PVC Street Gang

PVC Street Gang

 Dallas, Texas, USA

PVC Street Gang is a high energy power trio that utilizes rock, post-punk, and R&B influences. We are veterans of the Dallas music scene and have played with numerous bands all over Texas and Oklahoma. The music is a mix of soulful vocals, sharp edged guitars, hot bass and a cacophony of drums.


Formed in 2004 by Chris McGaha and Jeff Moore, PVC Street Gang was a garage project intent on mixing rock and post-punk influences ranging from The Clash, Big Flame, Gang of Four, Fugazi, The Fall and The Buzzcocks to Roxy Music, Thin Lizzy, Ween, Todd Rundgren, and R. Stevie Moore, while utilizing a lo-fi approach to recording. A few shows later and after the departure of Moore to L.A., Chris Vivion joined the band on bass guitar and local session wiz Pete Young was "drafted" into playing drums. After a rotation through several drummers (including Jimi Bowman, John McIntyre, and Andrew Barner) Clay Stinnett was selected to fill the spot on drums. Under this lineup, PVC has elevated itself above and beyond the competition with a super high energy and engaging show, drawing compliments from fans and peers alike.



Written By: Chris McGaha

You're just like a knife before a fight
hit and misses tonight the air is tight
there's something heavy and its happening here
Cutlass you're so gutless
Try try trying in the cold and the heat
Cry cry crying on you're face in the street
There's something heavy and its happening here
Cutlass you're so gutless
I'm stopping breathing and it's not making sense
this feeling's real and it's no consequence
you hear them talk, it's a language you fear
you make a scene with a smoke and a mirror
the hours shifting just like the eyes you see at night
the clock is ticking make up your mind the time is right
Say what you are you haven't yet
Say what you want you haven't said
Cutlass you're so gutless
Cutlass you're so gutless

So So Party

Written By: Chris McGaha

So So Party
Atomic bomb
I havent been here
since Vietnam
black or white now
right or wrong
been at this party
far too long

So so party
said I'm leaving here
but I ain't gone
war and peace now
fight and preach
so so party
cold and heat

Caught up in the crossfire / no end in sight
and where we are headed yeah / just don't seem right

how you feel at this so so party

who's that knocking on the front door now?
Roni? Roni who?
1, 2
1, 2, 3, 4

RONI RUSH!!!! RONI RUSH!!!!!!!!!


2009 - First EP
2009 - first single "Cutlass" which has had numerous rotations on Gorilla Vs. Bear satellite radio, as well as college radio and internet radio over seas.
2012 - So So Party 7"