New York City, New York, USA

Bouncy beats, funky rhythms, virtuoso guitars, space-age keyboards, & melodic vocals are just some of the reasons why Q*Ball has become one of the most talked-about & unique independent artists out there.


Aggressive electro-pop with soul, Q*Ball’s music is accessible to fans of mainstream pop & alternative music, but also has an audience in the underground DJ scene. Songs like “Edith,” a bump-and-grind instrumental tribute to All In The Family’s Edith Bunker, illustrate the dance hall appeal of Q*Ball’s music, while “Get On The Bus” reminds one of U2 on one of their “Pop”-era binges.

Q*Ball music has been featured on MTV’s Road Rules, The Real World, The Osbournes, RWRR Battle of the Sexes, Clone High USA, & Making The Band. Also featured in indie film, "Nine Lives," Red Bull Winter Sports Compilation DVD, & cable show, "Upscale Chicago."

International airplay on commercial, college & satellite radio, including WLIR (NY), Z100 (NY), WZZR (FL), XM Radio, Sirius Satellite Radio, Radio Marabu (Germany), Streaming Radio (UK), & more.

Q*Ball has performed with Gavin DeGraw, Mya, Splender, Sugar Ray, Aimee Mann, Eve 6, & more at venues ranging from NYC’s Webster Hall to Madison Square Garden.

Q*Ball’s new album, Fortune Favors The Bald, is available now at CD BABY, Tower Records.com, iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, & A Different Drum online.

Q*Ball’s debut album, Q*Ball In Space, is also available online at CD BABY, Amazon.com, Tower Records.com, iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, & a planet near you.



Get On The Bus

Written By: Q*Ball

It’s just over the rainbow
Somewhere between the indigos & greens
It doesn’t matter how you think you found it
You know it doesn’t matter what it means

Who put the bom in the bom shoo bom shoo bom?
Who put the rang in the rangalangalinglong?
Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?
Not me, but right now that cookie’s looking mighty tasty
I want a piece, just a teensy weensy morsel
Let me get a bite because I’m feeling pretty awful
You comb your hair & I’ll dance with flying monkeys
You show me where & I’ll lead you to the Promised Land

And it’s always what I wanted
If only I could be the Next Big Thing
Get on the bus & take it downtown
Driving it up & down and around & around
Now I’m strung out
But you’re coming back to me

It’s just outside your doorway
Well, I’m afraid there’s no one home, it seems
So we’ll just come back again tomorrow
Until we fulfill all of your dreams

Who put the bop in the bop shoo bop shoo bop?
Who loves you & who do you think you love?
Who stole the riff from Queen & David Bowie?
Not me, but right now I think I’m feeling like some ice cream
I want a scoop of your favorite flavor
Try me cause you’ll like, maybe do me another favor
You comb your monkey & I’ll shave you with a razor
You show me how & I promise you we’re gonna go far


Copyright 2002 Bald Freak Music (ASCAP)

John Hughes

Written By: Q*Ball

You said that when you love someone, you know
Well now I finally know, but where’d you go?
Was I too blind to ever really see
All the reasons why you’re doing this to me?

I could never learn to love you in the dark
You’d feel better if you kept me in the light
Things will never be the same if you surrender now
Remember how I made you feel before you say goodbye

You said you didn’t love me anymore
But doesn’t ‘love always’ mean love always?
Something deep inside you isn’t sure
Would you sooner fight for us than run away?

I could never learn to love you in the dark
You’d feel better if you kept me in the light
Things will never be the same if you surrender now
Remember how I made you feel before I say

Be my baby
Drive me crazy
Never let me go tonight
Brace yourself and hold on tight
Don’t fly away
I’ll find a way into your heart
Hold onto me before I fall apart

Copyright 2004 Bald Freak Music (ASCAP)

Fortune Favors The Bald

Written By: Q*Ball

B, be afraid, be very afraid of a smooth cranium where fortune is made
A man with hair may be savoir faire, but a man with head can stay out of the red
El mundo sera asumido el control por los hombres sin el pelo
D’s are the days when the bald amaze so get out your razor blades & join us

B-A-L-D, don’t you wanna be like me? Let’s put our heads together & show them what we’re made of
A, you know what they say about bald guys…..they’re freaking awesome!
L, well, hell, being bald is swell, and I pray for the day of an all-bald nation
D, dome chrome’s gonna take it on home, as I make this bold prognostication

We all will be bald one day
Fortune favors the bald
Fortune favors us

Telly was a handsome felly
Lollipop cop catchin skells
Who loves ya baby? Everybody
Cause fortune favors the bald
Yul was cool, the King of Siam
Ramses was as bald as I am
Still, he was magnificent
Despite his lack of his follicles
Agassi got to the top
Once he shaved that shaggy mop
Shaquille O’Neal is the real deal
He’s got no locks, he can’t be stopped
Patrick Stewart made it so
Eisenhower won the war
Jordan, Corgan, Curly Joe
Q*Ball is the next to go!

We all will be bald one day
Fortune favors the bald
Fortune favors us

Copyright 2004 Bald Freak Music (ASCAP)


FORTUNE FAVORS THE BALD (2005 Bald Freak Music)
Q*BALL IN SPACE (2002 Bald Freak Music)

Commercial singles:
"Showcase" 2005 - Radio Marabu & more
"John Hughes" 2004 - WHTG, WLIR & more
"Everything" 2004 - WWZZ & more
"Get On The Bus" 2003 - WHTZ, WLIR, & more
"Edith" 2003 - WLIR, WZZR, & more

Set List

30-45 minute set (minimum), 1-2 hours max (if necessary). All types of covers (80s hits, 70s soul, currents), if necessary.

ORIGINALS: John Hughes, El Disco, Super Ball, Showcase, Everything, Get On The Bus, Committed, Hey DJ, Chew, Candle Wax, Fortune Favors The Bald, Who Said Chivalry Is Dead? (Not Q*Ball), Edith, Beautiful

RECURRENT COVERS: Whip It (Devo), Take On Me (a-Ha), Always Something There To Remind Me (Naked Eyes), Dancing With Myself (Billy Idol), Sex Machine (James Brown)