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Spicee Cajun and Knavi built their relationship with Pypen Hottt Entertainment in December, 2010. They have been working together with dedication and foresight developing their first sold EP. They feel that they have hit upon a new style of hip hop; a new creative sound that the music industry hasn’t heard yet. Now is the time to let the music free.

On July 4th, 2011 “Heated Streets” CD hit the market both digitally and physically. It was eagerly anticipated and Amazon reported pre-sale activity on this CD.

There are two singles that encompass the overall feel and style of music that these two individuals brought to their audiences; “Run This” and “Summer Time” surely made a hard mark on the radio scene. These two singles truly reflect that energy behind Pypen Hottt Entertainment. The songs have plenty of bass line grooves, cleverly placed lyrics and a true hard-hitting percussion section. These songs have incredible hot beats, great guitar riffs with a party style lyrical content, which is typical of Spicee and Knavi’s music. Their music is a fusion of old and new school blended perfectly for maximum impact.

To truly experience their outstanding musical arrangements, you need to listen for yourself. There music, including their newest “Headed Streets” is available at most digital storefronts including but not limited to:

There have been discussions with major college tour promoters. They are looking for fresh thinkers, fresh minds and that’s the route to go.

“ Pypen Hottt Entertainment is Globally distributed by Island Def Jam. When you type the label name, it reflects the following PYPEN HOTTT ENTERTAINMENT/ISLAND DEF JAM DISTRIBUTION in print”
Stan Sheppard of Magazine (issue May 31, 2011) has been quoted:” Pypen Hottt Entertainment’s Spicee Cajun and Knavi are the next big thing from the east coast.”

Pypen Hottt Entertainment is currently working with A & R Select in West Hollywood, Ca. for licensing, publishing, a record deal and or placement opportunities. They can be reached at: