Puzzle Muteson

Puzzle Muteson


Puzzle’s songs are curious sounds from a troubled heart and his lyrics are urgent and open, striking a note with their vulnerable memories. En Garde heralds a haunting and essential new voice, beautiful, earned and yearning.


Puzzle Muteson is the alter ego of a mysterious and enigmatic singer-songwriter from the Isle of Wight. The windswept and blowsy southern English island provided unexpected shelter for the shuddering transformation into one-man band Puzzle Muteson.

His grade-school music teacher was first to nurture his unrivaled vibrato, and a little while later a parade of chance and coincidence led him to inhabit Puzzle Muteson, and start shaping a record. Puzzle has since toured Ireland and the U.K., opening up for the likes of The Fruit Bats., Death Vessel and Sub Pop darling Daniel Martin Moore. His debut album, En Garde, shimmers with the signature value of collaborators Nico Muhly and Valgeir Sigurðsson through highly acclaimed Iceland-based music label Bedroom Community.

The seeming paradox of Puzzle Muteson is blessed angst, sleep-shorn and dethorned. Don’t be caught off-guard: catch Puzzle this spring during his 2011 European Tour in support of En Garde.


En Garde - debut album, out on Bedroom Community in May.