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Purple Magick

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High-energy epic synthesizer driven electronic dance music. If Prince and Kraftwerk made a baby together, you'd get Purple Magick.


In 2004, the then Clap!Clap!, now Purple Magick, was born with a mission: to bring energy back to live shows and to make the energy infectious amongst the audience. Armed with 8 members, the band hopes to continue its quest to bring back audience participation and energy to live shows. With influences such as The Faint and The Rapture, dance and electronic rock is the band’s forte. The band utilizes five keyboards and two guitars to generate layered, accomplished songs. The band released their debut album, You Love This!, on April 27, 2007.

However, before the band’s debut album, Clap!Clap! has received local and national recognition for its original sound and performance. In 2005, MTVU recognized Clap!Clap! in a nationwide contest, “The Best Band on Campus,” and listed the band amongst the top 10 in the nation. Although the band did not win the contest, the campus newspaper honored the group as the top band in the city of San Marcos. The following year, the band relocated to Austin only to be the Austin Chronicle’s recommended choice for best new artist in 2006. “Having always been reminiscent of a more fun Out Hud … [and with] funky bass lines to make George Clinton blush” (Partyends.com), the band aspires to move beyond the borders of Texas with its debut album.

You Love This! is the band’s first full-length album. The project took over one year to complete, and it represents the evolution of the Clap!Clap! The lyrics reflect upon the band’s passions, experiences and observations of our human nature. Below the lyrics is instrumentation that conveys a momentum toward crossing genres and mixing influences from past to present. On the opening track, “Pressure of Your Pressure,” the band exemplifies its mixture of influences from 80’s pop to current indie rock by narrating a story of sexual apprehension. The following track, “Talk Shop,” utilizes electronic beats and melodies to transition into a breakdown of hip hop and ambient experimentation, focusing on the notion that everyone needs to keep an open mind when expressing their own opinions. Other album standouts include “Troubles with Doubles,” “You Love This!” and “We Lurk for Love.” From start to finish, the album commits to energy amd progression, communicating the need to move forward.

In December of 2007, Clap!Clap!, decided to get more serious and kick their musical career in high-gear, as having 8 people hurt their possibilities for growth. They dropped in numbers, lost all guitars and changed their name to Purple Magick to represent their new transformation. The band is dedicated now, more than ever, to kick out the jams and spread the synthesizer love of dance across the world.

"All these people can't live forever, yet, all these people still dance together."


"Get Naughty" EP 2004
"You Love This!" LP 2007
Several tracks from our LP are played on various radio stations throughout the country. Our track "Dr. Doctor!" is being played in every Forever 21 store across the nation.
New LP Coming in Early 2008

Set List

Our typical set ranges from 35-45 minutes. We play usually 7-9 songs in the set which are presented in a different order every show. The songs we currently play live are:
"Dr. Doctor!"
"All These People"
"You Love This!
"Space Dance"
"Talk Shop"
"Pressure Of Your Pressure"