Pusher is an alternative rock band that go to many ends of the musical spectrum. From rock to jazz to classical to metal to blues all with a warm indie vibe. These seasoned musicians are putting out great songs and feelings in Sin City.


Pusher is a four member alt rock band from Las Vegas Nevada. Pusher exists to push minds, hearts, souls, and crowds around Las Vegas, the U.S. and hopefully, the world.

Pusher is the most unique, and fastest growing band in Las Vegas. They are constantly promoting, writing, recording, and playing live shows.

Pusher consists of

Matthew--UNLV music department alumnist with multiple awards for Jazz and music in general. Matt is a multi instrumentalist. He has been singing, playing keys and guitar, and writing for his old incarnation, TheSILENCE, and now Pusher, for five years. He also plays many instruments in the woodwind family, but not with Pusher. He gets annoyed very easily.

Raj--Has been playing bass for five years. He has played with TheSILENCE. He is a sick bastard.

Ghost--Studied guitar in California, Washington, and at UNLV. He is classically and jazz trained, but plays a wicked sick rock/metal lead. He has played in Frozen by Fire, Up To It's Demise, and TheSILENCE. He lurks and appears from time to time.

Josh--He avidly gambles his life savings away and is currently working on his own "Behind the Music" episode for VH1. He has toured through Germany with Rammstein and then did the states with Pink. He is not just a drummer, he is a percussionist.



Written By: Matthew

(Written for my Father)

As I wander
Through these open doorways
I hear you calling out my name
I can not help you
I can not be there
I can not try and heal our pain
But you're bright
And you're beautiful
You're everything I hoped that you would be
But it's bright
And it's beautiful
It's everything I hoped that it would be

Don't say goodbye to me
Don't shead a tear for me
Now I can finally see
Now I am finally free
Now I can use my mind
Now I am not so blind
I can hear you calling me
But I'm where I'm supposed to be


Written By: Matthew

How could you do it?
How could you do it?
You knew my life
Every little thing
My whole existence
Every single gene
How does it feel to be a vampire?
How does it feel to be you?

You changed
You took my soul and you threw it all away
You lied
With the biting teeth and the slithering tounge of a snake
You cheated
You took from me what you needed to make you strong
I just hope you feel what I feel one day
You changed

You should've killed me
Or stayed out of my brain
All you did was scar me
And make me deal with this pain
How does it feel to be a vampire?
How does it feel to be you?




Written By: Matthew

(For the Troops and their Families)

Dear Tommy
There's so much that I want to say to you
I'm sorry
I wish that it was me instead of you
No one's talking
Everyone just hides their pain inside
I feel broken
With you a part of me has died
Why'd they send you their to die?
Why'd they send you there to die?

The sadness keeps on getting in
And anger follows
Why don't you go to the moon?
And try to take a breath
Take a big deep breath

Tommy's life is worth more than some oil
Tommy's blood has spilled on foreign soil
Tommy didn't ask for all of this
Tried to make a future for his wife and kid
Ours is a future without him
Ours is a future without Tommy
Ours is a future without Tommy


TheSILENCE--A Moment of... ep--50 copies
TheSILENCE--A Walk in the Park demos--500 copies
Pusher--At Home Demos--1000 copies
Pusher will be releasing a full length album sometime in 2006 independantly, if not picked up.

Set List

We have an open rotating set list that is constantly changing and growing or shrinking due to time limitations. We love to play 60-90 minutes. We usually end up getting 45-60 minutes. We usually do not do covers and stick to our originals, which we get great crowd response from.