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"Sam Ash Sponsorship – November 2005"

Sam Ash Sponsorship – November 2005

We would like to welcome Sam Ash Music as an official sponsor of PushboXX! Sam Ash Music has 45 Megastores nationwide located in California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Nevada, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia -- carrying a full array of guitars, drums, keyboards, recording and live sound gear, and more.


- Backstreet Records

"Backstreet Signs PushBoxx, Bullistic"

Backstreet Signs PushBoxx, Bullistic

By: P.S. Patterson

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Backstreet Records has signed two new acts, Bullistic of Richmond, VA and PushBoxx of Hartford, CT. While the actual signings took place earlier this year, Backstreet executives chose to hold the announcement until the bands were able to complete the recording process. Both acts will release new albums in August 2005.

"Bullistic already has a great fan base and plays a very busy schedule. We felt it best to not apply any more pressure the announcement of their signing during the creative process," says Backstreet Records President Linwood Toombs. "Already a number of radio stations are champing at the bit to get their hands on this release."

Bullistic's Backstreet debut was recorded with Jeff Covert's team of engineers at the Grammy-nominated Wally Cleaver's Recording Studio in Fredericksburg, VA. The recording was mastered by Roger Lian, a mastering engineer for Masterdisk in New York, NY.

Since 1998, Lian has mastered numerous records for artists including Faith Hill, Powerman 5000, Mariah Carey, Slayer, Pantera, Staind, U2 and LL Cool J. He was also responsible for mastering all eight of Backstreet Records' global releases from 1994 to 2002. These Backstreet albums were from Trixter, Meliah Rage, Skate The Razor, John Flywheel, Grady Cain, Axis Y, Graffix 420 and Uncle Jack.

"PushBoxx has the sound the radio stations are looking for. They are filling a void in the market that is going to be appealing to so many different segments, says Backstreet Records Vice President and Founder Jack Krenicki.

PushBoxx is already touring nationally this summer prior to the album's release, and more shows are scheduled for this fall.

PushBoxx's Backstreet debut was recorded with Jesse Henderson, Bill Ryan and the team at Long View Farm Recording Studios in North Brookfield, MA, and with Will Russell and the team at Electric Wilburland Recording Studio in Newfield, NY. The recording was also mastered by Lian.

Backstreet Records was established in 1993. The label emerged from Backstreet Entertainment, an artist development and management company owned and operated by Jack Krenicki since the early 1980s. Backstreet Records was formed as a joint venture between Backstreet Entertainment and producer Tony Bongiovi, owner of the world-renowned Power Station recording studio in New York City. Backstreet Records is credited with eight global releases from 1994 to 2002.

While not actively seeking new submissions, Backstreet Records continued to promote and distribute its back catalog. In 2004, the idea to re-launch Backstreet Records with a bold new look and feel was born. Linwood Toombs of Mechanicsville, VA, stepped in as president of Backstreet Records. Krenicki remains with the label as vice president. Toombs and Krenicki have set out to bring back the artist development that has been sorely lacking in the music industry. Together they have assembled a powerhouse team of marketers, publicists and other industry professionals and look forward to their highly anticipated new releases.
- www.nowontour.com

"Pushboxx: Classic Rock Made New England Style"

Reprinted with Permission from http://www.amoremag.com/pushboxx.aspx

Pushboxx renews a familiar sound of classic rock bands fronted by passionate female lead singers like Debbie Harry, Joan Jett, Janis Joplin, Chrissie Hynes, Genya Raven, and Anne and Nancy Wilson. Women who sing wearing their hearts on their sleeves and revealing emotions from an open, raw, vulnerability that their audience feel instinctively. While the 90's brought in a glossier female lead vocalist with attitude and spice like Gwen Stefani and Pink, in New England the flame for ardent female lead vocalists who sing with pentrating emotion in their performances was being kept alight.

Kimber Ley is a contemporary of these female rockers. She is the lead vocalist and sole lyricist for Hartford, Connecticut's indie hard rock band Pushboxx, which also comprises of Geoff Cone on guitar, Colin Cantalupo on bass, and Marc Dupuis on drums. They formed in 2002. "Three of us played together in a cover band (Geoff, Colin, and herself)." Kimber relays. "Our manager put the original band together with different players and myself. We then reformed with the present set of players. We were originally Push, but we were not able to register that name so Geoff came up with Pushboxx."

Prior to Pushboxx, Kimber was the lead vocalist in a number of hard rock and heavy metal bands performing cover tunes and playing the New England club circuit, which she delve into at the age of seventeen. She joined Geoff and Colin on a music project called Dube's Leak and that is when the magic happened.¨ wrote Geoff and Colin on the band's website. When the project was completed, Kimber, Geoff and Colin felt they had something special and continued writing songs and playing shows together. In 2003, they recruited drummer, Marc Dupuis to complete the band.

Pushboxx's most recent release is their sophomore album Falling Up (Backstreet Records), which is a compilation of fiery guitar hooks powered by energetic vocals, palpitating bass lines and stout drum beats. They are on tour performing club shows to support their new album which has included playing live over the Internet in a webcast concert on www.evolvingartist.com.

With the Web projecting a new medium for up and coming artists, Pushboxx are finding a number of opportunities over the Web when it comes to radio stations from around the world and websites which are starving for new classic rock bands. The band's drummer, Marc Dupuis releases, "Our CD just went out to 600 radio stations, and unbelievably, it's getting a lot of play! From the Virgin Islands to Cali to Idaho to New Mexica, New York, Kentucky... We're kind of shell-shocked and just waiting to see if it takes off or not. Very exciting times for us!"

Playing live over the Internet and touring around the country has significantly helped Pushboxx as a unit to build up confidence in their playing, their tightness as a band, and making themselves a familiar face to music fans. Pushboxx has developed a cult following over the last two years but none of them guessed this victory after their first performance, which lacked the luster they play with today.

"It was pretty stiff for the first couple of shows,¨ Kimber glowers. "I mean we're out there opening for other bands and playing music that no one had heard yet. That's a tough position to be in. It is so much nicer two years later with the following that we have. It's so cool to look out in the audience and see people singing your music.¨

Their fan base was built up steadily. A rigorous tour schedule and a modest budget forced Pushboxx to live in tight quarters, which required them to work together off stage as well as on. Being on the road promises an intimate experience where getting along is a priority and respect for each other's space is essential. Kimber notes, "To respect each other is the biggest. To learn to listen to each other, really listen. To not take criticism to heart but use it to be a better performer. To bring the best performance to the stage, even when you feel like killing your fellow band mates.¨

The need to understand one another in a band setting is also imperative during the songwriting process. "It is a group effort for music and melody,¨ Kimber reveals about Pushboxx's songwriting process. "I am the sole lyricist. That's my specialty, it comes from different experiences in my life, some good, some not so good.¨ Some of her early musical influences in her songwriting she says include, "Mamas & The Papas, Barbara Streisand, many Italian artists, Cher, and Timi Yuro.¨

When writing songs, Pushboxx approaches the task with an open mind. "Some songs come easily and quickly, others are a struggle,¨ she explains, "you may have a melody but the lyrics aren't coming along or vice versa. My manager has locked me in hotel rooms for days to write music. All my meals were del - Susan Frances, Amore Magazine


Pushboxx’s debut release for Backstreet Records was recorded by Will Russell at Electric Wilburland in Ithaca, NY, with additional tracks culled from recordings made at Longview Farms Studios in East Brookfield, MA, and mastered by Roger Lian at Masterdisk in NY. The single “Don’t Want to Say Goodbye” was released to radio in late September, and has experienced extensive airplay throughout the nation and beyond. Released to retail on October 11 2006, the CD is being sold by Amazon.com and 1StopDistribution.com, and is available on iTunes.

NEW RECORDINGS in process, new release due Jan 2008!



Capitalizing on their individual experiences with touring and performing, the members of Pushboxx joined forces and recorded a demo CD in 2002. The band quickly gathered momentum, toured throughout the East Coast and signed with Backstreet Records in 2005. PushboXX is sponsored by Jagermeister and appeared with Lacuna Coil, Shadows Fall, and Stone Sour on the 2007 JagerMusic Tour. PushboXX won the Hartford Rock Wars 2007, and has been played the Hartford Advocate's Grand Band Slam and Snow Slam festivals on multiple occasions, and won a finishing slot on the 2007 Emergenza Music Festival in Hartford, CT.

PushboXX is a energetic, dynamic 4 piece band that has established themselves not only in original music venues, but in a wide ranging club circuit playing covers and originals, pleasing crowds in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New York... PushboXX plays continuously and enjoys a large and vocal following on MySpace.com/PushboXX.

In addition to Jagermeister, Pushboxx sponsor and supporter list includes: Sam Ash Music, Warwick Basses, Dirtbag Music, In Tune Guitar Picks, Immoral Dirt Clothing, and ClimaXXX Radio.