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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1996 | INDIE

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 1996
Duo Hip Hop Soul




"Purgatory premiere 'Let Me Love U' video World Premier"

Together in combat and in the studio, these two veterans are living their musical dream of creating hip hop music for the world. Conscience Rhyme from Miami and OP-Solo from Chicago create the talented rap duo Purgatory. During 21 years of active duty, including serving admirably in Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, Conscience Rhyme aka Crhyme and OP-Solo aka Optimus Rhymez blended their lyrical stylings and memorable beats to create pure unadulterated music free from profanity, conformity, or mediocrity.

Purgatory’s debut album, Incursion, came to the public in 2003 after collaborating while on duty for the United States Air Force. After the release of their debut album, OP-Solo and Conscience Rhyme, each released their own solo albums, The First Epistle of Op-Solo and The Unauthorized Bio of Patrick J. Wilcox, in 2010 and 2012 respectively. Then in 2015 the duo released their well-received mixtape, Quarter Water, via DatPiff. Purgatory’s mission is and always has been: “Enhance the generations through positive/creative music, spoken example, and chosen lifestyle.”

The hip hop duo’s new video for their single “Let Me Love You,” featuring Georgia based singer Teeya Skipper, is all about positive feelings. The Atlanta skyline shining in the background is alternated with darkly colored cool romantic hotel rooms where two girls each invite their lovers inside for an affectionate night. OP and Conscience rhyme about love, commitment, and keeping it real with their significant others, with Teeya’s sensual and airy voice bringing a romantic gesture to this R&B hip-hop ballad. This video inspires both the warm feeling and the sensual essence of love. - Music News.com

"Purgatory-Quarter Water"

Artist Background: Purgatory consists of two MC’s Conscience Rhyme (Patrick Wilcox) from Miami, and Op-Solo (Tavares Lowery) from Chicago. They met while both were serving in the United States Air Force at Tyndall Air Force Base in Panama City Florida.

When the two met they quickly became friends, and realized that they shared a common love for Hip Hop Music. Soon after, they formed the group Purgatory began seriously perusing a career in the music industry. From the country of Panama to the city of Seoul Korea, Purgatory blazed stages and wrecked cyphers.

In 2003 they released their first album “Incursion” on their on record label Ill/Flo Entertainment, though primarily sold out of their trunks the album was pure hip hop and began to shape the musical path they would later follow. Purgatory’s motto is “If our mama’s can’t listen to it we can’t do it”.

Through life’s struggles and military careers, Purgatory has stuck to this motto and the belief that hiphop should be intellectual, spiritual, dope, and most of all clean. With the release of their latest mixtape “Quarter Water”, they have proven that lyricism and that classic 90’s hip hop feel can still move crowds in 2015.

Next year, Purgatory plans to release one of it’s most personal and creative albums to date, “Frame 3:13” it will show case their production, lyrical power, and build upon their brand. - Stop The Breaks

"Air Force Reserve Highest Non-Commissioned Officers Honored - Independence Day 2014 (238 Years Later)"

Senior Master Sergeant (SMSgt) Patrick J. Wilcox is originally from Miami, Florida and has earned numerous awards. He is the Superintendent of Training and Education for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s (DTRA), Defense Nuclear Weapons University Reserve Component, at Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico. He is responsible for continuing education, training and identifying key personnel/core competencies needed to develop and support the Department of Defense homeland defense training.
Mr. Wilcox is the Station Captain for the Redstone Arsenal Fire & Emergency Services and has also held other positions as a Fire Fighter and an Occupational Health and Safety Inspector.

His dream job is to continue to be a Hip Hop Culture Rapper with positive, inspiring lyrics with thumping beats and no foul language. Even though Wilcox released a solo album, “The Unauthorized Bio of Patrick”, he belongs to two musical groups. Andromeda consists of other Air Force singers, poets, musicians and producers with the highest ranking being aka “P.O.W Major (Marlon) Ferdinand”. This dynamic group was formed while they were stationed at Osan Air Base, Korea in 2001 and recorded their first album titled “In The Beginning”.

Mr. Wilcox’s second group was formed in 1996. Wilcox’s rapper name is “Conscience Rhyme” and his best friend MSgt Tavares Lowery rapper’s name is “Op-Solo”. They formed Purgatory which falls under their company name of Ill/Flo Entertainment named after their home states, Illinois and Florida. Their latest video is “Sweet Dreams” featuring singer Charles McDaniel. It has a great realistic meaning. I really love the lyrics, the sound and the acting that convey this positive rap message. It was really impressive.

MSgt Tavares Lowery, a Chicago, Illinois native, is the Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) of 601 Air Operations Center Training as an Air National Guardsman at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida.He is responsible for positional training for personnel and is entrusted with homeland defense for the United States and North America Airspace. Also, he aids and assists with monitoring, tracking and ensuring safe airspace for the President of the United States during his stateside movements.

Lowery, “Op-Solo” deep passion is being a rapper just like his partner Wilcox, “Conscience Rhyme”. Since the forming of their 1996 group, they have a lasting bond of 18 years as Purgatory. Op-Solo is proud to say “our group doesn’t partake in the degrading of women, glorification of materialistic items and negativity throughout urban America. Purgatory champions itself in the creation of music that is simple enough to lead a child, but yet profound enough to inspire your grandfather. No negativities added and no profanities necessary. Every lyric is clean and critically acclaim within the most pure facets of hip hop music”. These two Senior Non Commissioned Officers uses their rapping talent in a dignified way and have already produced two albums and will be releasing their third album entitled “Quarter Water” later this year. - Splash Magazine


Purgatory Discography

1.    Andromeda Compilation- In the Beginning (2001)

2.    Incursion (2004)

3.    Op-Solo- 1st Epistles of Op-Solo (2010)

4.    Conscience Rhyme-The Unauthorized Bio of Patrick J. Wilcox (2013)

5.    Quarter Water-Mix Tape (2015)

6.    U.S. (United Stance)-Single (2015)

7.    Let Me Love U Feat Teeya Skipper-Single (2017)



Purgatory is a hip hop group founded in 1996. The two members are Patrick Wilcox (Conscience Rhyme) and Tavares Lowery (OP-SOLO). The two are from Miami, Florida and Chicago, Illinois respectively. These two are old school MCs that could lyrically excel, if not, keep up with any rapper/mc on the radio or underground circuit. Their music is grown man/woman music. You will not find lyrics with cursing, twerking or trife. However, you will hear lyrics about the youth, the culture and life. The two are on a quest to bring forth great music that inspires positive change, as well as bringing back balance to hip hop because there is room for intelligence in this era of trap music  Enter the realm of Purgatory!!

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