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Brooklyn, New York, United States | INDIE

Brooklyn, New York, United States | INDIE
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"Push (UK) - 'Strange World' (AOR BLVD)"

Amazing British Melodic Rock/AOR album, "Strange World" is a bunch of demos recorded in 1987 and re-recorded now. beautiful melodies with tons of hooks, vibes and great feeling. if you like the style of bands like FM, Heartland or Boulevard, don´t doubt with this. A true Diamond Release. - Melodic Heaven

"Push (UK) - 'Strange World' (AOR BLVD)"

Thursday, February 4, 2010
Push UK - Strange World (2010) AOR Blvd Records
Looking at the abbreviation above, you can guess that this Push is a British band, but the most adequate qualification will be regarded this group as British-American. Push’s vocalist - David Saylor comes from the USA, that’s why it’s advisable to be formally correct. His vocal parts can also be heard on other UK melodic rock bands like Atlantic's „Power“ (1994) and Siam’s „Language of Menace“ (1994). The remaining instrumentals come from the United Kingdom: Brett Hammond (guitars, keyboards; Orion, Big Mouth, Presidents of the USA, Tracey Bonham), Paul Pryor (bass guitar; Orion, Road Kings, Ruby Turner) and Rob Hewins (drums; Sidewinder, Tony Mills, Siam, Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash).

Push UK had recorded 12 AOR songs by 1987 and, unfortunately, disbanded in 1990. But, fortunately, we got their very first officially released album „Strange World“ after 20 years of silence! It contains 13 tracks of whom most were previously registered in the 80s and now re-recorded for our pleasure. There’s no point in describing all tunes apart, since we deal with an AOR gem! I can’t count all these fantastic melodies, amazing lead and backing vocals, dynamic and bright choruses. There is so much energy, vitality and power that I am lost for words listening to the material. Obviously, I have to mention two songs that are considered the greatest Push UK’s hits by AOR fans. The first one is „Red Light“ performed in new arrangement with gentle keyboard sound and eerie backing singers’ parts (which originally were sang by David Saylor). The latter blockbuster is „Miracle of Love“ that includes all required elements to be named a radio hit! It is esssential to state that it is a track of high artistic value (great composition, perfect performance, balanced vocal and instrumental parts, memorable guitar solo and richly keyboard-decorated). Actually, all tunes on „Strange World“ are indisputable hits regardless of their tempo or kind. Most are mid-up-to-face-paced tracks, however all ballads keep up with the top-notch level of the whole debut. An example can be two slow songs - „Voices Callin’“ (wondrous and refreshing AOR ballad) as well as the Spanish bonus „Secret Lover“ (also sang in English). It is not strange that David Saylor decided to make use of Spanish in his singing, since he pursued a solo career in some Spanish-speaking countries and cooperated with such big names in pop music like Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin. The Spanish version of „Secret Lover“ is very emotional and solidly performed thanks to his noble vocal manner. This love song will surely tickle all AOR fans’ pink!

It is really strange that Push UK have never reached a commercial succes they really deserved?! They were negotiating with some majors in the 80s, but have never signed a deal. They were not as lucky as their compatriots from FM or labels’ executives were hard of hearing then. Artistically, both bands have always been on the same top level and played similar kind of AOR music. But the fact is that FM were the elect of a major label. Our world is really strange, the more so because Push UK is one of the greatest AOR bands in the history of this format. My mark is the perfect ten! Obviously, 10 out of 10!

- Nicolandia

"CD Review: Push UK - Strangeworld"

(AOR Blvd Records / Release Date: 2010)
Um es vorweg zu nehmen: PUSK UK – „Strange World“ ist eine wahre AOR-Perle!! Die Britische Band mit dem amerikanischen Sänger David Saylor, dessen Stimme auch auf dem Album „Power“ von Altantic und von Siams „Language of Menace“ zu hören ist, macht astreinen AOR im Stil von HEARTLAND oder ALTLANTIC. Neben David Saylor besteht PUSH UK aus Brett Hammnond an der Gitarre, Keyboard ( ORION, Big Mouth), Paul Pryor am Bass ( ORION) und Rob Hewins an den Drums ( Sidewinder, Tony Mills, Siam, Martin's Wishbone Ash). „Strange World“ ist das erste offizielle Album von PUSH UK. Die Band nahm 12 AOR Songs im Jahre 1987 auf, hat sich dann aber 1990 aufgelöst. Aber jetzt - nach 20 Jahren - wurden die „alten“ Songs neu aufgenommen und vom neuen Britischen Label AOR Blvd Records veröffentlicht! Auf „Strange World“ kann man so direkt keinen Song hervor heben, da alle Lieder fantastische Melodien, eine hervorragenden Gesang und perfekte Arrangements haben. Die Refrains sind dynamisch und das ganze Album „Strange World“ besticht durch eine Power und Energie, die ich schon lange nicht mehr gehört habe. Zu Letzt auf dem auf dem ersten Heartland-Album und auf dem ALTLANTIC Album. Speziell will ich auf drei Songs eingehen. Zum einen auf den Opener der „Strange World“- „Stand up and fight“. Dieser Song besticht durch die Power und eine hervorragende Melodie und einem Refrain zum Mitsingen. Ein richtiger „Gute Laune Song“. Der Zweite ist „Red light“. Der Song erinnert stark an des Debut-Album von Heartland. Dieses Lied nimmt einen von der ersten bis letzten Sekunde ein. Perfekter Gitarrenpart, fantastische Stimme und eine im Ohr bleibende Melodie. Zuletzt will ich dann noch auf den Bonus-Track eingehen. Das ist die Ballade „Secret Lover“ von David Saylor auf spanisch gesungen! Diese Ballade hat alles was eine Rock-Ballade braucht. Diese Melodie und dann die ausgezeichnete Stimme von David auf Spanisch. Einfach genial!! PUSH UK braucht sich nicht mit „ Strange World“ vor irgendwem verstecken. Weder vor FM, Heartland noch vor anderen Größen aus dem AOR. Diese Scheibe ist mit einer der besten die es in diesem Genre gibt!! Was faszinierend ist - es brauchte 20 Jahre, bis solch ein geniales Album veröffentlicht wird! Hierfür muss man mehreren Danken das dies möglich wurde! Zum einen AOR Blvd Records, die dieses Werk nun veröffentlicht haben und auch hervorzuheben TONY MILLS (TNT, SHY). Ich lege allen AOR-Fans nahe dieses Album zu kaufen. Wenn euch FM, Heartland usw. gefällt, dann werdet ihr PUSH UK mit „Strange World“ lieben.

4,5 von 5 Gitarren - Melodic Rock Inside

"Push (UK) - 'Strange World' (AOR BLVD)"

PUSH (UK) are an 80's AOR band diamond who were hidden away for years and have the honour of being the first release for new rock label AOR BLVD Records. Even though these tracks are demos that have been re-recorded each one is an AOR masterpiece.

Known to those in trading circles and for once having Tony Mills (Shy/Siam/Serpentine) help them out for a couple of gigs back in the day, the band split in 1990 having no luck with securing a record contract and having 12 demos recorded and no one listening. The band went their separate ways and moved on to other things. Their musical CV includes Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash, Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, Big Mouth, The Presidents of USA and Tracey Bonham to name a few. Push (UK) consisted of David Saylor - vocals, Brett Hammond - guitars/keyboards, Nick Lloyd - guitars, Paul Pryor - bass and Rob Hewins - drums.

While being a sign of the times, opener 'Stand Up & Fight' is a rousing call to arms in the vein of Bon Jovi/FM and is great way to open and showcase the album. 'Miracle Of Love' continues the pace and with pulsating keyboards and a killer solo is one of the best songs here. The band has easily taken their cues from Survivor/FM/Shy and Heartland. It is hard to believe that the band couldn't find a home for these back when they were originally recorded as this kind of thing was massive back then and other bands were getting signed with no problem at all. There are songs on here that other bands would sell their grannies on the street for. This is AOR in its purist form. Given that these are re-recordings the keyboards are parptastic and lush!

Kudos to AOR BLVD for having the dedication and balls to dust this gem off and release music that has been forgotten for twenty years and the determination of Tony Mills and Brett Hammond to see that the songs deserve to see the light and get into the hands of true AOR fans around the world.

- Uber Rock

"Push UK Strangeworld"

Another eighties' AOR album rescued from oblivion.
This time the hard work's been done by fledgling label, AOR Blvd, co-founded by one of the genre's misspelled legends, Kelv Hellrazer.
I had the pleasure of working with Kelv on Hard RoxX magazine in the UK, in the late nineties, and there's not much this guy doesn't know about the music scene.

In its original form, 'Strange World' is a bunch of demos recorded in 1987 by Brummie band, Push. Fast forward to the present day and this rerecorded version, a flawed diamond perhaps, gleams brightly in 2010's revisionist, AOR-friendly environment.

'Red Lights', a beautifully underplayed melodrama, has an immediate impact thanks to dancing, prancing keyboards, multi layered harmonies and an insidious, unassuming melody.
On yet another standout track, 'Miracle Of Love', the stuttering, shimmering keyboards and measured bgvs underline the adage that, for AOR, underdone is miles better than overdone. In the right hands, the sense of drive and urgency that renders the best AOR so compelling can be achieved by precise, uncluttered arrangements (as well as good songwriting).
Throughout the first half of 'Strange World', relentless salvoes of punchy choruses and effervescent keyboards percolate up through liquid guitar work, like huge AOR bubbles that circle your head for hours before bursting.

It's not all of the same high standard, but as well as the tracks already swooned over, the slightly more aggressive 'Stand Up And Fight' and the chest swelling ballad 'Hannah Don't Go' are absolute peaches - tantalising AOR songs with luscious melodies.
US American vocalist David Saylor is more than competent, emoting gracefully, and is clearly a key component in the less-is-more approach that works so well on many tracks here.

Unfortunately, the quality drops in the album's second half. And that's nothing to do with the calibre of the band's songs. They just forgot that the music grips most powerfully when they hold back.
In fact there are plenty more decent songs to go, like 'All I Can Give' and 'Man On The Other Side', but they suffer from synth overload, suffocating in an overdone production, which somehow, surprisingly at this late stage, mistakes fashion for artistry.

Written by Brian
Thursday, May 13, 2010 - Revelationz

"Push Strangeworld is out!"

Do your remember the fantastic demos posted HERE one year ago?
Well, the band has re-united and re-recorded all these great AOR tunes, and thanks to the new promising AOR Blvd Records label, finally we have their very first officially released album: "Strange World". - Hard Rock / AOR Heaven

"Push UK Strangeworld"

"Push are an accomplished group worthy of this belated exposure" - Classic Rock Magazine


Strange World 2010




American born David Saylor moved to the UK ambitious in mind, David started searching to find the same level-headed musicians as himself to form a band. David was directed to the legendary Central Studios in Birmingham city center where bands and artistes like Robin George, Tony Martin, Tobruk, Shy and Magnum all recorded. He was sent to room 4 where he was introduced to Paul Pryor, Brett Hammond and Rob Hewins, who themselves were incidentally were looking for a vocalist. Understanding similar musical ideas now cemented all four together to become Push UK.

Already having some experience under their belt Brett Hammond, guitars and keyboards and bassist Paul Pryor played in the band Orion in 1982 with singer Tony Martin who later joined (Black Sabbath) and on the same bill supported Motorhead and Twisted Sister.

The next 2 years saw Push UK perfecting writing songs and playing live. It was during this period that there was major label interest. Showcased at Rich Bitch Studios an additional guitarist Nik Lloyd was to join the band (who had already worked with Brett and Paul in Orion). Push UK performed for CBS, Island, Virgin and RCA. It was the same CBS executives who signed top UK AOR band FM.

David Saylor
David Saylor is a platinum selling artist. He has also worked with Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin. David contributed backing vocals to another UK AOR gem which was Atlantic-Power with Tony Mills. Also backing vocals on Siam Language of Menace. David continues to make solo albums and has also added to his musical CV songwriter and guitarist and producer.

Brett Hammond
In the mid 1990s Brett decided to move to New York and with the band Bigmouth toured opening for UB40 and eventually getting signed to Wild Pitch Records a label out of New York better known for hip hop acts like Gangstarr. Bigmouth continued touring opening for Spacehog, The Presidents of the USA and Tracey Bonham. Finally after Bigmouth separated on a permanent hiatus Brett continues his work in music for film and TV as well as developing and producing many upcoming acts from New York and the UK.

Paul Pryor
Paul is now an established session Bass player, over the last two years he has worked with 30 different bands and artists including extensive UK tours with Ruby Turner as Musical Director, Jason Donovan and X Factor Finalists Journey south. Recent recording work includes Ruby Turners latest studio album. An example of other recent live work would be; Bens Brother, Alvin Stardust, Roy Gee of the Drifters, Brenda Edwards (X factor), Johnny Mars (American Blues Legend). Recent TV appearances include BBC Children in need, GMTV, ITV, This Morning, BBC news, and a Cameo Appearance on the BBC drama Hotel Babylon. Over the years Paul has toured and recorded extensively with many artists including Roy Wood, Jackie Graham (as Musical Director). Recording work includes a worldwide Platinum album. His biggest TV appearance was in Russia that went out live to 350 Million People worldwide. .

Rob Hewins
Rob started out in Sidewinder in the early 80s who got played on Radio Ones Tommy Vance Friday rock show. After Push UK Rob was offered the position of drummer in Ultravox but had to decline due to other musical projects. Rob has over the years crossed paths with David, Paul and Brett contributing in various music projects. Rob also played on tracks of Tony Mills, Siam Language of Menace and from 2005 to 2009 he played drums for Martin Turner Wishbone Ash. Rob also plays guitar and is a song writer as well as an established producer and sound engineer.

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