This band puts out consistent heavy metal. Complex rythm work laid out in a hook based frame work. Introspective words and melodic vocals.


PURENFORM hails from the great north woods of NH. Their recently released “Sin and Rapture album demonstrates their originality, intense riffs, headcrackin' percussion, and seductive lyrics. The alluring songs embrace a modern day hard rock feel yet are also melodic with hints of old school metal influences. Enjoy! www.purenform.com

Purenform was formed in early 2000 and began work on their first singles released on the 4 song EP, “No More”. In late 2004 a new line-up was put into place and writing for new material with a new feel began. Purenform started recording in 2005 and released their first full length 12 song album titled “Sin and Rapture” in July 2006. The album was self recorded, mixed and produced by Purenform.

Former Third Degree basher Elvis Houle on the drums, along with former Stereo Type bassist Scott Richard lay down a tight rhythm section, while newcomer Mike Hall nails down the guitar section. Gritty topics with high intensity from founder, vocalist, and guitarist Greg Dobbin compliment the music. The group has played opening slots for 6 Feet Under, Gilby Clarke, Brother Cane, Fastball, and 6 Gig. In August, Purenfom will be playing at Locobazooka in the Boston area with national acts Alice in Chains, Buckcherry, Powerman 5000, RA, Travis Meeks, to name a few, along with approx 50 other local Indie bands.

Purenform plays for the love of music but ultimately want to hit the big time. There are willing to sell one soul for a record deal! They greatly appreciate all those who support and enjoy their music. Their CD was just released recently and they have only begun marketing and need your help. Please help spread the word and turn your friends on to this band! Thanks and Cheers!
Purenform is:



Written By: Purenform

You don't look inside. You're looking right through me. You know what I want... I know you'll turn on me. [Bridge] Once again we lay it down, and we lay the blame on me. Brush it off and blow away. Come back some other day. [Chorus] I'm standing up, I'm breaking down...And in this world there's not a hero to be found. I'm punching out I quit today. It may subside but it never goes away. [Verse] I suffered in silence. There's not much I could say. She gripped me tightly, Im pushing her away. [Bridge] But I ran like an addiction, needing to be fed. Can't strip away the hurt, or say the things unsaid [Chorus] [Solo] [Chorus]

Damned I Am

Written By: Purenform

I felt the pain shoot through my body, the moment I was sure. I guess it's been a long time coming, though I didn't see it coming (even though I'd heard). I don't care to wonder why. I don't care to reminisce. I don't really have a care in the world, ain't gonna loose much sleep over this. Damned I am I am (repeat). [Verse] I never believed what I never could see, and I never had hopes and I never had dreams. And all of the things that would burry the hurt, are the things that would burry me deep in the dirt. I'm watching the time as it's ticking away, knowing damn well I'll never catch up to that day. I'm running on empty and loosing my breath, while I'm praying forgiveness and asking for death. [Chorus] How long? I cannot say. Stagger through another day. But a will without a way (nothing but fucking games to play). I bleed, therefore I am. Like you I'm a man. I know that I'll be damned...so damned I am! [Lead] [Chorus]


Written By: Purenform

The night was cold and still, violently shaking in my skin. I feel the bitter chill, I feel like paying for my sins. I pray you'll live forever, so there will be time for suffering. Honestly I don't mind knowing the pain that this will bring. [Chorus] Recorded memories, what might have been? I feel my walls are closing in. [Verse] And to this day I taste it. The smell of fuel still on my breath...and some would say I've wasted it...and some are great only in death [Chorus] So don't rush home, ya we'll talk then...and don't you cry to so called "friends".


Purenform - Out of the Ruin
Purenform - No More
Purenform - Sin and Rapture

Set List

No More
Once Was I
Bottom Floor
Damned I Am
Drama Queen
Far From Me
Sorry Friend
Wrapped in Silence
Sin and Rapture