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Check my new single 'ANGEL' out on youtube.com link...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwjkAHl0Lok


Feeling a bit camera shy


My mama Ceci named me Qofi Mensah,before that my dad use to sell Liquor and dub tapes from Lp's to sell at Sadisco Traffic light Asylum Down Accra,guess u can call him a boot-legger,Bob Marleys and Jimmy Cliffs the most,thats how i got my backgroud,from roots raggae b4 i was born.Came out of a fatherless past,my dad was called Mensah too,but when i aged up a bit more..i found more pride in my very own Menza since i was the 3 male to come outta my mama,and i was all lonely.First the hood called me Mobrowa(meaning the poor meeky child) just cuz i was very humble.Later i moved to Kanda from Nima(i named it Kandahard,for all the drama my family went tru) ,they named me Qoo Mensah,maybe Qofi Mensah was too long.I grew up around nima Ayawaso.After mama birthed me at the Police hospital,she brought me to what will become i struggle that i represent,the shanti town,the getto,the filth,povery,broken home and lack of parenhood,extreme poverty when people around me always had to sleep on the porch and on varanders.People had to feed themselves at a very early age,stealing,strapping,we never had games even till today.I neverknew how to play games and not a fan of games.We always played outdoors,durty feet,in chaleyways,never taking showers and brushing teeth,cuz parents were too bsuy and struggling to care for us than about these things.Everybody's family had just a room to live in,everybody was very poor as the world see,but very rich in heart and dreams.Never will forget Nima 441 and Newtown south side,where i grew up at,played behind the big choked gutters of newtown,those were the best times,when u only had 1 sneaker and 1 jean and 2 t shirts your moms got u,and u will wear them for like 3 to 4 years.I still remember the cociane jeans era and the one moms got me at cantamanto in 92 and we got the white reeboks second hand at Kwame Nkrumah circle,around the new overhead,plus i had the blanko shoe polish.was so greatful,other kids had it all,sneakers from the US,went to play grounds,shoes with lights,rolercoasters,national theater.Me and my homies had the best times playing and our clothes dirty.
I remeber hanging out at cocaine spots at newtown with my friends,they were the huslers,that was in my teens though,we called there Lagos Town,i guess all the returnees brought back the plenty high life.
I remember the 1st time i heard about America,it was through Michale jackson,RIP,see u in NEVERLAND.
that was before people started dancing Bobby Browns and mc hammers,was about 4 or 5,i could not do the moon walk,still cannot,always getting it wrong like Jamie Fox.
I remember when Jimmy carter passed by the prominent streets of Nima Police station,then i would know America,because of MICHALE JACKSON.
and 92 das-efx from Broklynn and crisscross,salta n peppa,all that,i used to love mainstream american culture.All the kids,use to dream about america in the Cliton's 90's,then snoop dogg came out,i use to love Shaba,still do,then Raski Mono from Nigeria came,then Shaba visited Ghana,remember.
Then snoop Doggs doggy style came out,one of my siblings had it,then my life would change forever.
Fovorite quote on it was from the song GZ AND HUSLAZ,then the lil kid said "he wants to be a husla better ask somebody".
Craig mac came,biggie came,but 2pacs Dear mama will make me appreciate my mama Ceci for ever.That will lead me to find myself and understand hiphop more and what youth youth from Shanti's,getto and suburban places,we call the Zongo's go tru.
Soon 2pac will get killed,a conspiracy that never got solved,had us young fans waiting like i was waiting for my dad who never will come,but only will just to die in the same hospital i was born in,still aint seen him though since i heard last time we parted i was about 1
13 or 12 loving 2pac's music and like me and all my young friends,2pac would never come back,but we did get some old recording brought to the lime light,guess that was his reincarnation he talked about.
by then i was rapping,like any true Hiphop fan,but was too shy to let anybody know except friends,could never step on stage.Started to really take it serious after Biggie died and our life after Big's death,then i had started kicking some freestyles.
So growing up came pretty fast,had metors,those were the OG'z on my block,showed me mad love,we got deeper and deeper into hiphop,studied all the classic rappers,soon,i will love hiphop more than education and any dream to get real educated.
Cuz Hiphop would be my father that i never had, friend and bodyguard,make me feel big and stand tall,i knew ways and lungus(corners) of hiphop that nobody knew.Then i got to highschool St.Thomas,teachers were always on strike and didnt really love the schooling part,people wanted to make me feel less,they never knew i was Makaveli after Pac died,the hood named me,and will stuck.Doint know if its been a blessing or a curz,but glad am alive,school wasnt working,having problems at home and spent most of my life outdoors an