Pyotr Gazarov

Pyotr Gazarov

 New York City, New York, USA


2011 anticipated appearances:

"Jazz in Hermitage Garden" Interntl Outdoor Jazz Festival in Moscow, Russia

"Jazz Days in Archangelsk" Interntl Jazz Festival in Russia

Tour of Northern Russia Cities with Pyotr Gazarov Quintet (Yan
Turov, manager): [october-november]

Past appearances:

Pyotr Gazarov Quintet at "White Night in a Museum" Interntl Jazz Festival in Archangelsk, Russia (2010)

Concert Series (Fall 08 & Spring 2009) with Adam Rudolph's Organic Orchestra at Roulette (New York City)

Pyotr Gazarov/Alexei Chernakov Quartet - Special Guest at "Jazz Improvisation" Interntl Jazz Competition in Vilnius, Lithuania (2007)


"The Moscow Young Jazz Scene" by Pyotr Gazarov, Alexi Chernakov, Anna Buturlina, and others... (2007)

Set List

Various original compositions / standards.