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"Pyrx Heal The World With Positive Music."

Pack a musical bowl with elements from nearly every genre of music - a plethora of rock riffage, conscious hip-hop lyrics, ska and reggae influences with a hint of jazz and soul - put a flame to it, inhale and you've got Pyrx. It was the year 2000 when five friends - Blaze1, Dutro, Chaz, J.T. and Defoy - decided to unite their visions as one entity and express it through music. Pyrx's sound is upbeat, more hip-hop and reggae oriented than your typical rap-rock acts; their shows tend to have more a groovy dance feel to them rather than the violence of moshing shitheads. The band is self-aware that you can't please everyone but uses its positive message of unity and good vibes to win over new fans whenever they play. Pyrx's first full length, has just been released and the band has been hard at work pressing CDs and playing gigs in Chico as well as the Bay Area, where they have built a solid fan base. The group's frontman, Blaze1, is also the man with the sticks banging out the hard driving beats while flowing along side fellow percussionist Dutro who also puts his vocal chords to work. The tenor sax played by J.T. gives the band a little ska flavor when they decide to slow it up a bit. The guitar work is handled by the duo of Chaz and Defoy, satisfying the rock and the funk respectively. The chemistry shared by this quintet shows clearly throughout all twenty of the tracks on Infinite Medicine, which also features guest appearances from Chico MCs cootdog and MC Grits, as well as a handful of other Chico musicians.
I recent caught up with Johnny Dutro, Pyrx's percussionist and co-MC for an interview. He was a bit leery about speaking for the group and wanted to emphasize that the group, while consisting of five members was in fact a single unit and that no single person can express the feelings of the entire group. However, he gave me the breakdown on the essence of Pyrx's music.

What do you use for motivation behind the music you create?
As a vocalist, I want to bring something to as many people as I can; bring a conscious, spiritual movement as well as a deeper meaning to what I'm saying. A sound the people can move and groove to. Basically, the connecting and bringing together as many good people as we can right now and trying to do something bigger with the music as far as spreading a conscious vibe. I'm sick of seeing all the mainstream shit and not really seeing any of it being worth a shit. We're trying to do something, make a movement and make music as powerful as it can be and that's what music is, the most powerful tool that we can use.

Have you seen that in effect when you perform?
Yes I have. I've seen it through my loved ones who are going to give me support regardless. In the past year as we've been playin' and what not, it seems we're on the verge of a very strong time for connections right now. I've seen that at the new places we've played like in the bay and stuff, people come up and they give thanks, because we opened their mind a little bit and brought something new to the table.
So you guys are playing in bigger markets like the Bay Area?
Yeah, we've got five shows down there this month, and we're focusing on the Bay Area as being pretty much like our L.A. you know, our big place to go. It's the most do-able as far as driving down there and playing gigs and getting back to work on time. The thing with all of us is that every band member has the same vision of playing music for a living and has pretty much guided their lives around being able to step away from everything one day and just play music, which is a really strong thing because if one person in the band doesn't have that, it fucks it all up.

What are you guy trying to put forth with the album Infinite Medicine?
Infinite Medicine is a very strong representation of what we, as a group, have been working toward and expresses almost directly what we've been feeling and what we've been trying to do with our music for the last year and a half that we've been recording it. It's pretty much got a lot of raw styles, where we could go any way with the music and a huge mixture of sound. We tried to lay it out so that it takes the listener on a kind of a journey, you know, we didn't make it too hard or get too mellow - we just tried to flow with it. Basically, what were trying to do with that album is just experiment. It's like you work on something so long and then it's time to step back from it and put it out there for the world and get reactions.

If nothing else, what's the one thing you want people to get from the album?
I just want people to feel whatever they feel in that moment. Feel inspired, feel ready to go out and charge a mountain top, ready to sit down and meditate, ready to make a change in this world that we live in as a community, and bring a community vibe together, to bring people together on a good level, sharing through music and art. Basically to try and make a change in this world, or it's all going to go to shit. We wanted to bring a good sound to this album where people are bobbing their heads and they're feeling the rhythms and they're feeling the beats and then like maybe the fourth or fifth or tenth time they listen to a song, the lyrics are spinning through their head and they're saying conscious things, they're saying things that people can relate to. Because on the radio… I can't really do it any more. Every word is a vibration, every vibration is like a mind frame; when you recycle and repeat the same things that are negative, then it's just going to create a negative thing, and we're trying to create a positive thing with our music. - Synthesis Magazine 9/15/2002

""Like The Rhythm" Album Review"

Pyrx is the All-American dream project. With great persistence, this group has established themselves as a well-known Chicoan hip-rock band with a reggae overlay. Their new five-song EP is all you need to get down with this familiar 311-reggae style. Like the Rhythm is as hot as Mama’s flapjacks right off the griddle with crispy clean bacon vocals. The tracks “Love and Understanding” and “Sexual Feelings” leave you in a calm sedated state, featuring some amazing female vocals, with intricate riffs uplifting your natural high. The use of instruments such as tenor sax, keyboard and turntables spices up Pyrx’s flavor to give a full range and variety of sound. Like the Rhythm’s groove should be an easy pick for this great spring weather that has been coming around.
– Chad Inman - Synthesis Magazine

"Scapegoat Wax, Maroon 5 & Pyrx"

Scapegoat Wax frontman and mastermind Marty James was back in his native Chico last week, celebrating the release his latest album, SWAX, with his third hometown album release party in two years. Touring with a new guitarist, bass player and drummer (the drummer, DJ, played live with the band for the very first time at this show), Marty showcased new songs and a polished presence. But before the local crowd went nuts for the hometown hero, the stage was primed by L.A. pop scene up-and-comers Maroon 5 and local hip-hoppers, Pyrx.
Pyrx got started early at this all-ages show, and they have a solid fan base, so although they didn't play to a tightly packed house, there was still a good-sized crowd getting down to their funky sounds. This is a live hip-hop band á la 311 - a full group of instrumentalists and two MCs - whose blend of positive and smoke-infused lyrics and a myriad of edgy, funk-based and rasta-flavored licks is rhythmically infectious, and can be smooth and lowdown or heavy and stomping at any given change in the music.
Maroon 5 is still a burgeoning force in the rock world and because they're not local or wildly famous yet, they didn't enjoy the crowd participation that the show's local acts garnered. However, this five-piece Los Angeles-based crew is being billed by national indie music press as one to watch in the coming year. As the group showcased for the Chico crowd, their brand of radio-friendly pop-flavored jams employ a bit more of a soulful influence, creating a crisp blend of head-nodding, shoe shuffling alt-rock.
And while the two opening acts did a great job, it was clear that Scapegoat Wax and Marty James were why the majority of The Brick's audience was in attendance. The house lights went out around 10 PM, and as the light show began and the silhouettes of the band members became visible on stage, the opening keyboard lines of Scapegoat's signature set kick-off, "Star 6," from the Okeeblow album, rang out over the speakers. Then everything exploded. The house lights came up, the crowd went nuts and came alive as one contained sea of people, ebbing and flowing with the music, singing along with every lyric. It was almost inspiring, and it was obvious that Marty was a bit surprised by all the love coming at him. Throughout the set, the Scapegoat frontman reminded the crowd how much he loved to be home and playing in front of friends, family and the Chico audience. They responded with thunderous replies, and he gave them back what they were clamoring for - songs from Okeeblow like "Freeway," "Almost Fine," "Aisle 10 (Hello Allison )" and "Space to Share," which the audience sang along with so loudly, the crescendo of young voices could be heard even over Marty's mic'd vocals. He also regaled the crowd with songs from his newest album, SWAX (Hollywood Records, out September 17th), mostly upbeat or downright funky numbers, with a ballad or two for good measure and of course, the new hit single and MTV-spun video, "Lost Cause."
Through it all, the band stood strong, the songs sounded great and Marty interacted so well with the crowd, it's obvious that the experience of his last year on the road has translated into a deft stage presence. Scapegoat closed with a three-song encore that was capped by a cover of Terence Trent D'Arby's "Wishing Well," which the band gave Limp Bizkit's "Faith" treatment - they delivered the verses in a smooth croon and attacked the choruses with a savage rhythmic and riff-oriented bounce. Marty finished the night right; he sent his fans home frothing for more.
- Max Sidman - Synthesis Magazine

"Burnin' with Blaze1 and PYRX"

Chico, California is home to Chris Smith, also known as Blaze 1. He runs Blaze 1 Glass, Blaze 1 Clothes, Blaze 1 Records, the band PYRX, and a shop called Blaze’n’J’s – all of this by the age of 29.

Blaze 1 and his crew were busy working on their third album, the first two being “Infinite Medicine” and “Like the Rhythm”, and preparing for the upcoming Vans Warped Tour this summer. PYRX consists of six guys: Blaze 1, 29, performs vocals and guitar; D Rail, 25, is on drums; Jeff Thomas, 29, plays saxophone; DJ Rudedawg, 28, is deejay and plays turntables; David Gladwill, 23, is on bass; and Chazz, 28, is lead guitar. When the band isn’t playing, they are busy blowing glass or shamelessly self-promoting. There are two smokin’ hot females who dance on stage and do endorsements: Ieisha, 23, and Niki, 18. Rounding off the crew are general manager Dustin, booking agent Jamie, 33, and videographer Bigg Ben, 27. This glass blowing, cannabis-growing band really loves their weed. They smoke all day, every day, virtually non-stop; bongs and the hookah are out all day and night. The girls tend plants at a local co-0p garden. In these parts of northern California everyone seems to have a medicinal card and there isn’t much fear of legal repercussions.

We headed down to the Blaze’n’J’s retail store, where I got a look at the huge amount of Blaze 1 apparel and glass. Blaze 1 has 12 glass blowers working for him at any time and another six apprentices; he supports local youth who find a genuine interest in glass blowing. Here they have someone who will take the time to show them the skills and motivation for something constructive. As such, glass blowing has helped refocus troubled youth.

“I started Blaze 1 Glass in 1996,” Blaze 1 told me. “I was making t-shirts in my screen print shop in high school, where I made my first Blaze 1 t-shirt in 1993. Before that I was bombing (doing graffiti). My product is fully worked tube on lathe; I would say that is my niche in the glass industry. I had been doing hand pipes, bubblers, and $500-$700 heady pieces, but I wanted to do something no one else was doing. In 2000 I brought my first glass blowing lathe from Lytton lathes, custom built for $20,000 and shipped straight from the factory. I then spent my time developing the Blaze 1 fully-worked heady tubes. I have spent a lot of time and money developing that product, which I have been doing for the last four to five years.

We have about 13 students that I’ve taught at the glass shop. Jeff, my first student, is also the sax player in PYRX. I also taught Ieisha, and now she’s been blowing for about a year – just killing it! She is the fastest student that I have ever had.

“I’m the producer for our band, which I’ve been doing since our first album came out in 2002. Our music is an energetic, charging mix of hardcore, reggae and hip-hop. We took the E out of the word Pyrex™ (because it’s trademarked) so we could have our own name, PYRX. At various times I’ve been the drummer, guitar player, emcee and songwriter, but now we’ve got solid band members. We are preparing to go on our first national trip with the Vans Warped Tour in summer 2007, and will hit every major city in the US and some in Canada. We have been touring since 2002 but only on the west coast, so this will be our first major national tour. We’re pretty stoked, because it’s been a dream of ours to get onto that circuit.”
- Cannabis Culture Magazine 8/26/2008

"Anthony B, Rootz Underground & The PYRX Band"

Wednesday September 17, 2008 at 8:00pm
DNA Lounge
375 11th Street
San Francisco, California 94103 Get Directions
Anthony B & Rootz Underground
Northern California Tour
Sept 17-21

Sept 17 - San Francisco, DNA Lounge - ALL AGES
Sept 18 - San Jose, VooDoo Lounge - 21+
Sept 19 - Berkeley, DownLow Lounge - 21+
Sept 21 - Santa Cruz, Moe's Ally - 21+

Direct from Jamaica

JA's #1 Roots Band

Toronto's New Sensation

California's Newest Dancehall Star

Hightimes Magazine's "BEST NEW ARTIST"


Wednesday Sept 17
DNA Lounge, San Francisco
375 Eleventh Street, San Francisco
415.626.1409 Doors @ 9pm

Thursday Sept 18
VooDoo Lounge, San Jose 21+
14 South Second Street, San Jose, 95113
408.286.8636 * Doors 9pm

Friday Sept 19
DownLow Lounge, Berkeley 21+
2284 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
510.548.1159* Doors 9pm

Sunday Sept 21
Moe's Ally, Santa Cruz
1535 Commercial Way
831.479.1854 * Doors 9pm

Live direct from Jamaica ANTHONY B hits Northern California for a rare debut performance backed by ROOTZ UNDERGOUND. Supporting Acts: EMPIRE ISIS, PYRX & YOUNG FYAH. An incredible night of music Angel Magik Style. Get your tickets while you can and come see the original fireman up close and personal.

Draped in the rich colours of African cloth, his trademark staff in hand, and his dreadlocks wrapped regally on his head, Anthony B embodies all that it is spiritual and proactive about Reggae music. This artiste has been steadfast in his mission to represent the poor and oppressed, using sharp lyrics to confront political injustices and bring the issues of the people to the forefront. In the process, he has raised the quality of performance standards and lyrical content for the industry, through the release of 10 albums, over 1000 singles and appearances on over 100 albums in the last 13 years.
Anthony B’s musical journey started in the church, back when he was still called Keith Anthony Blair in Clark’s Town, Trelawney. In this part of rural Jamaica, Anthony B was immersed in the thunderous chants and rhythms of Revivalism and the Seventh Day Adventist church where he honed his soon-to-be signature vocals. In his formative years, the artiste also cleaved to the music of Otis Redding and the incomparable Peter Tosh.
In 1992, Anthony B left his home-town and set out to make his fateful mark on Kingston’s music scene. He rebuked the trend of girl and gun lyrics popular at that time and remained faithful to words of spiritual consciousness and social conviction. He started working with singer Little Devon, who introduced him to Richard “Bell” Bello, of Star Trail Records, producer for Garnet Silk and Everton Blender. Bell saw the talent of the youngster and shared his commitment to conscious music. The partnership produced a slew of records and releases, such as "Repentance time", "Fire pon Rome", “One Thing”, “A De Man”, "Rumour" and"Raid di barn”. Anthony B followed up with critically acclaimed albums such as “Real Revolutionary”,"Universal Struggle", “Black Star” and “Untouchable”. He also struck out on his own to produce 3 albums independently, started his own label, Born Fire Records, and released two collaboration albums “Too Strong” with Sizzla and “Three Wise Men” with Sizzla and Luciano.
Anthony B’s lyrical genius and his captivating, energetic performance style have caused him to be heavily requested for performances in the Caribbean, North America, Europe and Africa. In 2003 and 2004, he was given a king’s welcome in Gambia and Senegal. In 2004, he sold out shows in Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Belgium, France, Italy and Germany; closing for such greats as Israel Vibration and Burning Spear. He also opened up new regions for reggae music through his performances in New Dehli, India and on France’s Reunion Island, in the Indian Ocean.
His heavy touring schedule has not slowed Anthony B’s stream of releases. Over the years, he has collaborated with Bone Crusher, Akon, Wyclef Jean, Snoop Dogg, R. Kelly, and, on his latest album, Martina.
Anthony B’s rich vocals and audacious lyrics carry a depth and substance which is rare in the industry. Internationally, his fan-base has grown because he speaks about the universal concerns of suffering and salvation. “The greatest thing about reggae music is that it’s about concepts and ideas,” says the artiste, “you are speaking to people on issues they live and can relate to.”
Anthony B’s latest hit singles include “Mr. Controversy”, “Suffering Man”, “Condom”, and “More Passa Passa” and come from his highly-anticipated 10th album, “The Suffering Man”. In February 2007, Anthony released yet another album with Greensleeves Records, “Higher Meditation”. Come out and see one of the most prolific artists in reggae history backed by an all-star live band

Revolution reggae music - edgy, raw, natural, roots... They are Rootz Underground. That is their sound.

Since their start in 2000, performing at live jam sessions in Kingston, Jamaica at Harry's bar, to RE Unplugged at Weekendz and then becoming the main act at Mystic Urchin's Tuesday Nite Live at Village, Rootz Underground have gained notoriety for their live performances. The group performed live for five years before beginning the recording process for their debut release MOVEMENT. The band has had the opportunity to perform at such Jamaican festivals such as Reggae Sumfest, Reggae Sunsplash, Welcome To Jamrock, the Air Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival and Flashpoint Film Festival.

The six-member group unites Stevie G Newland (lead singer), Charles Lazarus (lead guitar), Jeffrey Moss-Solomon (rhythm guitar), Colin Young (bass guitar), Paul Smith (keyboard) and Leon Campbell (drummer) to form a revolutionary roots, rock, reggae band.

Rootz Underground built its live show and readied the songs for MOVEMENT after the tremendous response they received from their community. Their shows rapidly became an institution in Kingston and throughout Jamaica. The group developed a fan base that was fertile for this growing “reggae rock" music scene that has now taken "root" in Jamaica. Employing the dynamic combination of a contemporary roots, rock sound, universal messages and energetic and compelling stage shows, Rootz Underground goes beyond a niche definition - reaching across reggae boundaries into pop music realms.

MOVEMENT has benefited from a sophisticated team crafting some of the greatest recordings in reggae today. Each track of this 19-song set tells a vivid, nuanced story with moody - Jazz influenced guitar solos, nimble keyboards, ethereal segues, delay effects, traditional African/Jamaican hand drums, razor sharp mixing and call and response chorus vocals that find members harmonizing in agreement with the lyrical message. A rich sound, full of careful layers, serves as a comfortable bed for some of the most universal and honest lyrics to rest in a reggae mix. This sound doesn't rest alone in the reggae genre, the songs have a serious rock music sensibility with breakdowns into hard-hitting grooves, intense builds and smooth transitions back to the one-drop reggae rhythm. The album’s use of interesting vignettes takes us into the realm of the underground and beyond to position ourselves in the movement for a closer listen.

First released to radio and as a video is the compelling VICTIMS OF THE SYSTEM, produced by Wayne Armond (as is the lion’s share of the record) that preps us for the mindset of a modern Jamaican “underground” twenty-something. The current single and companion video for HAMMER features the production talents of Bobby Digital, an influential reggae and dance hall producer. The dreamy TIME IS AN ILLUSION is produced by Rory Gilligan of the legendary Stone Love sound system who makes memories of dancehalls past come to life on the album intro vignette taken from a 1990’s session shout out that introduces the 19-song set like a night on the town that lasts through the wee hours until dawn.

The lead singer Stevie G has an urgent and focused stage presence reminiscent of Bob Marley in its reverent passion and plaintive, sincere delivery. But the fact that he shares vocal duties with other members and takes an ensemble role makes him stand out from the “front man” role in the reggae genre, stating his message with the energy of the group and the compositions at the forefront of the mission. The group members share the stage with timely instrumental solos or choreographed dance and vocal portions from other members forming an integral part of the Rootz Underground show.

At no other time in the history of reggae have its players been so widely accepted as the present. People from cultures all over the world look to the music and message of Bob Marley and the Wailers for sustenance, enjoying the standards of reggae excellence. Artists and bands such as Sean Paul, Damian Marley, Morgan Heritage, Culture, and Burning Spear tour continents filling stadiums and selling out festivals devoted to this revolutionary art form.

Now the younger generation has decided to take up their "arms" and come as warriors with words, sound and power to hip clubs in Kingston and subsequently to radio, TV and festival stages outside their island of Jamrock. The band members of Rootz Underground have been schooled in the institutions of higher learning and mentored by present-day musicians and producers in Jamaica. Their signature sound is inspired both Bob Marley's contemporaries in '70's traditional rock as well as modern giants in pop music.

Like the founders of reggae and their offspring who fuse elements of traditional reggae and ska, R&B, Jazz, Latin, rock and then punk rock, Rootz Underground uses elements of revolutionary Rasta-influenced reggae, trance, rock, Jazz, and dub to forge a modern reggae rock sound. Reggae afficionados, critics, promoters and DJ's alike concur that Rootz Underground is a group that can make an impact as large as their predecessors in ensemble reggae recording and song writing, inviting comparisons to bands such as Midnite, Steel Pulse, Black Uhuru, Third World, and the legendary Wailers.

Many of the finest musicians in reggae are found on stages and in the studio as "backing bands" for touring artists. What this meant around the turn of the millennium was limited live music scene in reggae's homeland of Jamaica. Musicians would assemble in order to record music or back other artists, or perform recording session work for popular rhythms that multiple artists record over. The vacuum created by this tendency set the stage for the rise of Rootz Underground as a band whose originals present a fresh sound and paint a vivid canvas for the future of Jamaican music.
- Upcoming Events & Things to do

"Dope Mix: making music and water pipes"

Dope Mix: making music and water pipes
Heads Magazine 2006
By Jonson Cummins

Chico, California's PYRX brand of hip hop/reggae infused rock is hardly waiting around for record labels to pave their way and more often then can be found out on the road working it. PYRX has taken the bull by the horns and started up their own label, booked their own tours, built their own studio and has even pimped out a 39-foot tour bus to get to the gig on time. Not only do the members celebrate their freedom by calling their own shows, the entire band is employed at singer Blaze N' J's company and have also become expert glass blowers with Blaze N' J's making some of the highest quality water pipes currently on the market. Singer Blaze1 has now become one of the true artisans of glass blowing but like his band he prefers to remain underground. HEADS rang up Blaze1 at their HQ.

HEADS: So how did you start blowing glass and making pipes?
BLAZE1: I started making pipes ever since I started smoking pot. There were just so many shitty pipes out there and I just started making my own. I would just kind of build these things and then people would start coming around asking if I could make them one and it really just started from there. I ended up teaching the whole band how to blow glass because it was always a struggle when we would try and live like an artist and play shows while trying to keep a day job. It's definitely more tribe-like.

HEADS: How do your pipes stand out on the market?
BLAZE1: I think a lot of the pipes out there all look the same. Most of the people that want to buy a nice pipe aren't going to want something everybody else has so we try and be a bit different. I've been blowing glass for about 11 years now and I haven't seen any lathe work like I have been doing outside of some photos I have seen. I don't really get into that marketing thing though. I'm pretty happy remaining underground; I don't really have any interest to rep myself as being the #1 guy in the glass community.

HEADS: Do you get the same kind of artistic release with PYRX as you do making pipes?
BLAZE1: Well, I am much more into being in the studio and just working on a dope mix, I've been playing music longer than I've been blowing glass and I find that blowing glass is more scientific while making music is more about harmony and vibration. I guess I am lucky because I wouldn't want to think about what my life would be like without pot and through the band and the pipes we are really in that community. When we play a show there is nothing better then seeing people just going off while you play and come up to you after the show saying they like what you doing and those people aren't brainwashed by radio or whatever so that means a lot. It's also really cool doing a custom piece that is really nice and we have the customers name on it and watching them smile when they come to pick it up.

PYRX is currently on tour throughout the USA. Tour dates and additional info can be found at their official website:

- Heads Magazine 2006

"THE NEXT STEP - Pyrx's Paid Dues Paying Off"

THE NEXT STEP - PYRX’s Paid Dues Paying Off
Walking through the doors of Blaze N’ J’s, the smell of incense, the sound of rock music and the sight of all things green, red and yellow overwhelm the senses. The faces behind this roots, rock and reggae store is Chico native band Pyrx. The group will be performing live at Lost on Main December 15th.

It was hard to track down all five members of this hip-hop/rock/reggae band, as each member frequents destinations all over California, doing different promotions and events to help spread the growing popularity of their band and the shop. On any given day at the shop, you’re sure to be greeted by any or all of the members of Pyrx. The lead guitarist with his Blaze1 sweatshirt and turkey sandwich was a welcome in itself during my visit to the store.
Just returning from the HIGHTIMES Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam last month, Pyrx is seeing their eight-plus years of hard work start to pay off. “Playing at the Cannabis Cup was a dream came true,” said Blaze1, lead vocalist and owner of Blaze N’ J’s. “You have to be somebody for them to want you to perform there.”
Pyrx has been performing all over Northern California for years, and they have created a large fan base in this area. But it seems like their trip to Amsterdam really put them on the map.
“Pyrx saved the 20th Anniversary HIGHTIMES Cup,” said Steve Hagar, Editor in Chief of HIGHTIMES Magazine. “They were the best closing ceremony in 20 years.”
Pyrx was the first band to perform on the side stage at the Cannabis Cup and be invited back to headline the closing ceremony the next year. They were the first band ever to be invited to visit the Sacred HIGHTIMES Temple on their rookie Cannabis Cup appearance. They’ve even earned themselves the nomination for HIGHTIMES Band of the Year.
“Four major labels hit us up after Amsterdam,” said Blaze1. “We’re now in the process of finding an agent to really get us moving.”
“Chazz says that for next year’s show they want to do something crazy and different and they’re going to try to do live glass blowing on stage.
One of the most exciting things according to Chazz and Blaze1 is the connection they made with Redman in Amsterdam.
“We made really good friends with Redman,” said Blaze1. “I got his cell number in my phone right now.”
Pyrx wants to work on a single with Redman sometime in the future, but in the meantime they’ve taken it upon themselves to bring him into the Blaze1 family.
“Redman is awesome,” said Chazz. “He has an incredible DJ and had one of the best live hip-hop shows I’ve ever seen.”
Pyrx has been working hard getting where they are today, and it’s really paying off. With their third album Evidence of Sound coming out, they’ve been setting up plenty of tours to start taking their music even further. This next album features guest producers and artists like DJ Freaknasty and the infamous DJ Crime out of Las Vegas. They’re working on a European single with Dutch rapper Rowena, who was also a cover girl for the European Playboy. The new album has an electric-techno sound to it because “people go nuts over it,” said Blaze1.
“Our music is about getting a message out there.” Said Chazz. “Every track is different so you don’t know what to expect. There’s a different track for everyone in the world”
In March of next year Pyrx will be headlining the 2008 Doobie Awards at South by Southwest. “Everyone goes to South by Southwest to get signed and get noticed.” Said Blaze1. “We’re already in and we’re ready to tear it down.”
“We stay reppin’ Chico hard” said Blaze1. “Everywhere we go we put Chico on the map this is where we come from.”
Blaze1 and Chazz both share equal goals for the future of Pyrx. Their main concern is to just be successful and spread their message of “rocking the world with a positive vibe.” The success of their band is the flame to their fire in life, because it takes dedication and a tremendous amount of time. They’re inspiration lies in that of all underground bands just like them.
“I look up to bands like Metallica who went from selling thousands of tapes out of the trunk of their car to what they are today.” said Chazz. “That’s hustle, and that what we’re all about.”
Pyrx is good at setting their mind toward something and achieving it. They’re planning on going as far as they can with every opportunity presented to them.
“At the beginning of the year we had a vision of three to five things that we wanted to get done,” said Chazz. “We’ve accomplished over 20.”
You can check Pyrx this week either at Slim’s in San Francisco on Dec. 14th or right here in their hometown of Chico on Dec. 15th at Lost on Main at 9pm. Opening will be One-Up the Acoustic DJ and DJ 33.

- Synthesis Magazine 2008

"Can't Stop Won't Stop"

"Can’t Stop Won't Stop"
Chico's Own Pyrx Prepares to Drop Another Bomb on Northern California with the Upcoming Release of Like the Rhythm
By Keith Hayden

WHEN PYRX PLUGS IN, THE GROUND STARTS TO TREMBLE, their sound is a pounding and luscious combination of hip-hop, reggae and thrash that has been leaving audiences stunned (and stoned) all over the Western states. Since 1999."They've been fuckin sick since day one," proclaims band manager Carter Lane "I saw them a really long time ago and was fucking blown away. That's how I met these guys in the first place.
Since their formative days, Pyrx has always been on the rise; slowly but surely they've been methodically seducing the ears of new and diverse listeners with their streetwise sound and have also sold more than 6,500 copies of their first two recordings, combined. These local stoners have even graced the pages of the holy bible of ganja, HIGHTIMES --twice. Not a big surprise considering that four members of this five-piece band also blow glass professionally. Really though, Pyrx is more than just a band -- it is a vehicle for artistic expression that is inextricably method with glass blowing, record producing and even clothing design. These guys wear the badge of true dedicated artists and are not afraid to say that they're quite proud of their accomplishments.
Now Pyrx is getting ready to unveil a new and long awaited full-length album entitled Like the Rhythm at Lasalle's Friday, October 21st to the anticipation of a strong and growing fan base. The show is destined to be a charged-up performance and the beginning of a new era for a band that has undoubtedly paid their Chico dues.
"This album is different that the other two," admits Blaze1, Pyrx's bandleader and visionary mastermind. He sits behind his desk in the upstairs office above Blaze N J's head shop like a mafia don; his feet propped up on his desk with a devilish grin stretched across his teeth, eyes blazing with intensity. " We got to make the album that we've been waiting to do for a while."
What sets this album apart from the last two Pyrx releases is a noticeable difference in the sound and the feel that is due in large part to the independent production of the CD. Blaze1 has spent much of the last few years slowly building a private studio from the ground up within the breathtaking, foliage-clad walls of Butte Creek Canyon. Recording independently with the privacy of their own confinement allowed the band to settle into the studio and to keep time on their side. Rather than having hourly studio costs looming over their heads, the band was able to relax and record Like the Rhythm at their own pace and at their own discretion.
The independence of the production really does shine through and Like the Rhythm comes off much like a polished gem in its professionalism, yet still rings of sweat and talk; the cd bumps hard like a diamond-in-the-rough, underground hip-hop tape that is so fucking hot it sends shivers up your spine.
After a short saturation in the Chico scene following the CD release, Pyrx will set off on a major tour of the Western US beginning in January, and will even ascend into the marijuana haven that is British Columbia. Any pothead can tell you faster than you could say "Snap that shit pussy," that Pyrx and B.C. is a match made in heaven; sending this pot-posse across the border will be much like setting a loose a horde of hungry fat kids inside of Cold Stone Creamery. Just remember to exhale too, boys.
Also in Pyrx's crosshairs is the annual Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam next year. At this point, Pyrx's appearance there is still just a rumor building momentum, but hey, these guys get their minds set on something and it's hard to dissuade them from finding a way, no matter what the challenge.
Given Pyrx's dedication to success and their all-or-nothing attitude, the release of Like the Rhythm and the following tour will surely be the pinnacle of the band's career. However, you can expect nothing less than for Pyrx to keep upping the ante. "It just dawned on me a little while ago -- I just stopped and thought about how we're making a living off our art." added Blaze1 while reflecting on the band's success. "It's like, a lot of artists don't make it past that breaking point, but whether it's the glass blowing, or the music, or the clothing, we're supporting ourselves entirely and it's all coming from our, well, our art, basically."

- The Buzz Magazine


"Infinite Medicine" LP 2004
"PYRX Live at Lasalles" LP 2005
"Like The Rhythm" LP 2006
"Evidence of Sound" EP 2009
"PYRX & Collie Buddz at the Senator Theatre DVD" 2009

Tracks that have been on live commercial radio broadcast are as follows;
"Makes Dollars" - Like the Rhythm
"So Hot" - Like the Rhythm
"Crackin" - Evidence of Sound
"Real American" - Evidence of Sound



PYRX - “A unique new style of music that offers high energy and a new wave of mainstream talent. Their sound is described as an eclectic mix of genre-bending hip-hop, dub-step, and California reggae. The PYRX Band has stunned audiences far and wide. The members consist of 4 young innovative minds mixed with divine inspiration from Northern California. PYRX has toured the states since their first album release "Infinite Medicine" (2004) and has steadily increased its venues and fan base at an exceptional rate.
With the album release "Like The Rhythm" (2006) PYRX raised the bar with rave reviews and led to national exposure including articles in thirteen well-known magazines. PYRX has been blessed to perform with in-demand musical acts such as; Maroon5, Redman, Julian & Stephen Marley, Andre Nickatina, Anthony B, Barrington Levy, Eek A Mouse, Pepper, Slightly Stoopid, Kottonmouth Kings, and many others. With the help and continued support of over 20 sponsors PYRX has dominated the marketing tip, and have built their music into a household name.
In early 2008, PYRX was nominated and won the "Underground Artist of the Year for 2008" from HIGHTIMES Magazine and they accepted their achievement along with a Doobie Award at the South by Southwest Music Conference in Austin, Texas. During 2008, PYRX toured constantly across the U.S. and Canada to find themselves ending out the year with a West Coast tour heating up the crowd for reggae legend Anthony B.
PYRX then unleashed on ”The West Coast Hustle Tour” in April 2009. This tour came fully equipped with one of Reggae’s newest rising star: “COLLIE BUDDZ” with the New Kingston Band, and Pep Love from “HEIROGLYPHICS” On this tour, PYRX played all the classic hot spots from San Diego to Seattle.
Since back off tour, PYRX has taken 2010 as a year for new creation. PYRX has been recording heavily in multiple studios to create the highest grade product achieved yet. PYRX is fast approaching the next level of entertainment, which has set their visions to the top. Be on the lookout for the long anticipated future release in 2011 "Evidence of Sound." This album is going to be exceptional with an overwhelming surge of signature sounds and conscious lyrics. Five of the new tracks are already released off this album and have instantly hit the radio waves along the West Coast.

"The best live show I've seen in 2 years" Vivian McPeak - Seattle Hempfest

"The best closing ceremony in 20 years......I would like to invite PYRX back to play all the HIGHTIMES Events, The Cannabis Cup next year and for many years to come" - Steve Hager, Owner HIGHTIMES Magazine

"Raising the standard for Reggae/Hip-Hop" - Rasta Steve, Reggae Rising Host

"I knew these guys were good but live they blew me away. My friends were big MOE fans but they blew that off to see PYRX. It was a really good show, no bullshit" - Rev. Samuel Lovetro III - Producer/Director of Swag the Movie

"We got more movement out of the crowd then we have ever had, The PYRX Band was the best act in the five years of the Toronto Cannabis Cups" - Kelly, K.D.K. Distributing

"Music that matters should matter, and it should be a showcase for up and coming acts like PYRX with Blaze1 blazin' away on drums, and old favorites like Elvin Bishop and Leon Rusell" - Rev. Eddy Lepp, Healing yourself Magazine

"The best thing out of Chico since Sierra Nevada Brewery" - Bill Fishkin, Synthesis Magazine