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The best kept secret in music



This week’s Metal Buzz is the new release from Purge d.i., Grounded. Grounded, available through Ass9 Records, offers a collection of raw, powerful songs, and showcases the band’s trademark vocal style. The album’s first single, "I Am," and the equally solid title track, reveals the depth and the aggressive strength of New Hampshire’s Purge d.i. Grounded claimed the #8 Most Added CD this week with 22 stations already on board. Purge d.i. is currently cleansing the souls of Metal listeners on several stations including WPUP, WJSE and WRBC. - Beth Cherubini


"I'm addicted to the Purge d.i. album.[Grounded] It's packed full of hooky radio singles that are both fierce and melodic." - John Lenac-Rock Editor

"Alternative News"

At Long last this local area band has recorded and released their debut disc entitled, "Grounded". A debut filled with power in a strongly bass/rhythm oriented style. The vocals of Jay Bellaud are powerful but not overbearing and interesting to say the least. This band has worked long and hard to get to where they are and their efforts are evident on this well-made disc. I really like the style and power but the only thing I would like to hear more of is maybe a few more lead piercings here and there added to the mix. This thing definitely has plenty of hooks. I'm just into lead guitar. Native of New Hampshire, this band is on the verge of many great things to come. My favorite song on this disc, "I Am", is just pure rock excellence and I might ad is what lured me to this disc in the first place. The rest of the album was no disappointment either. I really think now after hearing this I need to go out and experience this band live. Get this disc. It is good kick-ass rock music. I give it a high 7. - Scott Rich


2003 - Grounded


Feeling a bit camera shy


Purge: “To cleanse or purify by separating and carrying off whatever is un-pure, foreign, or too superfluous… This is a pretty good description of the sound: stripped down, powerful, heavily rhythmic. Voted Best Original Band in New Hampshire at the Chantilley’s/Rock 101/Budweiser Battle of the Bands.

Lead singer Jay Bellaud’s vocals are perhaps the most striking aspect of Purge d.i. and serve as the band’s trademark. Bellaud’s spooky vocals sometimes resemble those of Tool front man Maynard in his timing and timber. Keith Cuscia plays both lead and rhythm guitar and manages to set the foundation as well as blasting through the wall of sound built up by drummer Bob Austin and bassist Randy Ladd. Purge d.i. merges contemplative lyrics with the heavily pulsing rhythm to produce a disc suited for both raging road trips and a listening through headphones in a darkened room.

When formed in early 1996, no one would have guessed that an original act (from New Hampshire no less) would have the fortitude to go the distance. Quickly establishing a solid reputation in New Hampshire clubs, Purge d.i. found themselves garnering enough attention to land opening slots with many National Acts. Over the next few years while making their local rounds, Purge d.i. has shared the stage with bands such as Fuel, Godsmack, Days of the New, Slipknot, Linkin Park, and Disturbed to name a few. At one of these shows Ass-9 Records A&R recognized the unprecedented talent and intensity of Purge d.i. on stage. It was that chance meeting that ultimately led to the signing between Ass-9 Records and Purge d.i. in July of 2002.

In early 2003, through the collaboration of Ass-9 Records and Black Dog Promotions it seems there is no stopping the Purge d.i. machine. With the release of their National Debut LP, “Grounded” supported by a national tour, national retail placement with major chain stores, national commercial radio, an MTV 2 video on deck and a full-scale endorsement from Adidas, it seems Purge d.i. has “household name” locked in their crosshairs!

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