina. Elegant chord progressions and a guttural, emotive vocal delivery drive Taber's songs.

An accessible sound that would be at home on commercial Rock radio.

The rooted, spirited performances and the soulful Blues influences keep them from being another Matchbox 20 sound-alike.

A substantial Roots music force.

No Regrets is a charming and promising first step.

- Mike Breen

"Westsider Magazine"

This album features one of the most powerful song writing efforts that I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. - Tony Lange


Sowing Seeds - 2011/2012 - Top 40 AMA, Top 40 The Root 66 International Roots Music Chart

Out of the Storm - 2009 - Americana #58 AMA Chart Debut!

Heard Daily on Sirius/XM Road Dog Trucking and Outlaw Country Channels and AAA/Americana Radio/Public Radio across the country.

Freedom Child - 2005
Recorded for and sent out to soldiers serving overseas through Operation Thank You...

No Regrets - 2003
#5 at Roots Music Report for 11 weeks.
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WERU Bangor, ME
WMFO Boston, MA
WDIY Allentown, PA
WSGE Dallas, NC
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WSCH The Eagle Aurora, IN
WAIF Cincinnati, OH
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WUKY, Lexington, KY
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For nearly ten years Pure Grain has captivated sold out audiences, garnered mainstream media attention, and radio airplay nationwide. Their unique sound continues to defy genres or categorization and has earned them props with both country and rock fans alike.

"With a flawless blend of southern soul, funky Jerry Reed-style country, and old school blue collar rock, Pure Grain is the real deal. These guys and gals have created their own unique sound that will appeal to music fans of all stripes." – Adam Sheets – No Depression Magazine

These are good times for Pure Grain. Releasing their first music video in 2009, "Truckin Song", on youtube stirred up a buzz that had them featured on Sirius/XM Outlaw Country, Road Dog Truckin and Americana radio stations across the country. "Truckin Song" is now the theme song on Dave Nemo's highly popular Road Dog Truckin Show on Sirius XM. The video, now at 168,000 views and growing, is currently being considered for airplay on the major and regional networks including CMT, GAC, Fuse and others.

With their brand new symbolic release, Sowing Seeds, the band continues to grow its audience, and evolve. The first single "Cowgirl" with its featured line dance, and music video has fast become an anthem for country girls round the world and the guys that love them. The song broke into the Americana Top 40 and has been the bands furthest reaching single at radio to date. The second single Love is Gone, was just released to radio in January and is already burning up the airwaves and internet radio stations of the world.

Pure Grain has toured nationwide with fans hailing from all parts of the country. They regularly perform at festivals, state, and county fairs as well as club dates, and have opened for Hank Williams Jr., Little Big Town, John Michael Montgomery, Zac Brown Band, and most recently Eric Church, and Miranda Lambert. They are slated to perform with Thompson Square and The Band Perry at this year's 5 day Country USA festival in Oshkosh, WI.

"Pure Grain was the hit of the 2010 Country USA...Everyone commented on the band... The promoter and I were literally blown away!" said Thomas Guenther Festival Operations Manager Country USA, 150,000 attendees.