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Santa Ana, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

Santa Ana, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Hip Hop DJ




"Angry Goose X PWEST – T.O.T.O."

Straight from the Netherlands we have some all new heat from producer Angry Goose and California rapper PWEST with their all new, free to download track entitled T.O.T.O.

T.O.T.O. is the first track by the American rapper PWEST (Santa Ana, California) and beatproducers Angry Goose from The Netherlands (Lelystad, near to Amsterdam). On this international collabo PWEST is rapping about doing it independent and celebrating life on the Angry Goose laced-bassheavy beat which samples Toto’s hit ‘Africa’.

Dare I say it reminds me a little bit of crunked-up Nujabes? Not sure why. Either way, this is some international party music! Snag it while it’s free: - RUNTHETRAP

"OCMA Recap"

?Pwest--pronounced like it's spelled, not P-west--was a fun way to end the night. With his drum machine and live drummer in tow, the Santa Ana native rocked the dwindling crowd--hard. It's not hard to imagine Pwest carrying the white-boy rapper schtick beyond color lines, the way Eminem did. - OC Weekly


According to West, PWest’s eclectic style of music has “been the main focus for as long as I can remember,” and they don’t get discouraged even though PWest “was worried about that because I was told that labels want something direct…So we’ve been trying to find this niche that we fit in this whole time and we’ve come to this realization that we don’t really fit anywhere, but I think that’s a strong point for what I’m doing.”

“I think it’s a really cool thing,” continued West. “It’s because the gaps are getting so colored in.”

West likes to do his own coloring with the genre-transcending samples he uses.

Read more: OC Music Awards 2012: PWEST Breaks Through Music Barriers With Unique Indie Hip-Hop - KROQ

"Artist Spotlight: PWEST"

Why can’t indie rock and hip-hop be friends? Peter West aka. PWEST is hip-hop artist from southern California that is out to prove that indeed, yes, they can be friends! Half of his songs like “Geek’d Up” have a club feel that will more for the traditional rap fans while the other half of his rhymes like “O.F.S.” will probably be more for the rock fans. Nonetheless, all of PWEST’s rhymes are unique and catchy. He has both original beats and rhymes on a mix tape. I would recommend to take a listen to both. You can try, but you’re not going to stop PWEST on his mission. - The Music Junkies

"King Combines Indie And Hip-Hop"

“My name’s Peter West and um, I’m 21 years old, I’m from Laguna Beach, California- South Laguna Beach to be specific,” said this unassuming yet extremely focused young man.

The 21-year-old goes by “Mr. PWEST: Crowned King of the Hippie Mafia” and brings together music from opposite genres like indie and hip-hop.

Mike Daley, studio manager at Harvey Mason Media, has worked with West, producing music since 2008.

“What Pete is doing has never been done — the art and the combination of music genres and keeping it all organic,” Daley said. “His live shows are just as much as an art show as a musical performance. I love working with him because he’ll never be stuck in a mold, he draws influences from so many different things.”

From hip-hop artists like Wu-Tang Clan, Jay-Z, Andre 3000 from Outkast, and Snoop Dogg, to indie artists such as Andrew McMahon, Conor Oberst from Bright Eyes, The Growlers, and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, West has formed a perfectly calculated and customized unique sound that is all his own.

West has always had a passion for hip-hop, and could relate to its message.

“I love hip-hop music. I really dig the whole message that they’re talking about,” West said. “I identify more with the underground hip-hop artists, who preach about the way the world is, and how people’s goals and aspirations are not necessarily where they should be — it should be on getting in tune with yourself, mind elevation and more prepared for the trials and tribulations of life.”

A friend of West’s cultivated his natural talent for rapping and the rest is history.

“He rapped a lot and he kinda taught me how to rap and what it’s about. We’d freestyle in the car for hours on end,” West said.

His friend’s untimely death along with another close friend’s death deepened West’s convictions and affirmed his calling to the world of music making.

“After they both passed away I was like it’s not really much of an option anymore — they would do it if they could, and would want me to. If it makes it, it makes it, and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. I could care less at this point because I’m doing what I love,” West said.

Danielle Mitchell, a 19-year-old communications major, met West last semester in an English class. Mitchell marvels as West’s genuineness and pure, raw talent.

“His lyrics just start to flow out of him, effortlessly — I am stunned by him. Peter is an amazing person with an amazing talent,” Mitchell said.

Self-proclaimed number one fan, Sara Foss, a 24-year-old psychology major, met West in Spanish class last semester and has been a West addict since.

“His music is real. It tells a story. It’s not your typical radio rap” Foss said. “You can see through the music, you can hear he’s doing it for the love of the music,” she added.

Vamped and ready for a mind blowing performance, Foss is going to attend West’s show on Thursday April 29 at 8 p.m. at the second level of The Rhythm Lounge, 245 Pine Ave. in Long Beach.

As a solo artist and member of COAST (Collective Operations Aligning Supernatural Thought) West has shared his music in many places including the Vanguard in Hollywood, where he opened for Mickey Avalon.
- Coast Report

"Artist Profile: PWEST"

We decided to start doing artist profiles on some of our favorite artists and friends who are upcoming in their respective communities so I decided to kick off the series with my boy PWEST. I met PWEST at a showcase last year and since than keep in contact and we have rocked a few shows together, I was also honored to be his hype man at a show in L.A. when he opened for Mickey Avalon (Lots of memories that night haha, second pic below is from the performance). He is his own man to say the least and in the short time I've known him I've grown to respect him in many ways other than his music. PWEST lives in his own world, goes for what he wants, and has high expectations and goals in music. He is a down to earth cat not trying to impress you with fresh new kicks and some bullshit image, he has a hippy esque spirit and reps The Coast (Laguna Beach) his hometown with pride. His flow is definitely something of its own that takes you on a twisty but steady ride through his tracks and his content goes deeper than the surface appears. The more you listen to his tracks the more you see the substance behind the beat that usually keep your neck moving at a steady pace.
When asked for a bio this is what he submitted..."After the Titanic struck the iceberg, Benjamin Guggenheim's valet fitted him in a life-vest and got him onto the boat deck,but when Mr. Guggenheim saw the scramble aboard the boat deck, he stated, “I am willing to remain and play the man’s game, if there are not enough boats, more for the women and children. No woman shall be left aboard this ship because Ben Guggenheim was a coward.” He then went to his room, dressed in his finest tuxedo, returned to the ship’s bar, began sipping brandy and smoking a cigar, and uttered one of his last statements, “We’ve dressed in our best, and are prepared to go down like gentlemen.” Mr. PWEST is Like Benjamin Guggenheim." He holds a true spirit of an artist well doesn't he!?!
PWEST recently released a short EP called "Airplane Eyes" that is available here just click on the EP title. Must listen to tracks are Move Music, Maintain, and O.F.S. He will be dropping a mixtape later this year called "Roarin Like The Twenties" so be on the look out for that. He also has a show coming up in Arizona flyer posted below. Make sure to follow PWEST and his progress you will be hearing a lot more from him in the future!

-Travis - Deaf Culture


Peter West, or '''PWEST''' ['PUE-ST], is an up-and-coming American Alternative Hip Hop artist from South Laguna Beach, California. He is known for his influential lyrics and high-energy shows. On November 25, 2009, PWEST released his first EP titled Airplane Eyes (download link below). He has played shows all over Southern California and Arizona, and on December 18, 2009, PWEST opened for Mickey Avalon at Vanguard, Hollywood, CA.

Link to download Airplane Eyes: - Hip Hop Guru


Still working on that hot first release.



Making waves in the LA scene and on the internet alike, Southern California rapper and producer PWEST has racked up thousands of plays, worked with industry legends, and has the public hooked! He and the C.O.A.S.T. (#CLLCTIVEOPS) have been releasing heavy hitting tracks with melodies you want to sing and lyrics you can't forget. With acclaim from Warren G, SWAY and numerous blogs, the PWEST COAST movement is rapidly growing. 

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