Mystic, Modern, Couragous, Autentic - Q.age!Chrystal, vibrant vocals with a talented medly of sounds on keys, guitar and drums bring to you - Q.age. This band's original sounds create dynamic images of music If you haven't heard Q.age, DO IT NOW!!


Q-age's members dealt with massive hardship before the band was even formed.

Cosmin had to flee Transylvania to get to Germany, but that wouldn't stop him. He then joined forces with a singer to create the not so unsuccessful band Quaad H.

When they sent bogus demo cds and always got back the standard, "We love your music but it doesn't fit our profile" answer, they used this to expose the big record companies on national television. You might think this would destroy any further chances of a career in the music business, but they landed a record deal.

Too much to handle for the lead singer apparently, who became a heroine addict and thus created the band's second scandal. The band eventually dissolved.

This would have convinced anyone else to stop trying. But the fact that, even without a record deal, their songs were played over 1200 times on international radio, gave Cosmin the inner stregnth to keep going. When he dialed the wrong number and reached Adam to remind him of a rehearsal, Adam of course was bewildered. But they got talking, met for coffee, skipped the coffee and hit the studio right away. Soon, Q-age was born.



Written By: Adam Kesselhaut, Cosmin Marica


Verse 1

One song
Can spark a moment

One flower
Can make it swing

One tree
Can start a forest

One bird
Can herald the spring

One smile
Begins a friendship

One hand shake
Makes it true

One star
Can guide a ship

In the see of you


And if I find
And if I flow
And if I take
the chance to go

I will love
Until I’m dirt
Like I’ve never been hurt

Verse 2

One move
Change a nation

One sunbeam
Lights a room

One candle
Wipes out the darkness

One laugh
Will conquer doom

One step
Starts each journey

One touch
can show you care

One will raise our spirits

Like when I see you there


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1000 Years
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