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Pure Star Movement

South Bend, Indiana, United States | INDIE

South Bend, Indiana, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock


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"Rock at the Elbo Room!"

I met the lead singer of Pure Star Movement on a very cramped (thanks to him) Southwest flight from LA to Chicago. He sent me some of the band’s music and I was impressed by the gritty sound and instrumentals. Now, you can take them for an audio test driv livee. They are performing at the Elbo Room on Feb. 5 at 8 p.m. Go get rocked this weekend. - Kyra Kyles (Red Eye Chicago Reporter)

"Pure Star Movement"

This summer of 2010 will see the release of “Arrival to Earth,” the first full project of the South Bend based group Pure Star Movement. A mix of progressive Christian, Alternative rock and soul, Pure Star Movement is described as a musical force like no other. “Can you imagine a band that has an alternative rock guitar driven sound,” quotes their Myspace page, “spread out over hard hitting, ‘in your face’ urban chopped drumming? This can only be complemented with smooth, soulful, powerhouse vocals, along with unforgettable epic string arrangements you could only hear in movie film scores! This band makes music to cross all boundaries and to reach all people.” The group comes from a very diverse background. Adrian “Gizmo” Taylor, who plays bass guitar, grew up in a Baptist church listening to Gospel and jazz from the likes of Steve Bailey, Stanley Clark, and his favorite bassist Jaco. Ray “RTjman” Thomas, who plays keys and turntables, knew he wanted to produce music at a young age and began to teach himself a variety of instruments, including piano, drums, bass and electric guitar. He grew up in the Church of God In Christ, along with fellow bandmates Brent and Lwan, and was greatly influenced by Gospel. His musical influences include Timberland, Ryan Leslie, and, his absolute favorite, The Neptunes. Brent “The B.east” Easton, the drummer, was also influenced by Gospel from an early age, and by 90s R&B. To become a great drummer he listened to jazz fusion artists such as Dennis Chambers and Dave Weekal. Two of his heroes and mentors have been Derricko Watson and Chris Coleman, and he has been privileged to play for several Gospel stars, including the great J. Moss. The lead singer Lwan Easton says his main influence has always been Gospel music, and, like fellow bandmates, he has wanted to be a producer and make music since a very young age. Some of his other musical influences include Timberland, Darkchild, Tonex, Usher, and his favorite singer Brandy. Before starting the music group, Ray and Lwan started up Pure Star Production and Media, their own music production company. They experienced decent success through the company, but ultimately decided they wanted to showcase their own music. To come up with the sound they both envisioned, they decided to take all the musical influences they knew growing up and fuse it all together with the emotional, expressive, and loud genre of rock. “The group has a very unique message,” says Lorneth Fahie-Peters of Number Seven Management. “One that they hope will wake up the minds of generations to comee. The group believes in honoring God, loving life and having fun making great music. Each song provides a message of hope, freedom, and creativity. The songs are written from very deep and dark places dealing with emotional pain, depression, and haters.” The group’s name comes from Philippians 2:1, “That you may become blameless and Pure, children of God, without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like Stars in the universe.” “They bring a message of hope, freedom, creativity, and prosperity using the gifts given to them from above,” continues their Myspace page. “Pure Star Movement’s music is designed to captivate your senses and take your mind to the stars. A star is a pure source of light in which we, the human race, are created to mimic... - Michiana Entertainer

"Pure Star Movement, slated to be opening act for Dove-Nominated group, Addison Road"

Alternative-rock band, Pure Star Movement will be performing on the Gateway Stage at 8:00pm at this year’s Riverfest Celebration. Riverfest is a free festival that celebrates the river heritage of Clarksville, Tennessee.
Pure Star Movement is a rock band with a distinct sound. The group blends powerhouse vocals, with an alternative rock guitar driven sound, adding “urban chopped drumming,” and epic string arrangements that are only heard in movie film scores.At the Riverfest Celebration, attendees will have a chance to engulf themselves in an energetic, fresh and innovative performance. Attendees will also have an opportunity to hear new music from the group?s first full length CD, “Arrival To Earth.”
The group is managed by Number Seven Management, a local entertainment company. Number Seven Management aims to provide music lovers with the best in inspirational, positive and Christian music and they also assist non-profits and other organizations with planning yearly events.
Pure Star Movement is building momentum as they continue to perform all over the country. If you are interested in finding out more about the group please visit www.numbersevenmusic.com or call 931-220-4643. - Clarksville Online

"Pure Star Makes Music for All"

The three members of the band Pure Star Movement know that they'll face more than the usual amount of skeptics.

The band, which includes vocalist Lwan Easton, bass player Adrian Taylor and keyboard player and turntable mix master Ray Thomas Jr., will host a release party for their new extended-play CD and the premiere of the group's music video at 7:30 p.m. Friday at the Chocolate Café in downtown South Bend. Easton says the Pure Star Movement is a Christian rock band. He knows the band's visuals don't exactly make people think of a rock band.

The band will have to deal with people who don't think that black musicians can play rock music.

Taylor has a quick response to that.

"I lot of people look at rock like that, but I (tell them) that rock really started with Chuck Berry and Little Richard," he says. "These are the iconic names that I say when I'm talking about where rock really came from."

Easton says there is a risk that some people may tune the Pure Star Movement out because "they'll be like, 'Ain't no way they can rock because they're black.' "

However, Easton says there also is a flip side to that.

"A lot of people's interest will be piqued, so if anything, people will be more interested," he says. "So people will either come to see us fail, or they will come because they are interested, and they will be surprised at what they hear."

Thomas says there also are many people who are uncomfortable with the concept of Christian rock music.

"There is that image of rock music where it is kind of (worldly)," Thomas says. "But the thing that people who understand realize is that as long as you're giving God the glory, that's what counts."

Easton agrees.

"There are so many things that were created for the wrong purposes, and people flipped them around and made them good things," he says.

Easton says that the Pure Star Movement's music is an outgrowth of their Christianity. It can be called inspirational, gospel, Christian rock or praise and worship, Easton adds.

However, the band also makes music that is accessible to everybody.

That is reflected in the band's musical influences. Easton counts Christian bands such as Red, This Beautiful Republic and secular vocalists such as Brandy as major musical influences. Taylor says he enjoys listening to neo-soul music and is also a fan of jazz and fusion bass players such as Marcus Miller and Jaco Pastorius.

Thomas says the producers The Neptunes influenced him because of the production team's s work in fusing rock and hip-hop. He also enjoys the music of such 1970s soul legends as Stevie Wonder and Earth, Wind & Fire.

"One of our mottoes is that we make music for everybody," he says. "The believer or non-believer."

-HOWARD DUKES, Tribune Staff Writer,
South Bend Tribune (Indiana) - South Bend Tribune

"Pure Star Movement: Band with a Mission"

While sitting in a smoky bar with some friends, I suddenly realize how ironic it is that I am waiting for a Christian alternative/rock band to start their set. The lights dimmed, and four young black guys engulfed the stage with their presence and their energy. Yes, black people can rock too—but when you rock with Pure Star Movement, skin color is hardly the thing you are thinking about at the end of the show. Actually, by the end of the show, all I can think about is the music. With a performance that included a phenomenal drum solo; a DJ scratching a record; and a Phil Collins cover—I was more than impressed with how this band blends genres. But I was most impressed with how these guys used their talents to promote an inspirational message. There was still one question in my mind: why is this Christian rock band performing in a bar? As I sat among the crowd, I realized that I was not the only person asking this question. Then I over-heard one of Pure Star’s managers explaining how this band wants to reach out to those very people who many Christians condemn. And what better way to reach out to those people than to go where those people go. With their passion, their message, and their music, Pure Star Movement is bringing a unique form of inspirational rock mixed with a little bit of everything else to the next generation.

Rosalyn Wells,
WUBU 106.3 FM South Bend, IN - Rosalyn Wells


First Single: More of You
First Release: The Demonstration EP
Second Single: Give It All To You
First Full LP: Arrival To Earth
Third Single: Light It Up



PSM is unlike anything you've ever seen or heard. Sure, you've heard it a million times, right? In a matter of seconds, you will either love them or hate them, but rest assured because of they're unique style and poise, there will be no in-between! Envision this: an alternative rock guitar driven sound spread over urban, rhythmically chopped drumming, with SOLID bass lines. It's a symbolic sound complimented with smooth, soulful, yet powerful vocals. Completed with emotion laden, dynamic lyrics. If that's not enough, PSM will leave you breathless with unforgettable "BIG" string arrangements you'd mainly hear in movie film scores!

THE LIVE SHOW? You would have to see it to believe it! Crossing boundries is an understatement for these guys. They've headlined festivals as a "new act", performing in jam packed bars, even shared the stage with multiple christian acts such as, Dove Nominated groups Addison Road, Satellites and Sirens, and Cross Movement's J.R! They also just recently wrapped up a phenomenal tour with Tooth and Nail's SENT BY RAVENS and newcomers NINE LASHES, who's hit single reached #3 on billboard radio! It doesn't stop there! They were handpicked to open for Grammy Award winner, PJ Morton (Maroon 5) and Billboard's Modern Rock Artists of the year (2003,) Chevelle. In Janurary 2012, they smashed a performance on Jamie Foxx's Foxxhole radio show, live from the Conga Room in downtown Los Angeles!

On May 15th, 2012, PSM did a very soft release of "Light It Up digitally and it has been picking up steam ever since! Selling HUNDREDS of their debut album "Arrival To Earth" on iTunes, over 800 copies of "The Demonstration" EP at shows, garnering hundreds of fans on Facebook, and receiving THOUSANDS of views on youtube is a SOLID testament of the band's relevance in the ever evolving music industry! Give it a chance. This is a new sound that will one day take an industry.....and/or even the WORLD by storm!