Charleston, West Virginia, USA

Elevator Pitch:
Qiet makes music for music lovers. With influences from all over the world and throughout history, our music will make you dance, no matter what age you are. Taste our horns; breath our strings; buy our cd.

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Qiet is the culmination of this wild and wondrous world, infused with every culture on the planet and refined in the mountains of West Virginia. Our songs radiate an undeniable energy, passionate lyrics and humor dark as coal. A balance of high-energy chaos and perfect order, Qiet’s visceral performances will keep you dancing long after the concert’s over. Combining the elegant excesses of 1920’s jazz with the unpredictably of pure punk rock, what results is not just a show -- it is an experience.

• Eddie Ashworth - Producer and engineer for Sublime and Pennywise was our producer on Pet Driftwood. 
• Qiet has shared the stage with acts such as Old Crow Medicine Show and Eve6. 
• Qiet’s “Get Found” was the foundation of the Charleston WV’s Convention & Visitor’s Bureau “Get Found in Charleston WV” campaign.


Hollow Man

Written By: Christopher Vincent

He keeps a box next to his bed
Right above his head
For when he needs
To put something inside

I guess it helps him sleep
I guess it helps him breath
When he has something
He must hide

These boxes were not made
For love or discourse
And not made for
What lies inside

These boxes they were made
For trinkets, notes and things
That you may come
To lose in time

Yah, yah!

As time went by
Still nothing was inside
Both he and the box
Were hollow

Still the seasons changed
Day and night rearranged
As he watched the world
Come and go

His barrenness was strange
He could not understand
Why when he reaped
He must sow

His box beside his bed
Just as full as his head
Memories of a young girl
He let go

These boxes were not made
For regret, shame or pain
And not made for
What lies inside a man

These boxes they were made
For cigarettes and guitar strings
That will break but
You replace when you can

Hollow man, hollow man
Show us how you conceal
Hollow man, hollow man
Bury your heart before it’s revealed


Written By: Christopher Vincent

Your dreams speak in catchy phrases
Painted thoughts and twisted faces
Pacing thoughts as your heart races
Nightmares chase you to these places

How’d you get so high
Without ever touching the sky

Awake now the wind is blowing
Leaves are falling, crows are crowing
Songs of romance, loss and sadness
You’ve made child’s play out of madness

Where do you go
When you want to die?

Where do you go
When you want to die?

How’d you get so high
Without ever touching the sky?

Cosby Sweater (give me freedom)

Written By: Christopher Vincent

As I dance with the world
I wanna give it all a name
I want to say that she is mine
Rock step kick step
Twirl dip till the end of time

And as I dance with the world
Reminds me when I was a child
Curious and beguiled
Now an alien, dissolute,
Kick step collapse mystified

Are we ordinary?
Or extraordinary
Have we arrived late
Just on time

As I waltz with the world
I want to set her aflame
I wanna laugh at all her pain
Douse her, cleanse her
Hold her, cry with her again

As I dance with the world
I have no name of my own
Call me "hey there beautiful man"
Diatribe, foul talk, drink, screw
Stay in demand

Are we visionaries
Or are we adversaries
Carry me right in to the light

As I dance with the world
I want peace she wants to thrive
I want balance she needs to survive
Rock step kick step
Twirl dip until one of us dies

Am I misperceiving?
Are we supreme beings?
We might not have spaceships
But we got lies

Some things follow and some lead
Some things are strong and some weak
Some things thrive and some things die


• Pet Driftwood

Set List

  • Hollow man
  • Indie Song
  • Daddy's Too Olde
  • Come One, Come All
  • Pretty Perfect
  • Rhumba
  • Cosby Sweater
  • War of 8
  • Bring my Day
  • Mayfly Man
  • Final Leap
  • Get Found