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From music that makes you move, to music that moves you. PXC is a diverse group consisting of rappers LIL 1 , K13 & Soljis . Music that politically charged to politically incorrect , or maybe just something to make you move. PXC is sure to have music for everybody


Mike "K13" Kalavriziotis is a producer/artist who has been composing music for over a decade. He has had music presented for use on albums by Jean Le Loup & Sharon Brooks. K13 is also the in house producer for rap group PXC . Although he mainly produces beats for local Montreal rappers he is also a force to be reckoned with on the mic.

Steve Adomopolous AKA LIL 1 has been recording since the age of 12. LIL 1 has completed over 50 tracks this past year alone , working with local artists and several around the world. As well he has Performed with D12. Being the founding member of PXC , LIL 1 has established himself in the Montreal Hip Hop scene as a Ferocious Lyricist

Soljis looking to avoid being classified as a gangster rapper. Soljis has been Proving himself time and time again . Writing conscious Hip Hop , His Gaol is to put the Montreal Hip Hop Scene to a "Different Plateau" . On Paper he is Known as Paul Hing , But better known on the streets as Soljis " The Oh So Versatile ".


LIL 1 No Turning Back (Mixtape)

K13 The Leak (Mixtape)

Set List

Our set is usually about 20 -30 min depending on the venue. set will consist of about 10 songs or less