Pure Pressure

Pure Pressure


acoustic guitar with male voice, ballad, some soft rock


First there was Paje. a small band with just me and my mate jeff. after a few big hits like....Why do you do what you do` and `replacement` , we moved apart only to reunite a few years later thanks to 6 first ave. It was just an address but meant so much more to some. a place to crash, a place to laugh, a place to go a little crazy. and after some emotional teen years we were ready to band it up again, this time a new name and a new member...Andy. So now we had a drummer, 6 first ave the band was born. thus producing hits like Waiting for one, Away and the croud fav 13 Minutes. After surviving a missing member for a year and getting to a point where we had enough songs we decided to put something down on cd. So jeff shouted the band some studio time. But like all good things this too came to an end with Jeff pursuing a solo music career so 6 first ave was no longer. Pure Pressure is just me, and there is no story cause its just beginning



Written By: Paul Irvine

she looked confused
she didnt understand
she didnt know why my face was sad
i couldnt tell her the truth
she'd never understand
couldnt believe she didnt know

replacement im sure
is a everyday thing
when somebody taked your place
and everybody knows him
your just a memory
and sometimes your not even that
couldnt believe she didnt know

i just smiled and politely walked away
as i took my steps outside i
thought about the things that she said
she wasnt here then
she wasnt even part of my life
couldnt believe she didnt know