Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo
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Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo

Bergen, Hordaland, Norway | INDIE

Bergen, Hordaland, Norway | INDIE
Band EDM


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo - 'The Ghost"

Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo (No, they couldn't have chosen a longer name), aka. PYHUFNT, are currently working on their debut album. To celebrate, the Norwegian band have put out their first single, 'The Ghost', through SoundCloud. It's fresh from the studio and mixing, and the result is exactly 4 minutes and 25 seconds of pure pleasure! When I listen to the song, for some reason I get a picture of a guy running through a creepy industrial area. The vocal has a unique sound to it, and it's really addictive. (My stereo has been playing the song on repeat for hours!) I also love the mix of the harsh drumming, noizy and psychedelic guitar, excellent synthesizing and the soft female choiring at the end. PYHUFNT's music has some Yeasayer vibes to it, but that is definitely a good thing! When it comes to playing live, they are equally as impressive as they sound on their recorded material.

The digital release of 'The Ghost' is June 4th, through the newly established music agency Shadow Agency. The date of the full debut album is still TBA, but the agency has expressed that it will hopefully be out before the end of this year.

By Charlotte Todnem - The 405

"by:Larm 2011 – Part 2"

[...]Which is why I am doubly delighted to see Put Your Hands Up For Neo Tokyo at the top of a building which looks out over the whole city, you get there in a shaky lift that reminds me of municipal polytechnic university buildings, even though I studied at a Proper One.

PYHUFNT (honestly) are dressed in some sort of mega-practical, the Council Out Of Bill & Ted, foldover-necklined, brushed moleskin black tops. One of them has a keytar. ‘Slamming’ is a pertinent note I make, also ‘pop metal’ - which should strike the fear of Dog but doesn’t. They have a playful attitude with psychedelia which put me in mind of toy kaleidoscopes; there is gathering pace; deft time changes; the whole set is apparently ‘illuminated by an ability to play with form and structure’ (I am a dickhead) and I think it is Yeasayer they put me in mind of most. Even their slight tendency to noodle is alright, and given that I am usually allergic to anything strung out and pasta-like, they are really quite something; look-them-up-when-you-get-home good.

By Wendy Roby - Drowned In Sound

"Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo: “The Ghost”"

It’s easy to forget about reality after being on constant travels for three months, backpacking from the one remote place to the other in the amazingly photogenic southeast Asia. Coming back to civilization again is not the easiest thing, but I was lucky enough to be met by an e-mail and a so-called ‘welcome home gift’ from the Norwegian electronic/indie five-piece and NFOP favourites Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo (with members from both Young Dreams and The New Wine), whom just released their first single due to their upcoming album Mausoleum. If you happened to stumble upon the earlier version of The Ghost which they put up on their Soundcloud page a while ago, you might hear a huge improvement sound-wise — the production is obviously richer and the sound more defined, even though the song was mainly recorded at Njaal’s own apartment. Indeed, we can’t wait to hear what they are up to next, and just let me say this: the album version of The Blood of Brethren is rather superb. Keep your eyes up for these guys. - No Fear of Pop

"Song Of The Day #271"

In recent weeks we have had Songs Of The Day from some pretty strangely named bands, but I think it’s safe to say that Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo (or the even more ridiculous PYHUFNT) take first prize in the odd moniker stakes.

The Bergen-based act are apparently already a pretty big deal in their home country, having been nominated for the Norwegian equivalent of a Mercury Prize. Here, though, their ambitious, musical theatre-meets-AnCo work is virtually unknown.

‘Blood of Brethren’ is the band’s next single, and its scope is impressive. One moment wailing guitars, the next Casio drumbeats, the track is reminiscent of World’s End Girlfriend in its glorious schizophrenia.

PYHUFNT’s debut album is getting a UK release in December. In the meantime, download ‘Blood of Brethren’ below.

By Josh Hall - The Line of Best Fit


Free single: The Blood of Brethren (radio airplay on NRK)
Free single: The Rich, The Lepers & Die Mauern (radio airplay on NRK)
Single: The Ghost (June 27th 2011)
Single: Mausoleum (August 8th 2011)
Single: Together (September 12 2011)



"[...] given that I am usually allergic to anything strung out and pasta-like, they are really quite something; look-them-up-when-you-get-home good." Wendy Roby, Drowned In Sound March 2nd 2011

Featuring members from Sondre Lerche-favourites Young Dreams and Erlend Øye-favourites The New Wine, Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo is unlike any pop group to ever come out of Norway. Themselves being a favourite among acts like Casiokids, their music has reached many with just a few singles to their name. It even earned them a nomination to "Best New Act 2010" by NRK.

The five-piece makes complex pop-music, somewhere between two other exports from Norway: Space disco and black metal. The results are unique, with influences as diverse as Aphex Twin, Hyperdub, Wolf Parade and Can.

Three singles will be released this autumn on the Norwegian underground label Nabovarsel, with the band currently working on thei debut album.