BandR&BHip Hop

3 cities and 2 states. Qomplex the son of a musician/songwriter left his hometown to arrive in New York for one reason. To finish what his father had begun in the music industry. Now 24, this Producer's doing everything in his power to make use of the talent passed down from his father.


Michigan native Qomplex (born Anthony Spiller), is one of the most unqiue individuals you'll every meet. Reserved, soft spoken, and easily un-notied but his hypersensitive mind is in percise tune with the many faucetts of life. It's his unique perception of the world that he presents in every aspect of his work. A musician first and foremost, he began teaching himself to play guitar by the age of 12 and expaned his craft to understand the fundamentals of bass, drum, and keyboard shortly after. Producing for local artists while finishing college, Anthony walked away with a degree as well as a seasoned understanding of what makes a hit song. So he packed his bags, and moved to the east coast to link up with others like himself to boardcast the unique sounds of music with a message across the land. Aways listening and forever Learning Qomplex wants to do one thing...PRODUCE. This page is an introduction to his approach to music production. Featuring various artists from accross the U.S, Qomplex and those that stand with him hope to emerge with a sound that will change the face of music and bring together people from all walks of life...


Undeniable EP