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Pussy Factory

Austin, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Rock Metal




"Pussy Factory... wow."

With a bountiful medley of stylized rock and roll, Austin based quartet Pussy factory brings frantic beats and driving rhythms to their fullest fruition. Feeding off of the bands quirky, yet intelligently varied music tastes, Pussy Factory blends a buffet of genres with the overbearing sound of heavy metal to ensure a deep, diverse, exhilarating experience. This group has refined their sound to encompass the energy needed to keep a crowd on their feet while maintaining the musical integrity of a band far beyond their years. - Anonymous


FrippTastic guys..totally grabbed me with that heavy, dirty roar of vocal and clean, twisting guitar for "go away"..love how it hangs over the distorted, driving rhythm and the punchy drum thunder...what a cool, fresh sounding track! - MikeWhitePresents

"Killer Tunes!"

Killer tunes! Really digging your sound! <x3 - CO (Stitched Up Heart Street Team Leader)


Public Consumption EP, Released 4/22/2012

Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll: The Single, Released 9/15/2012

Go Away! (single), Released 7/7/15

Pussy Factory LP,  Release date: 8/22/15



                What makes Rock and Roll?  In Pussy Factory's case, it hearkens back to 2011 with the explosive collision of self taught singer/dabbler in guitar, percussion and audio engineering/stylishly dressed man, Paul Adragna, and classically trained drummer/all around great gal, despite her disdain of the double-bass, Bridget Sheehan, who bonded over their shared love of King Crimson and Led Zeppelin, among other titans of rock.  As stories like this go, one thing led to another and they began working on some old songs Paul had been sitting on, as well as new material such as the ukulele-driven cover of Radiohead's “Creep”.  As the creative process blossomed, the next step was the all-important "Naming of the Band."  With three songs under their belts, the name should at once be poignant as well as vague and ironic. Paul looked to Bridget for the answer.  "Pussy Factory," she said, without missing a beat and the band was well on its way.

                As bold and daring as their ideas were, one of the critical things missing from the whole 'band' idea was a lead guitarist.  Not just any lead guitarist.  It would have to be someone with a unique skill-set to wrap their heads around Pussy Factory's novel approach to rock and roll.  Guitarists like that don't just come along every day and are rather hard to find.  Enter Craigslist and the unassuming ad which read: "GUITARIST LOOKING TO JOIN BAND. INFLUENCES - MUSE, SYSTEM OF A DOWN, QUEEN, DEEP PURPLE."  As of August, 2012, Konstantin Gurevich became that unique guitarist of Pussy Factory.  Rumors still circulate about a mysterious flight from his homeland of Russia and his TRUE purpose for being here but the facts we've dug out say he'd had a decade-long background in piano as a child and been playing guitar since high school but didn't write his first song until college. After he broke the ice he became a song-writing machine, adding his own blend of shredding guitar to the power-house duo of Bridget and Paul.

                To complete this super-group of hand-picked talents, a bassist of epic renown would need to be found and the search would be no less daunting than the one used to find Konstantin.  This time, Bridget's love of convenience stores would produce one Nathan Sheehan, at the time a young 20 year old double-threat at both guitar and bass.  Having proved he was adept at Slayer riffs, among other rhythm-support skills, his tryout went with flying colors including his immediate inclusion in the song-writing collective.  The final piece of Pussy Factory was in place, the band's immediate connection with each other helped them gel into the genre-breaking band they would eventually become. The smooth and enjoyable practices all added up to one thing:

                The band made their live debut on March 30, 2012 at (the former) Headhunter's Patio in Austin, TX and have continued to gig ferociously ever since with two state tours and several festivals, including SXSW. Now, with 80-plus performances and a partnership with rock ‘n’ roll go-go troupe, The Hell Katz, Pussy Factory’s live performance continues to keep their audience's excitement high and their heads banging with heavy rock, sparks, fire, and girls.

                After four exciting years of thrilling audiences, tuning their sound, perfecting their craft and attempting to work real life into all that band awesomeness, Pussy Factory released their first Studio Album on August 22, 2015.  Though it was hard cramming all that live performance explosiveness into one compact disc without it being destroyed (and was something of an engineering feat), the album stands as an example of the pure rock and roll power of Pussy Factory.  The release party was nothing short of Ragnarok, featuring live performances, Hell Katz, explosions, alien abductions, gorilla attacks and all around mayhem and the reviews of the album were tremendous.  Eleven in-your-face tracks of rock and roll excitement chronicling the first four tumultuous years of Pussy Factory.  What makes Rock and Roll, you ask?  Pussy Factory does.

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