Pure N`tight

Pure N`tight


We play alternative rock/pop with å touch of prog in it.


We are that kind of band that has never been thought what to play. non of us are any good at cover songs. We are all self learned from before we met each other. this results in our own special kind of sound. this is what really separates us.
our influences are bands like : yes, black sabbath, ramones.....
we first met up about a year ago. Pure n tight was actually first started with a different crew about 2 years ago, but due to problems and a singer with airplane fear and one traveling the band split up. the band drum and bass player continued after a while with new staff. Claudio Bisama joined. The style changed and we are now serious about our music.


we have a live in studio recording at myspace. this was made the cheapest possible way and was just meant as a promo. You can find the album here:


Set List

At the time we have 10 complete songs, and working on a few more at the moment that will be done during this summer (by juli).
we like to play in this order (but variation appears):
1 off all the troubles
2 rearranged
3 miss bee
4 cluster carriers
5 morning ouer
6 legs and a vulva
7 handman
8 johnseys wallet
9 rum
10 taste you