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"Put The Rifle Down @ NXNE"

The band whipped their way through fan favourites like 'Architekt' and a cover of Radiohead's 'Backdrifts. (Honeymoon is Over),' and definitely overcame the sonic handicap with their usually exuberant stage presence. Hand clapping and tambourine shaking are par for the course in a PTRD set, and this occasion was no exception.

This is one band with an intense following, and they manage to win over every crowd they play with a distinctive brand of dancey pop with zero pretension. A perfect party soundtrack for any Saturday night with a gang of friends, you should acquaint yourself with Put The Rifle Down, and make it a point of checking them out next time they're in your town. - UKULA online

"NXNE Saturday Preview"

We’re the first to admit that we usually don’t cover much in terms of electronic music, especially live shows. A lot of bands are often too engrossed with their laptops or synths to care much about the crowd or putting on a decent performance. Luckily, this doesn’t apply to Put The Rifle Down. Not only are we enraptured with their high-energy tunes, they are dynamic live performers, aided from a fact that they have an actual drummer, not reproduced beats. We’re believers.–MIKE WARNER - Torontoist.com

"Put The Rifle Down - Pop Montreal"

Il n'y a pas de doute, quand la formation fait une prestation, ils veulent à tout coup en faire une énorme fête. Cette habitude vient sans doute de ses influences électroniques et punk. Quand ils sont dans leur ville, ils aiment organiser des soirées très dansantes avec des DJs et des groupes tels que We Are Wolves, Debaser, Kids On TV ou Tokyo Police Club.

This trio plus one from Toronto has perfected the art of synth-driven electro-pop. Their EP, Let Us Proclaim is laced with infectious dance anthems that will make you um…er…dance? - Pop Montreal 2006

"Put The Rifle Down - Chart Magazine"

"The electric quartet could bounce the audience like a basketball with their tight dance rhythms and raving keyboard."

"With the crowd hopping in unison, the patrons downstairs at the Comfort Zone just had to take a glance at their vibrating ceiling to know where the party was." - CHART - Evan Dickson - Chart Magazine

"Put The Rifle Down - Theirspace"

I have been waiting so long to put these guys into a Theirspace preview. In fact, these guys are the reason that I pitched the idea of "Theirspace" to the BlogTO big boss to begin with. I figured, "Hey, I need to know what's gonna be playing soon and I also wanna know what the guys sound like before dropping some coin." I managed to catch a show by these guys a few months ago at Sneaky Dee's by pure chance, and it was easily one of the most enjoyable electroclash shows I've ever been to.

The guys in question are Put the Rifle Down, and they're playing at The Boat tomorrow, March 9th for a measly $8.

- PTRD's Myspace page

A lot of electro acts are all vinyl and little live performance. PTRD, while I'm sure have a few tracks triggered by midi, put on a full on live show. There's a real live drummer hitting the hi-hat at the show! And the overall energy output that's visible on stage is quite infectious; you will have a bitch of a time holding still.

With that, It's time for the Myspace track recap. Cue le awesome...

My Industrial Park leads off this stellar Myspace track list. We get a brooding evil synth followed by some deep bassy synth grooving along with the thick kick drum. There's a lot of synth, lawl. I find the chorus really damn uplifting, for some reason. "Right from the start / My industrial park". I have no clue what they're talking about, but I really wanna visit their park. This track has been my personal Myspace track for some time now...

Hot Video starts with a distinctly quicker beat and happier melody. The synth tracks and vocal tracks increase more and more up to the choruses, and somehow things stay clean and free of mud. Whoever mixed and mastered PTRD's Myspace tracks deserves a shiny fricking medal.

Architekt is like a mix of the previous two songs; slower tempo, with happy trimmings. The bubbly synth that keeps tune with the vocals is just so damn pretty. Architekt comes off sounding so nice that it melts my ears.

Homecoming is a remix for a UK band called Teenagers. Mayhaps I've been spoiled by the previous three tunes, but PTRD's music combined with Teenagers' vocals just sounds like it's in sore need of PTRD's vocals to boost the track up into the realm of awesome. There's an interesting little breakdown of sorts that's Jeffree Star inspired; some girl talking about some really, really hot guy. The girl really loves English dudes, while the dude really loves American girls. It's cute, but deserving of its number 4 spot on the playlist.

At the Sneaky Dee's show, I was really tankered. Half a bottle of vodka will do that to you. But, dammit, they threw a tambourine into the crowd and they did a fracking AWESOME cover of Madonna's "Hung Up" which they managed to go into seamlessly from the previous song.

In all seriousness, go to this damn show. $8 will buy you happiness.

Put the Rifle down at The Boat, March 9, 2007
158 Augusta Ave,
With Sailboats are White, Dandi Wind, Paul Devro, and Diableros
Cost: $8 - BlogTO.com - Ryan Couldrey


"If buzzworthy electronic act Put the Rifle Down have it their way, their glorious synthetic noises will soon be heard on all good dance floors. The Toronto quartet is currently best known for their remix of The Teenagers' Homecoming, but their debut disc-- expected in the spring via ultra-hip Montreal label Summer Lovers Unlimited-- should put the band's own A-ha-inspired compositions in the clubs. In the past they've played shows with pals Crystal Castles and Tokyo Police Club. They're headlining 2008 campaign for Nu-Rave, '80s-Pop Revivalists of the Year begins at the Alex P. Keaton on Friday." - LONDON FREE PRESS


"It’s at the compilation's first true left-turn that things begin to get interesting with Put The Rifle Down’s 'Architekt': glacial downbeat-pop at its most irresistible. You could say Arcade Fire are an obvious influence, particularly in relation to the subdued semi-shouting vocals that pepper the track, but the Toronto-based four-piece's material is strong (and catchy) enough to stand on its own." - DROWNED IN SOUND

"PTRD: "Click Hear""

"Formed in 2004, PTRD first made a name for themselves by turning in a blinding ’80s throwback remix of the Teenagers’ “Homecoming.” But the four-piece (DJ, percussionist, synths and vocals) have begun to blaze a neon trail with their Hi-NRG live shows, proving just like Shout Out Out Out Out have that you can be both charismatic and an electronic act. Recent gigs have seen them throw down memorable moments at NXNE and Pride, with recent opening slots for hot acts like Tokyo Police Club, New Young Pony Club and We Are Wolves. This exclusive demo (expected on their forthcoming debut album) isn’t shy about its ’80s hang-up: vocalist Mike Countryman’s neo-romantic sensitivity drapes the song like a warm blanket, glowing synths reverberate and simmer, and springing computerised percussion and live drumming melt together for a rhythm that’s ready to break hearts and prompt the kind of dripping sweat on a dance floor that looks sexy in hip-hop videos (y'know, the ones where half-naked bodies move in slow motion). Definitely an act to watch out for in 2008." - EXCLAIM


"Local openers Put The Rifle Down put on a great set, but sadly their early start time meant that the crowd was super sparse and not yet in the mood for dancing to their funky set. I likened a couple of their songs to Ulrich Schnauss's stuff. It was 80s/dancey AND atmospheric. Take my word for it that this Toronto outfit put on a solid set of songs. Plus any band with a bass member that wears a Crystal Castles t-shirt and kicks the crap out of a Kaoss pad rules IMO." - MUCH MUSIC


Who: Local electro synth-pop foursome whose dance-heavy and dance-inducing jams recall the heyday of New Order as well as the energy of Minor Threat.

Why: They’ve been honing their show for close to four years now, and it just keeps getting better. Between the hyper-melodic keys and the pulsating bass lines, singer Mike Countryman is a natural band leader whose impassioned voice lends urgency and intensity to the music.

Buzz factor: High. You may want to see them in an intimate setting while you can, judging by the attention they’ve been getting lately. Aside from opening up for buzz bands like Crystal Castles, Tokyo Police Club and Teenagers, they were recently invited (didn’t even have to apply) to play SXSW. Aaaand their debut full-length comes out in May on Montreal-based Summer Lovers Unlimited. Due to a Visa fiasco, the SXSW show was a no-go, but they’re already looking ahead to CMJ this fall as well as next year in Texas. For now, they just want to continue doing what they do best, having fun and playing loud music; the rest should come naturally. - NOW MAGAZINE


Upcoming release on Summer Lovers Unlimited in August 2008 (Canada), October 2008 (USA).



Put The Rifle Down


Put The Rifle Down are a band who could, in theory, be referred to as synth-pop, or dance-rock, or maybe synth-rock, if only such descriptors hadn't been bled so utterly dry of meaning by indie market researchers repping the last ten 'club-rawk' bands you can't possibly remember. Better, then, to err on the side of hyperbole and just say that these dudes are your new New Order. RLY.

Through scarily pinpoint awareness of both context and texture, the Toronto foursome retain the spare, wiry instrumental elegance of their sleeve-worn new-wave forbears, while bringing their own completely uncynical new pop maximalism. The result is an intensely urgent, modern sound, shot through with flashes of ungraspable familiarity. These boys have done their homework and they execute with style: it's not uncommon, nor unnatural, to hear flawless motorik beats, crystalline 90s synthlines, and the rough-hewn fragile vocals of indierock's golden years - all in one PTRD song. If there's anything pure left in our generation's collective musical nostalgia that hasn't yet been defiled by a million shitty ironic misappropriations, leave it to Put The Rifle Down to put the record out.

Put The Rifle Down have recently played with The Teenagers, New Young Pony Club, Duchess Says, We Are Wolves, and Crystal Castles, and everyone sang along. You're supposed to sing along.