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"Brower Entertainment Review"

Name: Q.G.
Genre: Rap
Sounds like: ?
Scores (1 - 10 ascending)

Technical Grade: 8.5
Commercial Value 8+
Overall Talent Level 8.5+
Songwriting Skills 10
Performance Skills: 6

Best Songs: "The Makeover", "Living This Ghetto Life featuring Talisha", "Not Like Mine, Bone Marrow".

Other comments:

Overall your music is entertaining. You have very good lyrical content in most of your songs. "The Makeover" has great production and lyrics. I thought the whole thing was well put together. I felt the same about "You and Me (undercover)". I always seem to like hip hop artist songs when they put that female touch in it. Maybe it's just be because I'm a girl. Talisha has strong vocals and compliments your rap nicely. I didn't like the intro though. It sounded like it was about to be "another boring song" but then came the surprise. Her voice. "Not Like Mine" seems like it is a very marketable song. People will be walking around judging others with the lyrics of your song in their head after hearing it. It is very catchy and sellable. "Bone Marrow" has great lyrical content. I like the voiceover. I believe that you have what it takes to make a hit CD. I see great attempts of creativity in making your music. Keep focused and "it" will come. Peace!

End of Review

- Brower Entertainment

"WCKX Power 107.5fm"

Ths song (You and Me Undrcover) is definately HOT. Keep doing what your doing. You can send
your demo to any of the jocks at the station. The address is:
1500 W. 3rd Ave.
Suite 300
Columbus, Ohio 43212
- Sean Williams

"Resurrection Review by BMPM"

REVIEW: Q.G. - “Resurrection (Back In The Game)”

Columbus, OH may be an underestimated ‘small’ big city, but Q.G. proves to listeners that the local music scene in Cap-city could be just as explosive as any major one. Back with his 3rd album since 2003 on his own Shackled Down Productions label, Q.G. continues to utilize his raw vocal talent and down south appeal by dominating the microphone on ‘Resurrection (Back In The Game)’.

Q.G.’s deep vocal style is reminiscent of DTP rapper I-20, but while much of the rap world has probably forgotten who I-20 even is, Q.G. has set out to make sure nobody forgets him. The album gets started off right with the reflective jam “I’ve Changed” where Q.G. describes the importance of maintaining street credibility while still making professional moves in the music industry. He then gets things ‘crackin’ right off the bat with the club anthem “Let’s Get It Crackin”, which is a fun joint for the clubs .

The album then hits it’s sweet spot with explosive street joints such as the lazy but unique “Candy Range”, the album’s first single “Street Life”, “All I Need Is Paper” and “Bottle Of Patron”, all of which highlight the struggles of street life, but the importance of keeping a steady hustle and continuing to move up in the world. Q.G. also shows his more emotional side by speaking to the ladies on “Ride Wit Me”, “Dozen Roses Remix”, and “You And Me”, which are all well produced, lyrically pleasing tracks.

Not everything on this album is all good, however. It does hit a rough spot towards the middle lack luster tracks like “Holla Atcha Boy”, “Time To Get Paid”, and “Kick In Ya Door”, but Q.G. saves the second half of the album by bringing his hardest production and verse on the thundering “Down For Ya Block” with a heart stopping feature from Kinfolk.

Overall, this is a very well produced and enjoyable album that any fan of street rap should have the privilege of hearing. There are are about 5 tracks that should have been nowhere near the final tracklist, but Q.G. still brings enough excitement on the other 14 tracks to make this album a good recommendation. Hopefully this ‘Resurrection’ will lead to a long and prosperous afterlife, and the residents of Cap-city Ohio can watch their local star turn into a Superstar. -JAMIE MAHNIC

WRITER’S PICKS: Candy Range, Street Life, Bottle Of Patron, Dozen Roses Remix, Down For Ya Block




"Urban Lullabies"

“Q.G .is musically and lyrically on point and making damn good hip-hop. It's edgy, it's bitter, and it's powerful. This album isn’t “background” music, and it isn’t for the faint of heart. Loud, angry and funky, Q.G. provides a voice hip-hop sorely needs“. - Dj-A Urban Lullabies (WCSB 89.3 Fm)

"Cleveland’s Rhyme & Rhythm"

“Bringing back what’s missen in hip-hop: hard truth!" proclaims rap artist Q.G. in his Sophomore album, Haven Major Things. With his trademark fury and "Bi-coastal " beats, his new release is a direct confrontation with the current trends within the state of rap music.
- -Cyrus D. Host, Cleveland’s Rhyme & Rhythm

"The Robin’s Nest"

“One look at the CD cover and you know there’s something so right about this album: It’s a picture of him standing in front of a plush hummer commanding respect, showing you the meaning behind the title, “Haven Major things”.
- Terean, Owner-The Robin’s Nest

"Shooters Nigh Club"

Several weeks after his performance his presents and “I encourage everyone who reads this to listen to his music. Support him too. Move on it. music was still in demand“.
- -DJ Terry, Owner-Shooters Nigh Club

"Fan Review/Artist on CDBaby.com"

“Living this Ghetto life and Not Like Mine are good cuts. Liven this ghetto life has an old school sample that instantly hooks you and Not Like Mine has a hard beat with hard lyrics and is almost the opposite of Liven This Ghetto life, but Not Like Mine is my favorite. Hard different beat and style overall heat 5/5. This is a hot cd coming out of the mid west”.
- Si Aura (aka) Killah, Fan Review/Artist on CDBaby.com

"Fan Review on CDBaby.com"

“The cd is bangen and the lyrics are hot to death!! The album content is what's been missing from the game. This is a complete and truthful CD. This is a hot CD coming out of the mid west”.
- Angelo J, Fan Review on CDBaby.com

"Fan Review on CDBaby.com"

“I listened to this CD and it's already the new favorite at work. I can't get the song, liven this ghetto life, out of my head. We love the CD!! You all should support this guy. This CD is awesome I give it 5 stars“.
- Alicia Locinti


Unpackaged Product
Released 2003

Hav'en Major Things
Released 2004/2005

Shackled Down Productions Presents
MixTape Murda
Released 2006

Shackled Down Productions Presents
Turn it up Vol. 1 DVD
Released 2006

Shackled Down Productions Presents
MixTape Murda Vol. 2
Street Corner Justice
Released 2007

The Resurrection
Released 2007


Feeling a bit camera shy


Q.G. Shackled Down Productions P.O. Box 582 Circleville Oh, 43113 (740)-248-1763


Originally inspired by Run DMC, close friends, and family, Q.G. entered the entertainment world at the young age of 12. He began his career by singing in the church choir. He later joined his school choir and band were he began to learn how to play the saxophone and drums.
In 1993, Q.G. left the music world to go to college and prepare for unexpected but welcomed fatherhood. Q.G. remained in the music industry purely as a socialite, and built many working relationships with several MC's, DJ's and Producers. Staying with his god given talents he studied and mastered his musical skills. Through the inspiration of fellow M.C.'s, Q.G. soon began plotting the re-emergence of his career. In 2003, he started his own record label called, Shackled Down Productions (www.myspace.com/qgsdp) to help publish and release his own material. Through hard work and an unbreakable spirit, Q.G. developed a heavy buzz on the local circuit as the most anticipated yet unheard MC in the local game.
With his underground sound yet commercial appeal, Q.G worked steadily to provide local mix tape and compilation DJ's with his work. With the local buzz behind him and a hunger that needed to be feed, Q.G. released his first solo CD entitled: Unpackaged Product. The freshmen CD got great reviews, but fell short of success due to poor finances and distribution. Yearning for success, he took a step back and began focusing on the business aspect of the game.
Six months later he immerged with a phenomenal yet fresh sound that was sure to be hot. Still unable to acquire the appropriate funding, he began hustling the CD in the streets, outside of clubs, and on the Internet. In January of 2005 the Promotion Company Mic Masters, out of Cleveland Ohio, caught wind of the hard-hitting CD on www.CDbaby.com.
Through e-mails and phone conferences they began discussing possible promotional strategies to get the CD more exposure. With a unified vision they started dispersing promotional material through out the streets of Cleveland. After igniting an interest in the public they staged several local store appearances. This showed demand for the product and more of Q.G. which prompted several live performances that included show openings for such well known artists like, Bobby Valentino (Def Jam South), Ray Cash (Ghet-O-Vision, Columbia) and appearances by Cleveland DJ, Joey Fingaz's
Most recently Q.G. has been focusing his strengths as a performance artist lending his talents to the TV & Radio world via live talk show’s and performances. He aired on Adelphia TV Stations regional program entitled: Cleveland’s Rhyme & Rhythm, which aired his 30-minute performance, Live at the Robin’s Nest. He also did a live Radio interview show for WCSB 89.3, Urban Lullabies Hosted by DJ-A, and most recently NC Stars, a internet radio show for up and coming artist.
Some of his upcoming projects include the release of the highly anticipated album: Q.G. The Ressurection, and Shackled Down Prod. Presents: MixTape Murda Vol 2 Street Corner Justice. He attributes his strength to move forward in his career to his family, friends, and fans. His talent has been compared to the likes of Eric Sermen and Bun-B -which he says "...is the utmost of compliments to be even be put in a similar category".

Contact info: shackleddownpro@yahoo.com or sdpmusic75@yahoo.com