Pure Gravel Blues Band

Pure Gravel Blues Band


Listen to the music...it's self explanitory. Distinctive, highly original, fun and entertaining. Huge appeal to the over 25 crowd. (largest age demographic in the county) We can hold our own next to any act, national or local. We only write hit material. See for yourself and call us.


Mary started professionally at age 19. Her influences are Billie holiday, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Frank Sinatra and Janis Joplin. Danny teaches guitar locally in Louisville KY and plays like a cameleon, any style, effortlessly. We call Bennie, our bass man Mr. Wonderful, because he is. He has traveled extensively with many bands. Jody is a straight four in the floor drummer, not extremely flashy, a real team player with a great knowledge of dynamics, so important in blues and jazz. Joe Debow has played the Louisville area for 20 years. You can see his weekly TV show on the Louisville Local internet channel through Insight Cable. What sets us apart is the finished product. It's the way Mary interacts with the crowds. The way she has them eating out of her hand. The way heads snap and conversation stops when she sings. It's the songs she and Danny write. Truly original sound, style, even the covers come out as original. Overall, it's just the product, the finished product. We DELIVER !! We can go up after any band, local, regional or national and I'll bet we'll ALWAyS hold our own or better that band!!


Cold Boloney

Written By: Mary Wright

Layin; in bed about a quarter to two
Who comes ramblin' in but you
Cussin', had lipstick on your face
said Baby can't a man get nothin' to eat in this place

I said huh uh you're gettin' cold Boloney
Uh uh baby, you're getting butter beans
Huh uh you're gettin' cold Boloney
Now get outta' here baby before I get really mean.......

Baby you said, I can't eat that stuff
I want steak, boloney ain't good enough
I said Baby, if you'd bring your paycheck home
You could get steak 'stead of old soup bones


We have one CD under our belt, just a local one, we are not signed......YET! We do have streaming audio/video and radio airplay. We are currently near completion stage of our latest CD. Check out our website at puregravel.com Visit our You Tube site.

Set List

Our typical set list contains a mix of original and cover blues/jazz tunes. Some originals include Cold Boloney, Nothin' But A Man, I've Got A Bad Feelin', Better Things, Who's Smokin' Now, Martin & Abbey, Cold Wind In Chicago, (Hear these on our streaming audio/video) Typical cover tunes include Stormy Monday, Unchain My heart, My Heart Belongs To Daddy, Sunday Kind Of Love, At Last, Sweet Home Chicago, Green Onions, Mustang Sally, Rock Me Baby, Potato Patch, Something Up My Sleeve, Do Right Woman, Something To Talk About, Love & Happiness, La La Means I Love You, Let's Get It On, Cadillac Blues, Play With Your Poodle, Chain Of Fools.......etc.. All in all, we have a list of about 80 songs. We are used to typically four 45 minute sets in the clubs, who knows how long on private parties, and larger scale shows of 1-2 hours.