pursuing paradise

pursuing paradise

 Brookneal, Virginia, USA

Pursuing Paradise is a christian rock band based out of Lynchburg, Va. After Recording with Travis Wyrick (p.o.d., pillar, disciple) they seek to spread there Passion for Jesus Christ and Music to the masses! Style of music is a mixture of Pillar, Disciple, Skillet, Jeremy Camp.


Pursuing Paradise is a 5 piece band based out of Lynchburg, Va. We formed at Liberty University almost 2 years ago and are now looking to spread our love for Christ as a band to as many people as possible. We stand behind our Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ not only in our music and lyrics, but in our lifestyles aswell. We are dedicated to bringing a fresh outlook on Christian Rock Music by having a worshipful approach to the lyrics yet having a diverse array of heart pounding, fist pumping music. We are an up and coming band seeking to find its wings in the music industry and are diving into the future head first where we confidently feel the will of God is taking us. Our influences range from Skillet and pillar to Jeremy Camp and Kutless.


We have 2 songs fully recorded and mastered, just waiting on getting the full masters back from our producer, but we have Capture the Day, and Shaken on an E.P., shortly we will be adding Like You (on myspace) and Oasis to the E.P.

Set List

Do about 10 songs
all originals
sets are about 45-50 minutes give or take
heres some of our songs-
Capture the Day
Divine Comfort
Like You
The Clutter