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"Pustki's single "Lugola" is a micropop masterpiece"

Malaia, Friday, March 18
Watching Warsaw-based pop-rockers Pustki play to a nearly nonexistent crowd at the vaguely Tiki-esque Malaia felt like attending a lower-tier Polish football match. Those who bothered to show up tended to speak the language and support their visiting team, but the non-Poles in the audience wore contemplative faces, trying to discern if Pustki was the standard-bearer of Polish Top 40 radio or what. They're a little more than that, having won their nation's equivalent of a Grammy. Still, those puzzled (but friendly and welcoming) looks on the listeners' faces told of an obvious inner turmoil: This isn't some Eurovision tripe, is it? No way. Barbara Wro´nska's soaring vocals – she also handles keyboards – were aerodynamically thrilling, the aural equivalent of sparrows caught in a gale. Backed by guitarist Szymon Tarkowski's pedal-heavy power chords and Grzegorz Sluz's tom-heavy percussion, Wro´nska's lyrics, in English and her native tongue, rivaled at times Bjork's more heavenly moments. Single "Lugola" was a micropop masterpiece with a decidedly heavy EU vibe, while "Trawa," upbeat yet melancholy, just flat out rocked. Who knew Poles were such fans of cowbells? - The Austin Chronicle

"Kalambury - new fantastic album"

“Album “Kalambury” jest jeszcze bardziej spójny niz poprzedni, muzycy dokladnie wiedza,co chca osiagnac i sa w tym arcyprecyzyjni. (…) Choc zespól od poczatku swego istnienia przywiazywal duza wage do tekstów, teraz nie pozostawia zadnej watpliwosci w kwestii szacunku do literatury. (…) Ekspresja Basi Wronskiej sprawia jednak, ze te kanoniczne teksty pozbawiaja sie zupelnie akademijnego zadecia i – choc je znamy- odkrywamy je zupelnie na nowo. Wielkie brawa." 4/5
Polityka, 28.10.2009
- Polityka - main Polish weekly magazine of opinion


5 Albums:
Studio Pustki (2001, Antena Krzyku)
8 Ohm (2004, Polskie Radio)
Do Mi No (2006, Polskie Radio)
Koniec kryzysu (2008, Agora)
Kalambury (2009, Agora)

1 EP:
Nic do powiedzenia (2006, Polskie Radio)

12 Singles:
Doskona³e Popo³udnie (2004, Polskie Radio)
Wszystko Jest Nieczytelne (2004, Polskie Radio)
Telefon do Przyjaciela (2005, Polskie Radio)
S³abo¶æ Chwilowa (2006, Polskie Radio)
Tchu mi brak (2006, Polskie Radio)
Nic do Powiedzenia (2006, Polskie Radio)
Koniec kryzysu (2007, Kuka records)
Weso³y jestem (2008, Polskie radio)
Parzyde³ko (2008, Agora)
Nie zgubiê siê w t³umie (2009, Agora)
Niezdrowy rozs±dek (2009, Agora)
Kalambury (2009, Agora)



Jonathan Poneman (Sub Pop) about Pustki:
"Over the past year, I have become both acquainted with and fond of the band Pustki. I love their music and believe that they have the potential to breakthrough to a wider international audience."

First album of the band, entitled “Studio Pustki”, was released in 2001 by an independent punk label Antena Krzyku and was distributed also in USA and Czech Republic by Tamizdat. The CD got very good reviews and the group was labeled as one of the most promising new bands on the Polish indie scene.

In June 2004, after releasing next album, entitled “8 ohm”, the group toured with No Means No as a special guest of the legendary band (the Canadians bought “Studio Pustki” during their previous visit to Poland).

Autumn of 2008 brought their third album “Koniec Kryzysu”, which turned out to be the most successful of the band’s releases, containing several hit singles and having the best reception from the music press in the history of the band. The journalists emphasized sophisticated arrangements, catchy melodies and meaningful lyrics, full of crafty word plays. The album was chosen as the best album of the year by an alternative music magazine Pulp and by Program 3 of the national Polish Radio. It was also nominated to the most prestigious music awards: Fryderyk Award (Polish equivalent to Grammy and BRIT Award), and Paszport Polityki (award presented by the weekly magazine Polityka to the most outstanding artist of the year).

Their live shows are, in the opinion of many a fan, their greatest asset. Pustki have played more than 300 shows in Poland and abroad (USA -SXSW, France, Germany, Ukraine, England), recorded 5 albums, composed music for five theatre plays and two movies soundtracks. The band is one of the major players in the Polish independent music scene.

Their latest album, “Kalambury”, was released in October 2009.