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Born in South Philadelphia, PA USA, July 8, 1987, Qumar Robinson a/k/a Q-R, began his "freestyle-rapping" emulations; primarily the results of playful - prodding by an older brother, Malik King.. By 2001, at age 14, and demonstrating a knack for lyrical wizardzy, Q-R , often "battled' his older brother and other neighborhood street lyricists, late night on 'da block'.

In 2002, Malik was fatally wounded in a neighborshood shooting, an event that Q-R credits as the inspirational linchpin in his desire for contined spiritual connectivity to Malik. Today, the void of Malik's loss, is filled with endless of hours of time spent to his life devotion of ......music, including writing all of his production material, as well as that for others.

Q-R released his debut album, In The Eyes of The Writer", a 16-song compliation on October 9, 2007.

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Debut Album: In The Eyes of The Writer (10/9/2007)

1. H. R. Day
2. Welcome to The 'Water, Featuring Waterboy (Pirate Gang)
3. Baller's Song
4. The Beat's flowing
5. Living Like That
6. I Will Never Stop
7. Cash Rules 2007
8. Mrs. Robinson
9. Yall Don't Know
10. Murder's Back Again
11. 36 Strong, Featuring Fred Mac (Dealer Boyz)
12. In The Eyes of The Writer
13. I Wish
14. It's a Rough Road

*** Album Bonus Tracks ***

15. Something About Me
16. Phillys New Star

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Set List

Various by event. General Booking Guidelines:

Public / Private Venues - 7 - 9 songs
a. 1 (45 - 60 min) set
b. 2 (25 - 35 mins) sets
c. 3 (15- 20 mins) sets

Public Sponsored & 501c(3) Events - 3 - 6 songs
a. 1 (15 - 30 mins) set
b. 2 (10 - 20 mins) set