Purple Spiral Project

Purple Spiral Project


The band create and perform predominantly experimental/progressive rock songs which are all strangely unique in their own way and their musical tastes have grown from a variety different influences such as; Rush, Tool, Pearl Jam, Extreme, Journey, Soundgarden and far too many others to list here!


Purple Spiral Project was formed in the summer of 2008 when Jon and Matt Griffiths also known as the renowned Cardiff duo 'Kinky Wizzards' allied with John Evans, the guitarist from long-running and well-known Welsh rock act S.E.X, with the shared ambition of creating a new and exciting band with a totally fresh sound. For this purpose, the line-up couldn't be better, not only because bass guitar player Matt with his mix of funky slap and melodic riffs, vast musical knowledge and understanding of the guitar coupled with outstanding technical drummer and energetic showman Jon have been playing their instruments together for over 10 years making an absolutely water-tight rhythm section, but also because guitarist John, with his equally impressive dedication, talent and song-writing prowess has taken this amazing pair and it's sound, to new levels of depth, colour and diversity.
After a year of searching and numerous auditions to find the ideal vocalist to round off the band, it wasn't until September 2009 that the current incarnation was completed with the addition of Neal Osborne. His thought-provoking lyrics and rare vocal style reminiscent of the 1990's Seattle scene, bring what the trio had previously agreed was missing. The result is an unusual but un-missable mix of styles that is hard to categorise and needs to be heard to be appreciated.
Cardiff's very own 'Miniture Music Press MMP' describes PSP's EP 'Round And Round........."This single-tracked demo consists of ten minutes of glittering fretboard pyrotechnics, an infallibly precise rhythm section and a gritty, understated vocal performance. Arguably, interspersing prog-metal with grunge could be dangerous; singer Neal's Chris Cornell-style delivery might not necessarily correlate with swarming virtuosic flurries in the instrumentation.
Actually, the reverse is true. P.S.P's tasteful arrangement enables the marriage of two otherwise aesthetically polarized genres, with the voice grounding the song and averting a slide into musical masturbation. If a band founded on the influence of Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, Soundgarden and Extreme sounds appealing, you'll love this!"

Set List

Smoke screen (4.00 mins)
Deep roots (6.00 mins)
Wake me up (5.30 mins)
Time and again (4.00 mins)
Elegy (4.30 mins)
Blind sight (6.00 mins)
Round and Round (10.00 mins)