PurpIll Da Smurf

PurpIll Da Smurf

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What is good I started this shit back in my nans house with my older brother Stephen Foff Willams who showed me how to flow aka ride the beat and free style. After doing this I became very good and wise i started battling other rapper for bragging right around my area. But there was more to Rap to me Then Just Battling other cats it was making good music and when the odd person look's at the Purpill Smurf and thinks I am all about Rap, one thing they don't know is that I Jamm ! the f**k out to Rap Hip-Hop R&B DUB-STEP Drum&Bass Rock,Blues, Listen to all kinds of Dj's. I will listen to anything as long as it music are we straight alright back to the bio I been in rap groups a few and you no how that goes moving on - my style of rap is i rap about what i do thing i like too do i am not like any other rapper i do my own thing if there any thing you really want to know about the kid just holla when you SEE EM. Other thing's that I do that make me stand out is I due Photography and I am very good Videographer and editor so I write film ya make all my own shit. ChrisBrown Voice-->Im Done


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(P-80 Produtions)
KUSH TEAM RECORDS Is now is play look out 2011

Kush Team and P80 are teaming up to bring out Mix Tape PurpIll Kush, Look Out For Vlogs Free Styles with rapers in the city Back round footage of the making of the mix tape and much more Single Dropping Soon !!