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PZed @ Farmtown ballfield

Farmtown Discovery Bay, None, Jamaica

Farmtown Discovery Bay, None, Jamaica


Ocho Rios, None, Jamaica

Ocho Rios, None, Jamaica

PZed @ pier

Bronx, New York, USA

Bronx, New York, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



Everybody is talking about the vocal stylings of a new artiste called PZed who ignited audiences with performances of his radio hit song 'Cassava' at stage shows in the latter part of 2008.
PZed stamped his class act on a number of shows such as Reggae Sumfest, Champions in Action, GT Taylor's Xtravaganza 2008, and most recently, Sting 2008. He performed in England alongside his brother, Hero, for a couple of shows, one of which was at the Stratford Rex, then came to Boston for a show and another in Bronx, New York.
Riding the popularity of his radio hit, 'Cassava", which has been blowing up on radio stations, especially Irie FM, PZed is poised to take off in 2009.
"He has been back here to Boston and NY five times (in 2008) playing on IRIE Jamboree in NY and another show in Brooklyn with Terry Linen, Etana and Da'Ville in October," Patti Zagranis, PZed's overseas-based manager told Xtratainment.
The prospects for PZed's career are looking up as more disc jockeys are tuning into his exciting new sound.
"I've managed to get his music to hundreds of radio and regular disc jocks. He's being played in France, the Cayman Islands, England, Germany, Toronto, a lot of places." Ms. Zagranis said.
The talented young singer is also an accomplished musician and plays several instruments well, including the keyboards, guitar and drums.
Born June 10, 1979 to Euton and Edwena Gayle in Farmtown, Dicovery Bay St. Ann, Andrew Benjamin Gayle was born into a musical family. His father plays almost every instrument there is, while his mother is an active member of the church choir. Andrew's brother Paul Gayle who goes by the stage name Little Hero is also a very talented reggae artiste for whom PZed has done back up vocals for years.
While attending the Garvey Maceo High School in Clarendon, Andrew was always seen playing music with his guitar or singing, and predictably became a member of the school band. After High School he went to the G.C. Foster College from 1999-2002. While at college Andrew carved his personal niche in his old alma mater's history as he wrote the school's current anthem.
Andrew Gayle loved music from a tender age but also had another interest in cricket. In 1997 he was recruited for the Jamaica Youth Cricket Trial along with Marlon Samuel's and Chris Gayle. Andrew had the third highest score with 97 runs, three runs short of a century but unfortunately did not make the team.
He lost hope of becoming a professional cricketer and so took seriously his next love, music. He followed his destiny and recorded a couple singles but they weren't aired. After being a back-up vocalist for Little Hero for so long, he got the recognition after he recorded an accoustic song entitled, "Out Here" on the Inspire Record label and was introduced on a number of stages while performing with his brother. He was then given the name Andrew Mystic but still held on to the PZed as most people knew him by that name.
This year will be a busy one for PZed as he will be mostly in the studios for the first half of the year working on his debut album and also an accoustic album, a first for a Jamaican artiste. he will be working with the Inspire Record label. - XNews Xtratainment Jamaica Jan 7-13, 2009


Cassava, Out Here, From the Beginning feat. Little Hero, Town of Sorrow feat. Little Hero, Ease, Searching, Mama, Do the Right Thing, Praying, Dance With Me... all singles. Currently working on first album titled Out Here and scheduled for Jan 2010 release.



Andrew Gayle otherwise known as Andrew Mystic a.k.a PZed "PZ" was born at Endeavor, Browns Town in the parish of St Ann. He is from a Christian family who strongly believe in their roots. His father is a musician and his mother is a singer.It is clear that he is from a musical back-ground. He is the younger brother of Popular Dance-Hall Artiste Little Hero. Growing up, Andrew observed his father playing the guitar and became fascinated by it, and started playing also.
He realized how talented he was while playing musical instruments during high school [Garvey Maceo].He then formed a group of which he was the lead singer. After Garvey Maceo, he went on to G.C. Foster College (SpanishTown JA) where he pursued a Primary Course in Physical Education. He then got more involved musically when he wrote and sang a song for the College during his Orientation which is now officially the College song. GC Foster awarded PZ for his song contribution with a medal in 2008. When he left College, he went on to teach at York Castle High School for one year, then went on to pursue his dream of being an artist.
He started by helping his brother HERO to write songs, build rhythms and to sing harmony on most of his tracks. With the addition of Andrew's skills they created a number of hits including 'Prayer Time' which was written by Delroy Roberts, Praise God & We Need Love. Andrew is also a solo artiste, who buss out in 2009 with a smash hit named Cassava (co-written with David Luckain) produced by MACTEN out of Tampa FLA. Cassava won the AMMA (American Marijuana Music Award) for Best Reggae Song in 2009 and is still topping the charts in St. Croix after hitting #1 in NY (RED HOT RADIO) and lasting on Richie B's TOP 20 out of Jamaica for 28 weeks (up to #5).
He is always commended about his voice while accompanying his brother Hero, not to mention his amazing Bob Marley-esque guitar playing and as a result, he continues to sing with his brother and is now a part of the 'God Alone Crew', which includes Hero, Meekie Melody & Viper. He specializes in singing, playing the accoustic & bass guitar, keyboards, and drums to a lesser extend. He's a completely well rounded musician, songwriter, singer & composer of music. PZ is currently working on his first album release for Jan 2010, titled OUT HERE, and a combination project with Hero called Brothers For Life scheduled for release in late 2010. He's played all the major shows in Jamaica from Negril Spring Break, to Sting, to Sumfest and has played on IRIE JAMBOREE in NY & MOntreal's Reggae Fest 2009. He will always continue to work side by side with his brother, Hero, but is ready to take the world by storm as the next superstar reggae singer out of Jamaica. Managed by LuvBug Movement out of Boston MA/Manchester NH USA.