Blood soaked and drenched in sweat, we work our hardest to enthrall the toughest crowd. And then there is the music...


We are pyrrhic, and we rock. With a small stature and a big sound, pyrrhic combine the best of punk, hardcore, metal, and screamo. Though young, we have been committed musicians for many years and are dedicated to a lifelong career in music.


dynasty of our lies

Written By: matt dell; Music by: pyrrhic

the sound is deafening to our hearts
screaming words of hate
and through these walls
we leave blood stains
and picture frames
and memories of the times when I loved you

we are lost in the bloodshed
of our broken hearts
and the open book romances
that we read
and followed every word
into the dynasty of our lives

was there anything left to say
except goodbye
to all that we had
if you could call our love something special
then what would you call the moments
when you were gone

And we were in love
but who ever says
I was ever good enough for you
And the times that I lay
Drowning in my own tears
Your heart was always lifeless
And you were always too busy
To love me

Your words are deafening
To our hearts
Screaming these words of hate
And our emotional travesty

reach out

Written By: matt dell: Music by: pyrrhic

I'm sorry
if I'm not what you expected
But I'm trying my best
to be good enough for you
I would bleed for you
If that's what you wanted
I would do anything
to be by your side

please don't be sad for me; I died for you
I gift-wrapped my heart and painted the card blue
I would give my life to spend one moment with you
But how can I kiss you when I hold my breath for you

The moonlight shines on you
And it opens my eyes wide
I would do anything
To be with you tonight
I felt you lift me
Like an angel
I can't tell
If I'm falling or falling in love


If you came to any of the early pyrrhic shows, you would have seen a demo featuring 3 songs recorded with the previous singer. Current recordings are limited to the working demos featured here, as recorded at Pyrrhic Studios. Check the website for new releases as they come.

Set List

Reach Out
Good Enough
Fall In Hebron
Bloody Hopes
See Tomorrow
Dynasty of Our Lies
Fall on Me
These Far Walls
Die Trying
Watch It Fall