PX Band

PX Band

 Tallinn, Harjumaa, EST

PX music is a kind of mixture of jazz, rock, indie pop, break beat, electroclash, funk. PX live performance is very emotional, catchy and frank action. It's a real rock-and-roll drive.


The group was formed in Fall 1997 with the aim to play acid jazz music and consisted of 6 band members. Was influenced by Miles Davies, Charlie Parker, Nirvana, Doors, Velvet Underground, Pixies, Joy Division, Beatles, Syd Barrett. PX band is widely known in Estonia for its unforgetable powerful live concerts. The band has participated in different kinds of private parties and music festivals all over Estonia as well as in Russia.

By the way, there is no any other place in Estonia where you can find as many interesting, fashionable and friendly people as you meet during the PX band’s live shows, which never leave anyone indifferent.
It's a trio: voc/ guitar, keyboards/ keyboards bass, drums.
The discography counts three full albums.


PX BAND - Porn

Written By: Ruslan Bõkov


The sky's there for all
For us for them the eyes
The bee of days long past
Will sting to pain

Scattering the airplanes
Tearing up the strings of towns
A neurotic ride through combs
And the radio of sand
Porn bursts off the screens

The sky's there for all
Behind the gloomy wall
A soldier's single tear
A pain to think

The sky's there for all
For those who scream and live
For those who to feed the power
And have been lit

PX BAND - Dog Watches

Written By: Ruslan Bõkov


creaks whispers
v.i.p.s liquers
pass out points
arrival points
time is frozen
a teardrop cobweb
a dog watches through eyes of god
a dog watches through the eyes of god

for stash every night random places
songs have no lyrics
songs have no lyrics
impenetrable commonly
consciousness ironly
self seriously taking
find a day for no make-up
a morning for no club
somewhere around the cube

gentle grizzle nival
the tropical lights
superheroes cancelled flights


2010 - The new album "Manka People" is dedicated to all Manka People.
2007- PX TEXHO
2005- ?? BAND. 8 years on autopilote.
2003 - Crash Test
2000- MINIMAL EP MC GREeENweed records
1999- PX BAND CD Greenweed records