Popular Austin, TX based rock band known for their dynamic live performances. Have toured extensively nationally and won numerous Austin Music Awards, performed on Ozzfest. Have received extensive Texas and national radio airplay.



-Pushmonkey collaboration with Austin band Dirty Wormz featured on MTV's "The Gauntlet"

-Three songs from Year of the Monkey to be included with Yahoo MusicMatch software on all new Dell computers sold through 2006.

•New cd Year of the Monkey, produced by Paul Leary (Sublime, Butthole Surfers, U2) released Feb. 15th, 2005. Regional radio airplay begins.

•2003-2004: writing songs for new cd and touring regionally.

•Received two awards at 2002 Austin Music Awards Show: #1 Metal/Industrial Band Best Cover Art for El Bitché

•Single “Number One” charts several successive weeks on R&R rock specialty chart.
•Touring Texas and Southwest to support El Bitché; performed radio station festivals and shows in Austin, Beaumont, Killeen, Dallas, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Lubbock.

•Independent CD El Bitché released September 4th, 2001.

•Special performances: headlining on WLZR stage at Summerfest 2000 in Milwaukee; KLBJ Shore Thang with Stone Temple Pilots in Austin. Radio festival performances in Atlanta, Memphis, Orlando, Miami, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, and Midland.

•Received two awards at Austin Music Awards Show during South By Southwest 2000:
#1 Hard Rock / Metal Band
#1 Video (“Caught My Mind”)

•“Caught My Mind” video featured on HBO’s “The Sopranos.”

•Debut self-titled CD yielded 3 successful rock radio singles.

•Kicked off the year with a national tour with Godsmack, followed by Ozzfest ’99. Within 24 hours after their final Ozzfest performance in Los Angeles, the band was onstage performing at Woodstock ’99 in New York.

•Live performances on ABC/ESPN’s “X in Concert,” ESPN’s “Extreme Sports,” and on numerous local TV shows in tour markets; appearance on Fox’s “Melrose Place.”

•Tracks from the Pushmonkey CD were featured on MTV’s “BIOrythm,” WWF’s “Sunday Night Heat,” UPN’s “Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Rock-N-Roll Bodybuilding Competition,” and Fox Sports’ “Board Wild.”


Stuck Out

Written By: Pushmonkey

Stuck Out

You bitch about misery
And say you feel trapped by me.
I can’t figure out where you’re coming from.
I met your other face today.
It shot a look that gave you away.
It said you’re not going to wait that long.

Well, I don’t think I took that wrong.
I can tell it won’t be long.

You say you need a holiday.
You say you need to get away.
Yeah, what are you getting away from?
Dressing up to go out like this,
Saying “we will always be friends”.
Do you, really I think look that dumb?

I can tell it won’t be long
Until you strike out on your own.

I can read the writing on the wall.
I can see you orchestrating my fall.
It doesn’t matter that I gave you my all.
You will never be satisfied.
If you got to go it alone,
You’re going to be stuck
Out on your own.

I guess I get your message now.
You got to make changes somehow.
You go to parties and you try to have fun,
But I don’t hear you laughing.
Now you see what happens
To a daddy’s girl when daddy is gone.

Can you tell it won’t be long?
Until you’re stuck out on your own
Out on your own.

When you’re living on your own
Do you think it’s going to change?
When you’re living on your own
You’re going to be stuck
Out on your own.

Rescue Me

Written By: Pushmonkey

Rescue Me

Hey can you save me anyway
Even though I hate to say
I’m my own worst enemy.

I need someone to rescue me.
When I get a little bit crazy, I need you to save me from myself.
I’m begging for someone to rescue me.
When I go a little bit too far
I just want to be sure that you’re the only one to save me from myself.

Know as I spiral out of control.
You’re the light that leads me to home.

When I get a little bit crazy
Now you come to me
When I go a little bit too far
Now you come to me

Hey can you see the warning signs
Can you help me recognize
When the enemy is me


"Year Of The Monkey" 2005 Trespass Records
"Maize" Re-release 2003 Trespass Records
"El Bitche" 2001 Trespass Records
"Pushmonkey" 1998 Arista Records
"Pushmonkey EP" 1996 Lone Wolf Records
"Maize" 1994 Sector 2 Records

Set List

Originals only. Typically perform a 90 minute headlining set or 60 minute opening set.