Qboyi The Lyrical Evangelist

Qboyi The Lyrical Evangelist

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Gangster Rapper who has be touched by the Hand on God and music is a mixture of the streets Holy Hip Hop & Neo Gospel


Q-Boyi- The Lyrical Evangelist A.K.A. Quincy Grover, born in Houston,TX was fortunate enough to learn at an early age that he possessed a gift for music. He was able to perfect his craft by singing to whomever would listen. After realizing the power of his creative imagination, and his extraordinary ability to manipulate words. He begin using the mic as a canvas to paint the mental images of his mind. Unwavering and fully committed to his talent and his walk with God. His music has definitely evolved into a phenomenal work of art. He is now a complete artist who is ready to taken control of his destiny in world of Holy Hip Hop & Neo Gospel. A new time and genre in music. Today Q-Boyi is focused on achieving his goal of becoming the ultimate entertainer. He has done several TV shows which include Trix N The Hat & Donnie B's TV as well as other charity driven concerts such as Harumbe Fest & Kwanza Fest. He is represented by Smedo 6282 management and is constantly pushing to take his career to the next level. He thanks God, his parents, and his manager Tanika Odems for their unconditional love and support...


When We Die, On These Streets, I Don't Know feat Smurphzila & Heaven

Set List

Use have 3 to 4 songs