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"Purrr - The Supermarket"

Throbbing with raw inspiration and intense energy, Purrr deliver a steel-edged rock-industrial hybrid coated with big-beat electronica, cutting through a lethal jam of synths, ripping guitars, and high-powered drumming. Aided by the visual stimuli of strobelights, this three-piece churns-out a seductive, overdriven, blast of heat.

- Lonely Vagabond - Exclaim Magazine

"Purrr - The Drake Hotel"

Adrenaline pumping beats, rock-metal riffs, and steady pulsating drumming. A combination of electronica like The Crystal Method or early Prodigy, rippin’ grandiose licks, overseen by a glam-like theatricality. It’s like Phantom Of The Opera, meets a European dance-club, meets arena-rock.

- Lonely Vagabond - Exclaim Magazine

"Purrr - Indie Week 2009"

Filling a void left by the break-up of Death from Above 1979, Purrr opened their set with the vocoder line, “noise, noise, noise,” and didn’t fail to deliver as they launched into the instrumental “Invasion of Alien Nation.” Adding a little bit of industrial to the dance punk mix, as well as flashing lights and masks during their first song, the band put on a memorable show and had the crowd hollering. Overall, Purrr were surprisingly impressive.

- Jon Brazeau - The Spill Magazine

"Purrr - NXNE 2008"

PURRR (8pm @ Neutral) Now it’s not easy to be the first band of the evening to perform. You get the early start time spot and usually an empty room. This looked like it was to be the case for PURRR who took the stage at Neutral this evening. Then again that didn’t deter me from attending, as I’ve heard great things about this band and was interested to see what the fuss was about.

To start their set of amped up electronic rock music, PURRR introduced themselves to the crowd with a song just full of pulsating beats, rocked out guitar riffs and synthesizer that just hit you in your face. Adding to the aura around them, PURRR performed this track wearing masks and with a light show that moved with the music and cemented their presence. By the end of this hard hitting, in your face song, I (and the band) took notice that the room really did fill up. Seeing as PURRR hails from Toronto and they were Michael Hollett's NXNE Critic's Pic in Now Magazine, it wasn’t hard to predict that their fans from the city would come out and support them during the festival.

I was sad to see that vocalist Sam Cush (synth) was performing with a broken leg, which didn’t let him perform to the fullest of his abilities; then again it didn’t stop him from rocking out continuously throughout the band’s entire set. After removing their masks, Cush along with Roger Sader (guitar) and Karli Forget powered through song after song of their synth infused rock music in such a way that you could feel their deep enthusiasm for performing. Between each song they let us know that every song was about sex; whether or not that is true, I’ll never know, but it did add character to the show. You could see how you could have a lot of fun having sex to this music. Near the end of the set, Cush accidentally knocked his face into the microphone and chipped a tooth, which he then threw into the crowd. I wonder if anyone found it. Poor guy, performing with a broken leg and then chipping a tooth; well the show must go on, and he didn’t falter for a moment.

PURRR lived up to what I’ve heard about them and I can’t wait to see what they will bring to the plate next. If you are into electronic synth infused rock or just a loud good time, then PURRR is the band for you to check out.

- Pam Nichol
- Toronto Indie


Self-Titled Release 2007
Length: 39:00
Digital Distribution: Worldwide
1 Space
2 Save Rock And Roll
3 Redlight
4 Spitfire
5 Want
6 Withot U
7 Open Your Eyes
8 Spitfire (Extended Version)
• All songs Written, Recorded and Produced by PURRR.
• Mixed by PURRR and Rob Sanzo at Signal to Noise Studios, Toronto.
• Mastered by Roger Lian (Junior Vasquez, Limp Bizkit, Sum 41, Muse, Björk) at Masterdisk, New York.

PURRR is currently in the process of recording their second record with Toronto and Los Angeles based Producer Byron Kent Wong (The Crystal Method, The Eurythmics, David Bowie, Beck). Date of release TBA.



Sonically abrasive, infectious dance rock, trance trip metal mash defines the playing field on which this band launches its musical assault.