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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Purity's Demise @ Smitty's 12/17/04"

The guitarist for Purity's Demise wears a porcelain-looking mask during their shows. The expressionless mask nonetheless appears both delicate and strangely menacing, a paradox that perfectly describes the sound that Purity's Demise creates.
At their best, Purity's Demise brings a melodic emotion to their music that contrasts brilliantly with their hardcore sound. The dynamic difference between the two is as pronounced as a whisper to a scream. Hardcore purists might rail at the assertion that a band can pull off both styles within the same song. Make no mistake, Purity's Demise's frontman can scream with the best of them - but it is in fact the warm tones of his voice in the softer/melodic parts of their music that sets them apart and helps the screaming make more of an impact.
Despite the guitarist's facial accoutrements, the guys in the band can't mask their enjoyment of playing, and of just being out in the local music scene. That seems like a simple enough quality to possess, yet too many bands or band members seem to forget to have fun while they're up on stage or out in the crowd before or after their show. Perhaps it's a case of nerves, or perhaps they're jaded. Purity's Demise don't have that problem - they appear to be loving every minute of it.
On this particular night, the sound-guy seemed to finish about one song before the band did. Unfazed, the band continued on without him. Perhaps catching the hint from the crowd, who were still rocking out, the sound-guy turned the mics back on and the band finished the last song. That kind of performance enthusiasm will serve Purity's Demise well in a business where not everyone's agenda is on par with the band's.
If Purity's Demise was an NBA draft pick, they'd be described as having a lot of "upside", meaning they are still raw, but have the potential to achieve a lot of success. They are still putting the pieces of their puzzle together - expanding their song list, gaining live experience, recording new material, and working on a web site.
Like other local faves Roots Down Below, Purity's Demise have the potential to propel beyond this little clambake we all call home. Although they haven't been together very long - six months or so - they have a sound that is undeniably appealing, and a live show that is exciting and tighter than it should be given their short time together.

- southshoremuse.com


"Demonstration" 2004- 4 song Demo; One of the songs, Faithlessness, gained airplay on PIXY 103, and in the local strip clubs, The Kings Inn and Zachary's.

"Abintra" 2005- 8 song Album; Three of the songs, N.A.G. , The Sun Rose, and War Cry, have gained airplay on Cape Cod's Rock Pixy 103, Boston's WBCN, Boston's WAAF, Providence's 95.5 WBRU and out of Orlando, The Indie Rock Show, an online digital based radio show.

***Past gig/venue history availible upon request***


Feeling a bit camera shy


Purity’s Demise is an aggressive style of music that is both driving and hypnotizing. The band has been described as bringing "a melodic emotion to their music that contrasts brilliantly with their hardcore sound." Hailing from Boston Massachusetts, this five-piece band is ready to break free from the confinements of home and unleash their style on the world. They have been cranking out shows all over the Ma, Ri, Nh and Fl markets and are always ready to take on more! The marketable sounds the guys produce make it hard for anyone to not raise an eyebrow.
After a long ordeal of set backs in early 2005, Purity’s Demise finally finished their debut album, “Abintra”. Soon after the release, their guitar player left the band, but after only one day a replacement was found. Since then, Purity’s Demise has spent their time writing new songs, playing shows, and developing a sound which allows them to move on stage with a presence that can not be ignored or imitated.

This is not the first band for any of the members. They are all talented, professional, seasoned musicians that have been in the industry for quite some time. The band averages six to ten shows a month and even more when on tour. Purity’s Demise has had the pleasure of working with the following booking/promotion agencies – New England Concerts (Ma), South Central Promotions (Nh), TNA Rockz (Nh), The Sound Factory (Ct), Standard Events (Fl) and Osprey Entertainment (Ma). The band has played with many notable national acts and has been involved in some nationally recognized festivals as well.
Bands – Otep, Powerman 5000, Nothingface, Murphy’s Law, Shootyz Groove and many great smaller touring bands.
Festivals – Locobazooka, Gold Coast Tattoo Expo, Nemo Conference, New England Punk and Metal Fest, Emergenza Festival.

Purity’s Demise current goals for 2006 are to take our music to the next level. We would like to find as many promotion/management companies to stand behind us and help get our music out there to the open market to be heard. We have done some small tours and we are ready, willing and capable to embark on many more!