Qamber Jaffery & Matt Reynolds

Qamber Jaffery & Matt Reynolds



Matt Reynolds has been playing sitar since the age of 16. His primary instrument is the guitar. George Harrison and Brian Jones lead to listening to Ravi Shankar who were all early influences on the sitar. He later discovered the amazing playing of Vilayat Khan and Krishna Bhatt. Matt studied the sitar teachings of Ashwin Batish and has also taken one on one lessons with Krishna Bhatt. Matt is a self taught Ethnomusicologist specializing in stringed instruments from around the world. He believes that music is a common thread that connects all cultures of the human race.

Qamber Jaffery studied the Tabla teachings of Munir Khan. He was born in Pakistan and later moved to Kuwait. And he was actually there when Sadaam Heussain invaded. After spending several years in Canda, he moved to New Jersey where he met Matt. They met at a gas station when he spotted a sitar in the back seat of Matt's car. Qamber Jaffery's main influences are Classical Indian/Pak artists like Zakir Huessain, and Mehdi Hassan. Qamber has a passion for music and brings enthusiasm whenever he performs.

Set List

Average Set is 30 to 40 minutes in length.